Official Final Round Stream preparation thread we need your input!

As I’m sure many of you know we are working to get a stream at Final Round. We want to make sure that we perfect it as best as we can. So, tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday we will be doing test streams and we need to get everyone in them so they can tell us the quality of the stream and if our editing of the stream is working correctly. We want the stream to be as perfect as possible so every night if you guys could log on to these two channels and sign up for an account so that you can write in the chat how it looks on you guy’s end, etc. it would be a real major help in getting us a good quality Final Round stream so we can show the world just how great the Southeast is! We will start testing around 8 p.m. or so until around midnight almost every night so make sure to log in and help us out.

The Ustream


I’ll be tuning in for it and giving feedback. I appreciate you guys doing this for Final Round.

What program are you using to stream?

What time is the stream supposed to start?

will this be up tonight mag?

The sound is good with a bit of static.

Also its very hard to read the orange text that appears on screen