Official FR8 Result's and shoutout's thread

1st I would like to thank Brian “Mummy-B” and craig “MAXIMUS” for blessing this tournament. This by far was the best tournament i’ve ever thrown. I’ve just come down from the high of running and competing in FR9. There are alot of memories I have of this weekend, but none stands out like when my hommie CHARLES waved a stool in his hand like a piece of paper and screamed “THIS IS THE LAST FUCKING STOOOOOOOOOL IN THE WHOLE FUCKING HOTEL!!!”. If anyone has that on tape “PLEASE” send it to me, because I want that to be the intro to the dvd. :rofl:

Shout out’s:
Damn this shit is going to be long as fuck.

Ok, 1st I will start off with all of the people that help me run FR8, because without you guy’s fr8 wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did IMO.

FR8 staff and tournament organizers; 1st and formost I would like to thank my lovely wife shonda :lovin: :angel: JetPhi, Charles, kamau, franco, leigh, los, Eli and Adam cleveland, fugee, jeff(ATL), jeff(ggxx miami), Mike Watson, Allday, Ted, Jordan, Charles(Pimpjuice), Micheal(Kombatfreak), Eric jeffries, and shadowG for helping me make this years event the shit! :bgrin: I couldn’t have done it without you guy’s help.

Ohio crew: thanks for helping out during FR8 and all of ya’ll are mad cool peeps. I’ll prolly see ya’ll at eccx. You guy’s are welcome down in the “A” anytime. P.S.–I will have my revenge on you Ghaleon. :nunchuck:

florida crew: Thanks for coming up to the ATL and supporting the atl south scene. I was suprised to see the miami crew at bestbuy on FR8 eve. :wonder: You guy’s are always welcome in the “A”.

NC: Thanks for your continued support of FR. It’s always cool to chill with my nc hommies. I hope everything get’s better for you rob. I don’t know if I would have came to FR8 if I would have been in your shoes. I know NC always supports FR and I appreciate it ya’ll.

SC: always good to see ya’ll at FR. RAPHY GOT 3RD IN RELOADED!!! :rock: Represent that shit hommie!!! Ted and jordan: thanks for lending me the 3s cab’s for fr8. You guy’s support the ATL south to the fullest. You need to come down to the atl so me and the wife can take ya’ll out to eat. Bring kyah with ya’ll too. I know he wanted to be at FR8, but he was too sick to make it down this year.

NYC: thanks for coming down to fr8. It’s always cool when john and josh come down to the dirty south. Finally got to chill with JustinW and he’s a cool kid. You guy’s are welcome back down here anytime.

P.S.-- next time ya’ll down here watch out for the YMCA house!!! :rofl:

NE: Thanks ya’ll for driving 12 hours to the “A” for fr8. I hope ya’ll enjoyed ya’ll time in the ATL and hopefully ya’ll will be back next year.

TX.: Thanks for coming to FR8 fella’s. All of you guy’s are cool peeps and are welcome in the ATL anytime. I hope you enjoyed you time at FR8 and will be back at next year’s event. Special thanks to Buk for helping me put my shit back in my crib! We need to play CFE.

Cali: Thanks for flying out to the “A” and showing the ATL South some WC skills. All of ya’ll are mad cool peeps and I hope ya’ll come to FR9 next year and drag cole with ya’ll. Thanks for running cvs2 for me Mike W. and taking over ST when I left to check on my sick wife.

Va.: Thanks for coming to FR8. I’ll prolly see you guy’s at eccx.

Ga.: Thanks for supporting FR fella’s. This tournament started 7 years ago at GSU with me, charles, kamau, and scott trying to round up people at underground and north dekalb mall to enter our tournament. Now my dream has finally been realized. I brought all of the south together for a huge tournament with other regions top players attending also. From lending me your cabinet’s, to tv’s, and systems. You guy’s always support FR 110%. Tekken 5 was off the chain. That’s the way you protect your home turf in tekken. ATL, ATL, ATL, ATL. Will anyone ever beat clint “EWGF” Lamar in tekken at a FINAL ROUND tournament? Everyone will have a chance at FR9.

To everyone I missed thanks for coming out to FR8. Everyone that came to the ATL this past weekend made FR8 the best FR to date. A tournament is nothing with out you guy’s. You guy’s changed my mind about retiring.

I have to take the pre-reg list and take the sign up sheet’s for each tournament and get everone’s whole name “srk name” to log them in the apex system. I will post the result’s of the tournament’s I personally ran 1st and then I will go over the rest of the tournaments. I just want you guy’s to know that I haven’t been to sleep before 2am for 5 days. My little sister (27) had a baby last night and I was at the hospital untill 2:35am.

I almost forgot, thanks to KonsoleKings for covering FR8 this year. I’ll be seeing ya’ll soon for future event’s.

