Official Facebook Thread


So Facebook has been out for a few years now, it’s the latest trend in Social Networking sites and such and most popular.

There are apps on, it’s easy to look at and navigate and not to customizable for themes or anything. (Unless you have that app).

But anyways, I recently started using it a few months ago, I think it’s pretty cool but sometimes people post crazy stuff lol. (Myself included)

Alright well, this is the official thread for Facebook.

So anyone else use Facebook?
I’m currently trying to look up some Street Fighter apps on it.


Is this a joke? My sarcasm meter must be broken today.


**Nah, no joke.
Just a facebook thread, if you have hate on Facebook that’s fine.

Anyways, I ended up finding a neat Street Fighter II Championship Edition app.**


There’s an SRK facebook group


btw, are you like 13?


**Definitely not, don’t insult me.

There’s also a Juri group and a Juri Forum.

But i’ll go ahead and put a stop to this thread since it appears there’s some hostility towards me or the subject.**


OMG add me and send me Farmville gifts plz need moar cows on my farm

16/f/ca DTF!!!11


**Ya know, I got a invite to that 2 days ago.
Ugh…There is some good news about Farmville though.

The population on it is decreasing, guessing people are finally getting tired of E-Farming.**



MMmhmm :wink:


the guy who created facebook was smart he tapped into the core of what people want and need. To be up in everyones business and the ability to let everyone know whats going on with your oh so important life.


i don’t like being trolled, but i like the purple text.

still, you’re an idiot.


funny thing is it def wasnt like that when it got created. lol it was made for all the ivy league schools in new england…no poor people allowed.


Has anyone ever got ass through facebook?