OFFICIAL Evo2k5 Live Updates Thread!

As EVO 2k5 progresses, please feel free to use this thread to post all LIVE tournament results, experiences, and, of course, DRAMA! If any of you remember back to EVO 2k3, I did live coverage and I wasn’t even AT EVO, so this year will be no different, being that I’ll be in Vegas as of 8:30pm Thursday.

Developments so far:

-Players have sporatically made their way to Vegas today, while many others will be making their way to Sin City on Thursday. REMEMBER you MUST register Thursday if you have NOT pre-registered and PAID online ahead of time…if you are not going to make it, have a friend sign you up AND PAY or else you will NOT BE PUT INTO BRACKETS. NO EXCEPTIONS!
-Word is that anticipation for EVO2k5 is at an all-time high. In fact, gamers have been lined up for over 2 weeks in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood anticipating Friday morning’s festivities. And EVO isn’t even showing at Mann’s Chinese Theater!
-The rumor is that some of the hotel rooms at Green Valley Ranch do NOT have the yellow-red-white audio-visual hookups for gaming systems, so BRING YOUR RF ADAPTERS JUST TO BE SAFE!
-CONFIRMED: Green Valley Ranch is requiring a $150/day safety deposit. This means that your charge card will be charged the rate of $139/day PLUS $150/day, and as long as you DO NOT DESTROY THE ROOM, that $150/day will be REFUNDED to your card after the weekend is over. So BE CAREFUL and make sure you have enough credit on your card to cover the entire weekend!
-The only mishap reported as of yet, involves Colorado’s own angry Puerto Rican, Bacardi J3di. Apparently his luggage was LOST at the Las Vegas airport. :lame: Sorry bro, hope somebody is willing to help you out if you need some cash for underpants.

Feel free to post your own EVO experiences as they happen! I’ll see you all in Vegas tomorrow!

threadjacker :stuck_out_tongue:

Word on IRC is that Justin Wong is in Loser’s for MvC2.

He was sent there by Rawbzilla… a player from Hawaii.

what teams were used?

woot, go Hawaii :tup:

Holy crap, I recently started getting back into Marvel since I moved to Hawaii and he was one of the first players I met here. I don’t feel so bad getting beasted by him anymore :pleased: .

are you serious…good fucking job Rob…

I heard something about Empire threatening to sue over video footage? (I could be misunderstanding this) What’s this all about?


No, that tard’s not serious. He does dumb shit like this all the time. Check the other thread for Preppy’s updates which were posted AFTER box. Preppy is actually there.

LOL. Preppy posted his stuff on the tekken zaibatsu thread before I posted because SRK was down. And that was stuff from day 1. Justin got put in loser’s bracket in day 2.

Sanford called the empire people at evo and confirmed it.

Sorry RandomNigga. You’re wrong on this just like everything else.

Who is Tokido using?

Well, I stand corrected. I’m pretty sure I’m dead on about you being a faggotty tard though. I’m not sweating some wack flame from a guy whose name is slang for pussy. Just keep bringing the updates.

Man send him a pm this is a update thread not a fucking flame thread.

Emphy was playing Urien right?

Wtf a grand O.o holy shit what happened to the 80 dollor bet. :wow:

Update that shit when it’s done.

How is afroL holding up in the ST tourny?

What the fuck are you talking about? Broke me down? I’ve never even posted in your direction. Link PLEASE. Because if you did attempt to “break me down” I’m sure I’ve got all sorts of embarrassment to serve your way with minimal effort. We can take this shit to that thread so that this one stays clutter free.

-Chris Schmidt’s next match is against Rawbzilla (the player who sent Justin to loser’s bracket) in MvC2. Unknown when the match will start.

just got off phone with chris

chris over randy lew
chris over mikey rasphone
Justin Wong sent to losers in MvC2 by Rawbzilla
chris plays Rawbzilla next
JustinW beats Genghis in losers
Potter in Winners
Ricky O in winners as well

Valle is owning shit up. :tup:

EDIT: Bare-min

MOV 4-0 over valle
<fuson> MOV yawns and doesnt shake alexs hand