ST result’s:
1st Mike Watson : So Cal
2nd John Gordon “FlashG” : NYC(Empire)
3rd Justin Wong “JustinW” : Nyc (Empire)
4th Campbell Tran “Buk” : Tx.
5th Denny Loung : So Cal
5th Taz dench “TAZMATTIK” : Ky.
7th Paul Lee : So Cal
7th David Hem “AsianHitler” : Houston, Tx
9th Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : ATL, Ga.
9th Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” : SC
9th Robin Palm “Renegade” : Va.
9th Ashley hernandez : Houston, Tx.
13th The Legend2
13th Jered McClain “Nobita Kun” : ATL, Ga.
13th Eddie Pistons
13th Eric Jeffries “Drity As Hell” : ATL, Ga.
17th Jordan Harvey : Anderson SC
17th Andrew Quintero : Miami, Fl.
17th Anthony Tran “Jakie Tran” : ATL, Ga.
17th Travis Scott : Ga
17th Simon Yoo “Yooyoung” : Omaha, NE
17th Jay Simon “epsilon_” : ATL, Ga.
17th Clint Lamar “EWGF” : ATL, Ga.

A3 result’s :

1st Mike Watson : So Cal
2nd Justin Wong “JustinW” : NYC, (Empire)
3rd David Hem “AsianHitler” : Houston, Tx
4th Denny Loung : So Cal
5th Campbell Tran “Buk” : Houston, Tx.
5th Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” : SC
7th Robin Palm “Renegade” : Va.
7th Rashed Reddy “ShinkuuR” Savannah, Ga.
9th Jeff Williams “Tigerstile” ATL, Ga
9th Paul Lee : So Cal
9th Ashley Hernandez : Houston, Tx.
9th John Sanchez : Houston, Tx.
13th Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : ATL, Ga.
13th Jordan Harvey : SC
13th Sean Borsky, : Ga.
13th Sean Kelly : Ga
17th Ron Chan
17th Carlos Harris : ATL, Ga.

3S result’s:
1st Justin Wong “JustinW” : NYC (Empire)
2nd David Hem “AsianHitler” : Houston, Tx.
3rd Jamarr Lewis “Jamarvelous” : Omaha, Ne.
4th Danny Leong : So Cal
5th Jae Purvis “ShinRyuX” : SC
5th Ghaleon : Columbus, Ohio
7th David Newarrette “CUE” : Omaha, Ne.
7th Simon Yoo “Yooyoung” : Omaha, Ne.
9th Paul Lee : So Cal
9th Duane McCorkle :
9th Josh Wigfall “DaWigsta” : NYC (Empire)
12th Tuan Phan : Houston, Tx
12th John Gordon “FlashG” : NYC (Empire)
12th Campbell Tran “Buktooth” : Houston, Tx.
15th June Ro “dooboy” : ATL, Ga.
15th Neidel Crisan “haunts” : ATL, Ga.
15th Jay Simon “epsilon_” : ATL, Ga.
15th Eric Williams “Earwig” : ATL, Ga.
19th Mike Watson : So Cal
19th Larry S. Dixon Jr. “ShinBlanka” : ATL, Ga.
19th Alex Roski "CajinStrike : NC
19th Troy Wesley : PSL, Fl.
19th Kevin Hutchins “The Gunslinger” : Andersan, SC
19th Phillip Haith : NC
19th Adam Cleveland “Ari” : Athens, Ga.
25th John Sanchez : Houston, Tx.
25th Peter Susini “FlashMetroid” : Miami, Fl.
25th Ted King “LiquiTed” : Lavonia, Ga.
25th Mario Mejia
25th Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” : NC
25th Richel Hernandez “zerog” : Miami, Fl.
25th Daniel Debelak
25th Rashid Reddy “ShinkuuR” : Savannah, Ga.
33rd Darrell Kemp : NC
33rd Raphael Bendy “SSJGeorgeBush” : SC
33rd Sora Arrington “tronli” : Augusta, Ga.
33rd Matthew Amacker
33rd Michael Beattie
33rd Eli Cleveland “sundu” : Athens, Ga.
33rd Thomas Towry “The Hurricaine” : SC
33rd Robin Palm “Renegade” : Va.
33rd William Hummel
33rd Edward L. Woods Jr.
33rd The Legend2
44th Turd Ferguson
44th Jason Henderson
44th Andrew Quintere
44th Matt McCoy
44th Nam Nguyen : Augusta, Ga.
44th Lonnie Hubbard
44th Nasir Ansari : ATL, Ga.
44th Steven Sacks “ULTIMATEYANG” : ATL, Ga.
44th Tei Garrett
44th Ben Hardin
44th Skisonic
44th Jeff Young
44th Chris Bumgardener
44th John Stone
44th Gabe : ATL, Ga.
44th Josh Mcworter
44th Samuel Takara
44th Keith Daniels : SC
44th Robert Mastan : NC
44th Shawn Cosby : NC
44th Jordan Harvey : SC
65th Ray Mares
65th 2piece
65th Sean Kelley
65th Morgan Odom
65th Joshua Pugh
65th Ron Chan
65th Kevin Gould
65th Michael Brunner
65th Michael Allday
65th Samuel Ackerman “DrFunkinStien” : Andersan, SC
65th T Jay OH : Dothan, Bama
65th Zach McCoy
65th Carlos Harris : ATL, Ga.
65th Johnny Gibbs Jr. “ZERO SHIFT” :
65th Liegh Lamb “RoninChaos” : ATL, Ga.
65th Josh Routt
65th Anthony Tran “Jakie Tran” : ATL, Ga.
65th Ken Hamilton
65th Julian Smithy
65th Eric Jeffries “DirtyAssHell” : ATL, Ga.
65th Kevin Lewis

