Official EVO stick - From 2004-05? - Where is it now

Does anybody remember those official EVO arcade sticks they had made for everybody to use? I think it was 04 or 05, at Pomona.

Were these Red Octane sticks? Does anybody have any pics? Does anybody have one? I kinda want one, lol.

Cool story bro.

I DO weave awesome tales…

so anyone have pictures? i’m curious

I have a few of them, yes they were Red Octane sticks…

I need to dig into storage to find those… God damn that was old.

Sweet. MarkMan to the rescue.

I use to own one of those. I threw it in the trash it was a piece of junk.

was it like this stick?

Yup, except there was an Evo and Red Octane logo, and artwork with Storm. I don’t recall if there was plexy or if the art was lamilabel.

Same case, and I’m pretty sure it was the same crap parts that were in the RO sticks they were selling back then.

Sooo… there was a time when X-arcade were the TOP gaming sticks, then?

Not really. Americans either used MAS sticks or imported HRAPs.