Official Evo Series tourney for HF(360) and A3(PS2) @COMIC-CON! (f/capcom)

San Diego Convention Center from July 20-23.

Highlighting Capcoms show plans will be game tournaments featuring Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (from Street Fighter Alpha Anthology for the PlayStation2

Wow!! Should be any easy opportunity for some WC player on the boards here to go and clean up. Dunno abt the controler situation…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first official Capcom tourney since the ‘Bama’ Slammaster tournament way back in 92? btw if anyone has the Gamepro Bama writeup/Slammasters strat guide double page spread, I would dearly love a scan of it.


Damn, I wish I was going to be in San Diego. Not that I would win or anything, but it would be cool to be at an official Capcom tournament, help make a good showing so they might get the hint that there is an appetite for more fighting games.

Hmmm…interesting…but this thread may be better in the tournament and events section…I’m sure they’d love to see that…people would wanna sign up!!!

Double Vision

Thank you SK. :tup:

Nice, I’ll be there, but I wish it was HSFA and not A3. Oh well, time to brush up on my A3.

Simply wow. If took awhile, but Capcom finally did it. Now if they would have only advertised this tournament months ago via all gaming sites (ign) and mags (egm,etc) this could be really huge. I mean, this is a chance for mainstream to finally get a chance to enter an OG tourney (HF) since most people back in the day (before the internet) had no idea SF tournies really existed…outside of the hardcore guys. Thx for posting this Crayfish :wink:

Capcom USA… doing something RIGHT…

OMG, the world is about the be DESTROYEDDDDD!!! FINEST KO FINISH world… wow


now i have to go to the damn thing

Damn… this totally plays a factor in my decision to go. AHH!


title fixed,


Man, I wish I was in the states so I could at least get a chance at either a free 360 or $250 which is more than enough for a free PS2. </blatant advertisment>

Nice, didn’t know this was SRK run, I signed up. See you there saturday…

downloads HF(360) on his devkit to start practicing


signed up… will just show up and present my military id to get in, lol.

For those of you who are lazy…

Will capcom/SRK have joysticks available? I am not going to drag my stick around comic con all day, and my hotel is too far away to just run back for it. Even the AE sticks would be better than a 360/PS2 controller : )

Pretty please?

I plan to take my 2player stick that I’m currently working on.

Is anyone going to take a camera? I mean, tho perhaps not highly regarded as a ‘ranking’ or whatever tourney, this is a pretty historic event. Furthermore, this is the first major HyperFighting tourney on Western soil since perhaps early 94…
It would be fantastic if someone could record matches from this event and post them on the Hyper Fighting thread:

I really hope there is a good showing for this event, this surely is the chance for enlightning Capcom USA that the scene has been crying out for since 92. Cmon people you cant ever bitch again if you don’t attend this…


Why the hell does it have to be so damn far from me?! That’s about close to 3,000 miles away from me:wasted: . Good post though Crayfish, this is just insane to see that Capcom is actually “helping” out with this tournament, I’m rather shocked yet delighted at the sametime. Well, here’s hoping that this is a start of something with Capcom.

If possible, I would hope that anyone who lives a reasonable distance from SD who does play these games to please go out and support this. It’s an opportunity that hasn’t been around for years now and it might show promise and “maybe” it might send a message to Capcom USA to start supporting the SF2 franchise for official tournaments again. This is some great news indeed though.