Official Flash Animation/Games Thread

Well I figured we can all share all the flash animation we can find and put it here. After posting one I realized that if everyone did that this board would be full with random threads that included other animation.

So post your favorite or not so favorite flash animations and/or games here. If you don’t know where to find them…Newgrounds is a good start. Then work onto other sites that do the same. There is so many animation clips out there that I am sure people can submit some good stuff.

Just remember, the animation has to fall within the boundaries of SRK rules. :karate:

Just to start things off!!


Power Star series

dammit didn’t see this before i posted it but oh well i’ll post it here too

Power Star:

Power Star 2:

Power Star 3:

BEWARE THE SENSELESS KILLING OF TOADS!..has awesome fight scenes and a lot of sprite manipulation on this guys part. Check it out!

It’s ok. :rofl:

My Ducktalez 3 was posted here…THEN I thought of doing this. Oh well…live and learn. Now to check out your series!

EDIT: Oh yea I remember this…this is bad ass.

Super Mario Bros. Z

Alright…i’ve already posted this before but this series needs to be here. Mecha sonic is BROKE. The first episode just sets the stage for the rest of the series so don’t expect much out of it…the bullshit all starts from the second ep onward. Good story and and lots of good action. Even if you’re not a fan of dbz still check this out as this story is only influenced by dbz…in any case i won’t say no more just watch it yourself.







whenever Alvin (creator of the series) finishes the 7th i’ll post it

If you watched the old school power rangers then you should enjoy this.

Go Go Parody Rangers 1:

Go Go Parody Rangers 2:

I love his version of Jason lmao

Green Ranger: ‘ha ha! you epically fail as power rangers! go home and cut yourselves!’

Soft outer crust

Bringing back a classic!!

Ass N Titties

wtf…that was reeeally random lol

Gamer Kids: NSFW

lmfao…talks about re4

That was pretty good! :rofl:

Something called “Flow.” It starts as soon as you go to the link. Instructions are there.

if you want to learn to be programmer. You must learn about strings

not a porn site.

Capoeira Fighter 3…beasty.

Akira the Don (Hypocrite Song). Hit subtitles because his English accent is pretty thick.

Check out this White English Rapper

I this he’s pretty good and the song is pretty hot.

What’s that Spiderman stick figure game?

That shit was addictive


lol very entertaining i need a mouse for this

even though there is no point in flash street fighter II because we have maaad emulations of it. This is kinda fun for like 3 minutes to see how broken Sagat is.

Kara Tiger Uppercuts LOL


haven’t downloaded it yet but it looks hella fun

Oh shit! where’s Rioting Soul at? lmao