cvs2 result’s:
1st Campbell Tran “Buktooth” : Houston, Tx.
2nd Justin Wong “JustinW” : NYC (Empire)
3rd Ashley Hernandez : Houston, Tx.
4th David Hem “AsianHitler” : Houston, Tx.
5th Paul Lee : So Cal
5th William Hummel : Va.
7th Mike Watson : So Cal
7th Martin Phan : Houston, Tx.
9th Danny Leong : So Cal.
9th John Sanchez : Houston, Tx.
9th Lucious Clayton “SieClayton” : NC
9th Columbus Smith :
13th Shaun Cosby : NC
13th Eric Wesley : PSL, Fl.
13th Robin Palm “Renengade” : Va.
13th Eric Jeffries “Dirty as Hell” : ATL, Ga.
17th The Truth : SC
17th Brandon Brown : Va.
17th Troy Wesley : PSL, Fl.
17th Sean Demison : Ga.
17th Shin Lor : ATL, Ga.
17th T Jay OH : Dothan, Al.
17th Keith Strickland : Ga.
17th Sean Sellers : Dothan, Al.
25th Max Moore “50morecents” : ATL, Ga.
25th Brandon Tackett : Ga
25th Trail FireFox : SC
25th Morgan Odom :
25th Romevjr
25th Doug Kyle : Dothan, Al.
25th W4shu : Dothan, Al.
25th Lonnie Hubbard : Ga.

GGXX reloaded:
1st Alex Gavin “mozanrath” : Gainsville, Fl.
2nd Tuan Phan “Vigorous” : Houston, Tx
3rd Raphael Bendy “SSJ George Bush” : SC
4th Martin Phan “Marneto” : Houston, Tx.
5th Chetan Bedi “Mr C.” : Gainsville, Fl.
5th David Navarette “CUE” : Omaha, Ne.
7th Lovell Vassell “2Nasty” : Miami, Fl.
7th Michael Young “Kombatfreak” : ATL, Ga.
9th Peter Susini “Flashmetriod” : Miami, Fl.
9th Genius : Houston, Tx.
9th David Hem “AsianHitler” : Houston Tx.
9th Mark Heidar “fyron” " Fl
13th Matt McCoy “ravenstorm” : SC
13th Jeff Tessar “Heidern98” : Miami, Fla.
13th Charles Hinton “Pimpjuice” : ATL, Ga.
13th Blake Mansour “BeastofFire” : NC
17th Keith Daniels “Chilldog” : SC
17th Adonis McQueen “Guardian” : Fl.
17th Johnny Gibbs Jr. “ZEROSHIFT” : Fl.
17th Simon Yoo “Yooyoung” : Omaha, Ne.
17th Duane McCorkle : La.
17th Mario Majia “youcanwonder” : Omaha, Ne
17th Jamarr Lewis “Jamarvelous” : Omaha, Ne
17th Shaun Cosby “Iceninja” : NC
25th Sora Arrington “tronli” : Augusta, Ga.
25th Sam P. Beawegard II : Tn.
25th Alan Middleton : Ga.
25th “2piece” : Fl
25th Jason Thone “hotnix” : Fl
25th Ronald Huffine “ryucross” : NC
25th Campbell Tran “Buktooth” : Houston, Tx.
25th Chaz Frazier “mynos” : NYC
33rd John Stone :
33rd Josh McWhorter : SC
33rd Ed Strunk : Fl
33rd Alex Smith : Ga
33rd James Hess “KDX” : Tn
33rd Andrew Ferguson : Fl
33rd Alex Poole “altron 1x” : ATL, Ga.
33rd Yusuf Joseph “Mburningstar” : ATL, Ga.
33rd Jeff young
33rd Kevin Gould
33rd Chris Bumgardner “BUMNUT” : SC
33rd Eric Wesley “The Muffin Man” : PSL, Fl.
33rd Lester Green “PROFFESORLESTOR” : SC
33rd Trabis Scott “Ltrav2k” : Ga.

1- Clint ATL- Fat Bastard, Nina, Wang
2- Killa 6 ATL- Baek, Raven
3- Jinkid TEX- DevinJin, Kaz, Jin
4- Tran ATL- Nina, S. Fox
5th- EddyPistons TEX- Law,Marduk Anna, Lee (wins MOUTH OF THE SOUTH title over Mon)
5th- AsianHitler TEX- Bryan, Raven
7th- Truth ATL- Nina, Steve
7th- WayGamble- Law, Paul
9th- KGun ATL- Baek
9th- RTD ATL- Steve
9th- Justin Wong NY- Feng
9th- Mon ATL- Roger
tied for 13th?- Kasht, Nix, Logan Anderson, DevilZo

mvc2 full results:
1st - justin wong
2nd - joe reyna
3rd - josh wigfall
4th - eder resendiz "tha cheddah"
5th - patrick henry "vegitax"
5th - chris creecy "magnetox"
7th - jason ramoutar
7th - christian sutton "skisonic"
9th - justin jordan "duc jr"
9th - charles gant
9th - max moore
9th - taz dench "tazmattik"
13th - mike watson
13th - joel moreno
13th - duane mccorkle
13th - paul lee
17th - kevin hutchins
17th - ed strunk (team bigmen)
17th - alex g
17th - turd ferguson
17th - deric bogies
17th - roy howard
17th - michael decker
17th - alex poole "altron"
25th - isaac nicholson
25th - shaun cosby
25th - shannon simmons
25th - fugee
25th - jevad west "rod"
25th - chris rose
25th - keith daniels
25th - james francis
33rd - ghaleon
33rd - tjay
33rd - delicious (the legend)
33rd - danny leong
33rd - saga
33rd - brad "random guy"
33rd - frody
33rd - logan anderson
33rd - ian mnoore
33rd - john stowe
33rd - samuel ackerman
33rd - josh mcwhorter
33rd - michael brunner
33rd - nam nguyen
33rd - robert douglas

i’ll keep this short and simple:

larry, thanks and props to you for keeping this thing going, fr8 was the best of them all so far. you and everyone in the atl crew throw some of the best tourneys i’ve been to.

jeff and danielle, many thanks for your hospitality. it was good to see you both, glad you are doing well.

everyone else, thanks for showing up and showing me some really cool shit in all these games. getting to play some of the big names was really fun for an old scrub like myself.

congrats to all the winners and placers.


Full Results?

He said he’d finish up; let the man eat!

This was a great event that really brought out some serious comp. Many thanks to everyone for attending. I had a wonderful time overall; thanks to Larry, his wife, all the people that helped & provided hardware/software… you guys make it possible, especially in this (mostly) console age of fight gaming we find ourselves in. People like Leigh, syn_187 (you’re one of the guys I offered some Jim Beam, right?), Phi, LiquiTed, Dark Akuma, that guy with the… effective, shall we say… voice calling numbers + names for matches… just too many people to list, so I’m gonna stop there 'cause I know I’ve left out people already, right out of the gate.

Congratulations to the winners, placers and so on. Good job, Raph! I didn’t get to see any Buk action, but by all accounts it was poetry in motion & I missed out.

It was great meeting some new people, it always is. I had a good time talking with the previously-unknown-to-me Bama guys, the Nebraska guys, (OrangeMega)Slide (tried to get that Corona, but no go on Sundays in GA), Los “The Grey Area”, Phi (you came off very gracious, pleasure meeting you), Roxie (just shook her hand, but like Slide I always wondered who that was in GD), Nobita Kun, Mr. Sakuraba, First Attack, Ducjr., that guy from Cincy and a lot of other people who’s (screen)names or localities I didn’t catch.

As far as people I already knew (or at least knew their faces), there are way too many to try to shout out. I offer warmest regards to them universally - the only two I will take the liberty to single out are Harry “panmarblic” (nice talking with you! thx 4 the beer out the trunk, take care of your cousin) and Dwayne “Enk!ndu” (thanks bro; that took me back to Columbia!) for their… um… goodwill offerings. You too, First Attack… :smokin: I really want to name more, but it would literally be a good 30+ people so therefore I’ll just stop there; maybe later in the thread. That’s the same reason I left Sunday with just a handful of goodbyes, would have taken another hour otherwise, no offense intended to anybody. I didn’t get to chill with everybody I’d have liked, but like everybody else I had to ease in some sleep, eating & maybe a smidge of minor crisis management.

The badges were great, good way to remember Brian and kinda let you know who was involved with the tourney without having to look for people carrying sticks or talking fight games.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to BobSmack, who I know wanted to be there very badly to help administrate as well as enjoy but had a health situation that precluded his attendance.

NC crew, one and all (I still consider GA Jeff & his wife a part of this btw), it was a rocky road in spots but it’s all good and I hope everybody had a good time. Good $hit to people who met or exceeded expectations, and good hangin’ out.

Thanks also to all of the “big names”, I thanked a couple of them personally for coming out but it extends to you all, especially those from far away. On behalf of the South I’d like to say we appreciate y’all taking the time and effort to come and ball out with us. :cool:

ECCX flyers were hot. I hope those that have the desire + ability to attend will do so.

Marn, I was wrong; you did see me again. I won’t be 1st in line to hang out with you or anything, but no hard feelings for last year.

btw, I had on a red Nike knit shirt on Sunday, and a beige striped knit shirt on Saturday. Commonly found in the cigarette/picnic table area.

Everybody take care… pce

Yeah, great tourney, the 3s competition was insane

Shout outs

Athens crew - you guys are all cool as hell. Looking forward to the next Fight Club

Haunts - you’re a cool guy that plays a mean makoto. Great match with Watson

Epsilon - Your Dudley is mean. You’ve put me in the loser’s of the last 2 tourney’s I’ve been too damnit!! Great games

Adam - the swap in the middle of the round mini 3s tourney was awesome, most fun of FR

Larry thanks for one hell of a tourney, it was nice to play JWong, Paul Lee and Mike Watson, looking forward to next year

Damn this is going to be long :[

GGXX#r players- all of you guys seriously. This to me is probably the best group in the US, all you guys were cool as hell and it makes me mad I have no comp.

Cue - All of your characters were good but you should stick with Bridgette IMO, shit was too scary.

Jeff - Thanks for the nice words man, I’ll try to keep up with Fl tourneys and as long as I can get off work I would like to try to make it to a few of them.

Atl - Good seeing you guys again. All 3 of you repped hardcore.

Sora/Raph/Nam - Good seeing you guys again. Nice job on 3rd Raph and good job Sora helping our team get 3rd in the team tourney lol. Nam thanks for the ride back to Totto’s. Sorry I didn’t get to see you play tekken 5 much, but hopefully you can teach me how to play some day.

Bum’s House - It was great to have you guys there. But why didn’t Bum enter the tourney? Oh and Lester, remember Robo>Anji lol

Dyce - my boy Michael made this trip too good. So many fucking moments from that weekend and I still am thinking about them.

Totto - thanks for letting me stay with you man. Uh if you are still serious about giving me those couches then hell yeah man hook me up.

Buktooth aka The People’s Champ - I didn’t really get to talk to you but you are my fucking hero. #r was much better because you entered.

Finally I want to say that RoninChaos you are an asshole and you need to stick to sucking at Halo 2 because your ass can’t run a fighting game tourney. Plus see sig. That shit was gold.

Sorry for the long post guys :]

Final Round 8 was a blast, just as expected, and just like last year. I hope yall are ready for the shouts…there is alot of them.

Totto - Thanks for letting us use your crib man. Thanks for being so cool on my b-day also, I had a blast.

Alex (Altron) - Always a blast man, and as for the no competition in #r, you will have some soon.

Jared (Jernt) - Thanks for making the car ride not so boring and for taking off work to come chill with all of us.

Haunts - Thanks for coming over Friday night…kicking our ass for free in 3s and bouncing out hahaha. Just playing man, nice meeting you.

Alex Garvin - You seriously make me want to start playing #r man. Just amazing…

Slide - nice meeting you.

Augusta crew (Nam, Sora, Raph, Matt, Tei) - Always good to see you guys. Nam, thanks for going 2 and out with me in MvC2 Raph…way to hold it down in reload man, I had no doubt you would get top 3.

ATL Crew (Joe, Max) - Always good to see yall.

Lester - Keep playing that T-Attack man, and maybe I will be able to play you in reload 1 day.

Keith - You put up a hell of a fight against Wong man. Good shit.

Leigh - The biggest asshole there by far. Nah, good seeing you man…next time I come up to ATL we gotta go get that pizza though man.

Troyboy - Thanks for not bringing your x-box.

Ray (Mojo Makoto) - Good to see you man.

Stuc (Stuc2k) - Got to represent the middle GA, home to 5 fighting game players.

And of course Larry…nice meeting you and thanks for a hell of a tourney.

Sorry for the long post :bgrin:

just wanted to thank everyone for the southern hospitality. also wanted to shout out to all the georgia, bamma, florida, texas, cali, ohio, nc, sc, pa, md, tn, ny players and everyone else who came out that i can’t think of at the moment.

special shoutouts to larry, leigh, fugee, van, and everyone on the event staff for making us feel at home

-almost everything was mad chill
-love the southern hospitality… just gotta make sure i don’t ask for a stool :sweat:
-i did my first dq for the year :nunchuck:
-crickets’ wings are top-tier
-tofu house’s sweet tea is god-tier

-i was sober for the weekend
-not really getting in any st/mk
-forgetting that chic-fil-a closed on sundays >_<
-woman that sat next to me during the flight home reeked like nobody’s business; the odor burned through my stuffy nose… so you know that bitch stank.

i posted some pictures of my lil trip down:

i have some videos that i have to capture, and i’ll post provided larry gives the ok

hope to see everyone at eccx :rock:

this is Jason from qnz/atl…i was rocking the red NY shirt w/ red NY fitted lol

Entire NY crew- Josh, justin, chaz, mad good seeing faces from NY, thanks for letting me and the atl mvc2 players run casual in the hotel room, thanks justin for sending me to the losers bracket lol good job josh for placing third, ima see yall niggas in may when i get back

ATL marvel- Good shit my niggas, max stop choking!

Mag-X- nice to meet you, you a cool cat, we have to play again

skisonic and frody(i think)- Skisonic thanks for seeing my perfect and frody why you such a bully dawg lol

Eder- thanks for peacing me out lol good shit, you’re solid as fuck man

Taz, isaac, and skitz- good seeing ya again, good shit taz on beating joe, thats solid, isaac stop choking!, good shit skitz with that fancy ass magneto- shit is scary

roy who i played in the tourney, red vs. blue lol u mad cool dawg

tournament was fun as hell, thanks larry, leigh, phi everyone who ran the tourney, good shit, hope i can attend the next one

man… this was the most fun ive ever had at a tourney, and definately a true learning experience.

(this is gonna be a long ass post)

ggs to

danny leong-holy shit that was a close match man, damn wakeup dp xx super, ill get you next time. see you at evo or something.

zerog-you are a down ass dude, and it was hella fun playing you. solid ass urien, i hope you and the fl crew can make it up to Atlanta one of these days.

agentz-good match, and good strategy by playing 2 of dudleys generally worst matchups. see you at the next fight club.

paulee-man…i learned so much from you about 3s in general, and you really helped me see where holes in my game were. extremely solid ken.

flash g-even though you whooped up on me on losers, gg. thanks for the dont throw out so much stuff tip.

kevin and duane(sp?)- ggs kevin you sent me to losers last tourney time, but i got revenge, and duane you sent me to losers last fr.

dandy(zach’s friend) you were cool man gg with ken on dud.

simon-even though you owned my ass lol gg.

watson-haha 1st game we played casual u underestimated me and picked sean, gg with your ken though. come get me at evo. youre really down, and it was cool meeting you finally.

larry-wow that was a really close match we played in st. really fun too, we have to play that more.

buktooth-thanks for showing me i suck in cvs2 haha. you were cooler than i expected.

skisonic-thanks for further showing me i suck in cvs2.

ray-we didnt actually play, but it was good seeing you again man.

fugee-nice meeting you man.
props to

my boy haunts for sending watts to losers, justin for winning like everything, clint for showing everyone that the atl is the true tekken mecca, larry/leigh/phi/watts/charles for running brackets and making sure everything went smoothly, and to all who came out and showed their support for final round.

NOW STOP SLEEPING ON ATL 3S. have a nice day :bgrin: .

crazy long shout-outs list

ok, damn I guess it’s time for shout outs.

I’ll skip TN peeps since u all will see me sooner than later…

Great job guys. This was easily the smoothest run tourney ever, right up there with the spectacle of Evo. You were all so friendly and patient and knew how to have fun AND do your jobs at the same time. Very professional and even more friendly, GREAT TOURNY!!!

Before I start if I leave any of you out I apologize, I met a SHITLOAD of folks at this tourney…

Ok, now by crews…

SC/GA/NC peeps:
#R peeps:
Lester…had fun chillin with u man, you got 10x better than last time we played, I could tell you were determined to show out and you did!! Keith dude those were some supersick matches man in the tourney, had hella fun playing u and chillin. Matt yo dude I saw your match with Mike that shit was stupid, great job!! Raph, YOU FREAK!!! GJ on 3rd place you REALLY earned it man, your Baiken is easily the best in the US imho…Sora your Testament was nasty as hell as usual and it was good seeing u again…sorry about the dinner thing tho guys we missed yall somehow. Charles, nice to see u again man…I swore I wouldn’t lose to your Eddie again but you got just as much better as I did, so our matches were just as close as last year in casual…good shit man!! Yusuf: yo man your Anji was super solid and very fun to watch, we had a great match on Sunday, I thought I had you!!! Mike man nice to finally meet you bro you were rippin folks off new asses in the tourney. Josh was right about your stupid backdashes…shit was sick. Beastoffire man u were trippin me out @the tourney dawg…FTW!!! Great Sol and your Axl was much better imho than times I’d seen before. Good job in the tourney too man. RyuCross, haha good seeing you again bro…your Eddie was so much better than last time I saw u too!!! Caveman wtf I heard u was there and thought I recognized u but didn’t wanna be a bonehead and say “sup caveman” to the wrong dude. Sorry for that holmes!!! lol…why didn’t you play #R? noob…-_- haha…

tekken peeps:
First of all good job to Clint, man your ganny was fuckin insane man…congrats on the well earned victory. Truth/Mon/KGun/old school atl crew peeps I may forget…good seein all yall again, glad you could have the reuinion of doom!! you were all so good too!! Alls you were missing was Eric and Mike to complete the legion!! lolzz… Damn do I know any other GA players…??? ummm killa6 I don’t know you but good shit man, Baek was a beast. To the guy who knocked me
out using Raven, good shit…I saw u play later and used Feng…why didn’t you use Feng on me??? omg I would pwned u then, haha…

OMG that was just one set of people…fuck…copy+paste into notepad save this bitch for later…
…ok back…

TX/AL peeps:
#R peeps:
first off, good job on 2nd place to vigorous, super nice millia and robo ky action dude…u were hella smart. The best was when u pwned raph with the air throws… Marn: yo man good seeing you again, that Eddie was too sick man…80-100% combos…with no guard meter!!! omg too good. Good matches with you man, I learned alot about Eddie just from those few pwnages. Also your Bridget was fun to watch in your money match! very solid for a dropped character. Genius, man your Dizzy was jackin folks and u really messed my ass up in that team tourney. I coulda played more keep away, but I have a feeling you woulda rocked me regardless. I was glad that you kept things kosher and sportsmanlike, and I got mucho respect for you for that!! =) Was there anyone else from TX??? hmmm if so sorry I am having a brain fart.

tekken peeps:
isaac!! good seeing you again bro. I’ve had so many requests to make sticks I might just make you one dude. Not for free of course, but you’ll get 1st crack if I make some more (I may start out making some limited edition ones which you get first pick of since u asked so long ago for one)…Sir smoov, man gj in the tourney I saw alot of your matches your Bryan was jacking folks!!! good shit and glad to see you again. ima have to come chill in AL sometime!! Zo, man I didn’t get to see any of your matches but man I was glad u could make it with the rest of the gang. You guys are hella cool so I’ll definitely have to visit some day soon. TEXASSS!!! sup Pistons, glad to see u at the tourney man. I wish you woulda stayed a bit longer I was gonna pick you and jager’s brains about the guildhall. Jinkid yo man good ass job in the tourney. I never said what’s up to you cause everytime i saw your ass u were in a match or sleeping!! lolz! Jager, yo dude I don’t think I ever even met u technically but maybe I’ll see u @guildhall open house in August…^^ Oh and lastly Alex (I think that was your name) ling player from TX who sent me out of tourney, GJ man!! Those were some good matches. I thought I had during the second match but I kept eating ss+3!! good games tho and nice ling!!

ok I swear I’ll finish this 2morrow…sigh…rofl…

FL/NE peeps:
#R peeps:
NE peeps, It was good meeting you guys. You repped the MW well, and I hopefully will eventually make it to a MW tourney to play u guys again. If not, seeya all @evo!!! I was also glad I got a handful of games in with u in casuals in the FL room, that was fun. I don’t think I ever got to fight Cue tho…if I did it musta been a fast and unmemorable pwnage! lol… Hotnix gj beating my ass in the tourney dawg…wtf on those overheads. Next time I play you, u’ll need to abuse lows instead cause I won’t get hit by that many overheads, lol…I ate half a bar everytime u got that too, good stuff. 2piece yo man I saw a few of your matches but didn’t ever get to play you, u were really good from what I saw. Mark dude your Anji was solid as ever, once again proving Anji can be a beast!!! Good seeing you again homie. Chetan(sp??) man your Millia was good but I agree your Johnny is just a step better in all directions. Good job on staying focused on Millia in the tourney tho, that took courage to do…u had some great matches!! ALEX G, CONGRATS ON PWNING EVERYONE!!! Gj man you Dizzy was too damn solid for anyone to touch in the tourney. The only ppl who coulda broke that Dizzy were your friends and fortunately for you none of them made it to top3!! Cause u just had your way with everyone else!! Dizzy’s so good when used by someone as knowledgeable and fast as yourself. Again, mad props on the win. Peter yo dude, good job owning me up with Potty. You proved to me once again that Potemkin owns Axl for free…cause if you woulda had the other 3 buttons it woulda been even uglier…=P eesh. Good job in the tourney and u were raping folks in casual, u are a truly great player. If you could just keep your head down and stay focused like u do when u get angry, u’d easily be taking tourneys left and right no matter where u visited. Jeff yo man thanks for all the kind words during the tourney. Altho at times you sounded condescending, I knew u meant well and saw promise in my game. I may not be in the top 10% that I thought I was, but I easily maintain top 20%…and to add to that, ATLANTIC SOUTH IS THE TOP 10%!!!

tekken peeps:
WAYNE!!! sup dude gj on that top8 finish bro…2 good man!! That Law was cruck as shit…easy 60-75% combos off whatever…too good. Thanks for motivating me in that first match, haha I needed that lil wake up call. And thanks for the Raven advice, I wish I woulda talked to you BEFORE I got pwned!!! lol…nah but good seeing you again mr.gamble.

Ok, now some personal notes to address more public issues. First of all, alot of people gave me and Vegeken hell for hyping ourselves up so much before this tourney. Fact of that matter is, our heads were slightly larger than they shoulda been, but 90% of what we were saying on the threads pre-FR8 was purely to get ppl excited and hype up the tourney so everyone’d play their best vs. us and really want to rep where they hail from. That being said, I can honestly say from my “above average” performance in casual and tourney matches with some of the best gear players in the US this past weekend that my knowledge of Axl is “unmatched” by anyone in the country except for perhaps FlashMetroid (who only uses Axl in character matchups and casual)…BUT!!! I will wholeheartedly admit that my understanding of guilty gear as a whole and my overall ability is dwarfed by almost all the players that were at fr8. While I claim to, and in my mind KNOW, that I understand Axl better than anyone else, I simply can’t use him to the fullest of my ability because of my lack of knowledge on character matchups, basic fighting techniques, and lack of experience. I wish I had a magic wand to instantly catch up in all those areas, but since I don’t then I will be satisfied just being a “good Axl player” for now instead of the “good guilty gear player” I want to become. That’s all for now.

Had fun everyone, glad this even popped off so well and I cannot wait for the next few majors…TiT and Evo I will be going to…^.~


shouts…to everyone

couldn’t try and name everyone…won’t even try!!!

Here’s hoping next year is even better…I for one was glad for the air-conditioning that has been absent from the last 2 FR(s)


Damn…what more can i say that hasn’t been said.
Shin it is…has…and always will be a pleasure to work with you in FR. As long as i got a working console you can always use it. To your wife who put up with some SHT…but the family handled it.
IKE…Crow(the guy yelling names and numbers),Leigh,Los and ted it was fun working with you guys too.
Justin W it was a pleasure to finally meet you…sorry i deboo’d you at the door…business is just that business. Remember what to say to all your hater "F.D.S"
Phi…man i’m glad i met you and i’m lookin forward to seeing you at ECC.
Tazz…thnx for showing me the ill anakaris sh
t, time to up my game and let’s play.
Clint and Killa X thnx for holding down the fort and reppin the “A” the way you did. Never put your stick down homie.
Konsole kings thnx for coming thru and showing us some love by blessing your dvd with FR8…be prepared for FR9 it’s gonna be crazy.
All the other memebers of Team EMS we did it again.
To all other players, we may talk trash, get punked,loose our cool and just want to give up…but never give up. It was an honor to see all your faces this year…and i’m looking forward to seeing them again next year.
Peace out… :rock:
FR9 is gonna be CRAZY!!! :nunchuck:

TAZ did great in ST :tup: ERIC would have placed alot higher if he didnt leave early.

Those lil tricks that Watson had with O.Guile were preety damn tricky :clap: …damn I learned alot…this tournement is really what I needed…thanks alot Larry for the vision and behind the scenes planning for this event!

Shouts out to all the cool people I met…







Next time where going to have a club that we all can go to afterwords to get our drink and dance on.


FR Staff: Thanks for throwing another spectacular event. This is my second FR, and I know for certain it won’t be my last. You will always have my full support on this. Thanks again running things so well.

GGXX/#R Players:

TN: KDX; Good games. It was finally nice to meet the guy who’s spamming up our Thread. :bgrin: But your Axl is pretty good, keep up the good work with it and I’m looking forward to playing you again. To the other guy, whose name I never found out, good games to you as well…

Bums House: You mofos! The #R casuals wouldn’t have been any fun without you guys. I had a blast hanging out with all of you again. Lester, keep up the work with that Anji. Hopefully, I showed you some things you can apply to your Anji tricks as you did for me. Next time we’ll settle our little rivalry. :devil: Matt, Your Ky is sick! sick! sick! You’ve improved a lot since AUG, keep it up and don’t stop playing. Keith, I tried to model my Sol after yours, which goes to say you have one hell of a skill with Sol. You beasted pretty good in casuals and in the team tournament. It was great getting to chill with you. Chris, Testament is too good. Next time, we’ll all have to go out and eat so we can talk some more. April, you’re just hot. It was fun talking to you when I wasn’t playing #R. Not to mention you saved my life with those M&Ms and Chips, I owe you one.

FL Crew: Just as Mike stated, you guys are amazing. Both in games and as people. Jeff, good show to see one of the best Ky’s in the nation. I had a great time talking and playing you. Andrew, Your Ky is just as good, you destroyed me quite a lot, so hopefully next time I will put up a better fight. Peter, they always told me you talk trash when you play, which was funny to hear when we had our matches. Your May is top notch and your Jam is wicked good. Mark, another Anji brethern, it was good playing you, hopefully we can play more and throw each other pointers from time to time. Alex, what more can I say to the guy who won #R. Your Dizzy is fantastic, makes me want to play her myself. Great times in the Hotel and Congrats on 1st place. Lovell…2Nasty. 'Nuff said. Naw, for real, you’re Potemkin is the shit, watching it is like watching my favorite football team score a touchdown. It’s almost ironic, you were the first real gamer I ever played during FR7, so I trained for an entire year to get better and play you again. Basically, if it wasn’t for the ass raping you gave me last year…I wouldn’t be here today, so thanks for tearing my a new one. Hah!

TX: Marn, Cue, Buk, AznHitler, and anyone else’s name I can’t recall. You guys are great players and great people. I’ve never had the chance to play anyone from TX until this tournament, so hopefully if I ever make TS6, I at least know some people who I can get some practice in with. You all played your characters really good. Especially, Cue and his nasty Bridget. But let’s not forget the guy who placed 2nd in the tourney. