Official Fellowship XBL/PS3 Training Thread

Last Updated 11/23/09

Based on the subsequent amount of posts from the previous attempt to promote a mentor program for fellow Chun players, I decided to start up a new thread as the original author is MIA.

Q: What is the primary goal behind the Training thread?
A: The main objective is help players become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and ultimately help them develop into more formidable players, some of which have aspirations to compete in the tournament scene.

Q: Who should participate in this program?
A: Everyone who isn’t wholly satisfied with their current performance is welcome to participate, but it’s important that you recognize mentors are not going to “spoon feed” you knowledge that should already be second nature. Too many players lack the proper understanding of “footsies” and/or use of their normal moves. These are things that can’t actually be taught and can only be developed with dedication and experience. Thus, it’s assume that you have at least intermediate knowledge and don’t fall in the group of players who are still trying to graduate from SF 101.

Q: I plan to regularly go to tournaments, should I still participate?
A: Respected players like MagnetoManiac will tell you that playing online can be a huge risk and be detrimental to your ability to perform well offline. The simple truth is: online play is plagued by latency and even on the “best” conditions, Chun plays very different offline (console and arcade respectively). So if you’re going to local events on the regular and you have an active scene, you really ought to stay as far away from online play.

** This time, I encourage mentors, whenever possible to document the feedback directly here on the boards, in similar fashion as the format adopted on the XBL Training discussion featured on the Ryu boards.

Basically the author should list who they fought against and any characters used in the session. Also, whenever possible – give specific examples.

Example: Dime (Chun, Akuma) vs. Dae (Chun, Honda)

Great use of FA, but you missed a lot of opportunities to punish whiffed moves. I recommend using more st. strong when Honda is in range to prevent him from advancing. blahblahbblah… you get the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

*** Several members offered their candidacy as mentors – but I am unaware who is still actively participating, so I’ve revised the list based on who is considered to be a “regular” in the Chun boards. Send me a PM if you are offering your support as a mentor or apprentice, do not post it here… This helps to reduce thread clutter and keep it focused specifically on feedback only. Failure to comply will result in your posts getting reported and lead to infractions!


Last Updated 11/21/09


      o Ark Impulse
      o MariaCroft 

      o alc420
      o Wii Wh1ppet (UK)
      o kyarisan
      o Araforn (Ireland)
      o Blitz Omen (UK)
      o  o saimon o
      o TheRealJudgeD


      o DaDaeDay
      o dantronism

      o Lexy-
      o SnakeAes
      o Cyberfrost849
      o Jedody
      o PeinRinnegan
      o Therafluprints

My bad. I will update it. :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. in order for this thread to work – players (mainly the apprentice players) need to actively seek out the mentors; though you are welcome to play each other and still present feedback. It’s my hope that the competition will help to shape more participation and confidence.


Not trying to be a jerk here - but it helps if ya read posts in their entirety. Send me PMs, don’t post you want to be a mentor or apprentice here.

If you want assistance from a mentor - you simply have to reach out to one on the respective platform(s) you’re playing. Don’t expect the mentors to reach out to you. :slight_smile:

As for your concern about Dash Ultras – not being able to do this isn’t the end of the world; just practice. Specific assistance for this can be expressed in the main Fellowship " or Combos thread.

More Hoffburgers to come along and fail this thread

kicks back

I thought you were done with these, bahn?

oh sorry, i thought it was like the other thread, my bad…guess i should read through it more…

Ok, cool! New thread however the same issue will i guess be my problem… being from the uk, I would imagine that means bad connection for most fights, which in turn means Chun becomes an issue to play…

Is it worth me hitting you guys up? I’ll give it a go, if it turns out to be pointless I’ll try hitting up the guys that are local (ish) even though they are down as Apprentices. Which I think might be a good idea for everyone?

Practice is practice and I’m pretty sure all the Chuns here can learn from each other, it might take the strain off the Mentors if everyone else plays each other a lot, give each other feedback and the like. To keep this thread clear for Mentor feedback (oops sorry for this post) Apprentices could send the feedback here at SRK through PMs? That way good set-ups, mix-ups and the like can be easily cut and pasted into the relevant thread, helping grow the information available to all here.

Just a thought as I know I am not Scrubby I’m just not the finished product (for what I want out of the game) so I guess others here can play to a good level too… Sound cool?

i’ll give u some games even tho im not on the list at all just ur the only one here i see from the uk everybody else wud be super laggy

Lots of apprentice types here – how many are even actively still playing? :stuck_out_tongue:

how do u become an apprentice

It requires reading comprehension…

ok im pretty good with chun li, only match-ups i hate is sagat and mbison, are the comprehension the blog?

Oh lord, I’m on the mentor list, how did that happen? lol

I’m sure up for training matches with anyone, I’m from The Netherlands though so I don’t know how many of you I can actually play, it’s no fun if we have a bad connection.

EDIT: I also use Rose by the way.

MariaCroft? up for some matches?

Bahn vs. LuzioBros.

You demonstrated an adequate degree of patience with Blanka and some traditional zoning. However, there’s a lot of room for improvement with Guile and Chun. You did well against my Rose, so kudos there (I hardly use her these days).

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I can’t stress enough how vital it is that you grasp a solid understanding of these character’s normal moves. Without that, your gameplay ends up excessively limited, thus putting you in awkward situations that become difficult to turn matches in your favor. Moreover, you’ll become better equipped to control the space in the match which will prevent many opponents from bullying you in the corner where your offensive options become restricted.

If Chun is the character you want to specialize in, focus on executing some solid BnBs (we have an extensive amount of info on the boards for you to take in). Then start looking into learning how to punish moves more effectively. Don’t rely on EX SBK as your “go to” for all wakeup situations because most skilled opponents know how to get around that (or bait you into doing the move, leading to free damage).

Sure, just add me on XBL :smile:

gg’s MariaCroft

I want to be a apprentices someone help me with chun :lovin:

:rofl: It’s Feb. 2009 all over again!

I am up for a mentor. I’m online right now.

I am not sure if i can say that I have any experience with this game.

Does anybody know who dantronism and MRCERTIFIED are in SRK? I can’t find them to ask them about apprenticing.

Edit: Whoops here is MRCERTIFIED and here is dantronism