Official Evo Stick Sack

does anyone know when this will be restocked? Or where i can buy one? seems like they don’t make’em
anymore, i’ve been wanting to get one for months and the page always says it’s sold out.

I can’t remember if Wiz said they were going to do another run. Maybe try posting in the thread in the Evo section? Someone might respond.

It’d be a good idea if they did another run for Evo this year. People ate those bags up! I sure did :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Eh, seems like the thread is gone.

I’d sure as heck buy one (or even more) if they made a new batch for EVO, international shipping be damned.

got one last time.i would deffinetly snag another one if they were offered again. the size is perfect for my school books.

Yeah I wouldn’t mind one that was designed a little bit better in the strap department. I’d buy another :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this thread should be in the Evo section

Personally, I think it would be even better if they just offered stick sacks through the SRK gear store. Heck, maybe someone like MadCatz could partner with them and make it happen (you listening Mark).

I missed out on them last year, I’d definitely try to get one if they offered them again. If not for tournaments they’re still even useful for transferring my stick between my home and college.

Could definetly use one of those…

I’d jump on this offer too. I need one of these, bad.

Yeah, I’d definitely buy one or maybe two if these came back on sale.

A few posts up I said something about upgrading the strap. I don’t know if you guys had this problem (I’m assuming everyone does) where the strap + plastic loop would go sideways and the strap itself would bunch up. I actually just busted out a needle and thread and sewed a horizontal line directly under the loop and now there is no more bunching when in use.

Ah the power of pro-activeness :slight_smile:

Tough to tell but there is black thread there:

As you can see, the strap is not perfectly flat because of all the time it has spent being bunched up.

Kitty is not amused:

I would buy one if they re release it again.

I’d probably grab one if released again, because tbh it feels hilariously wrong to put my stick in my sports bag.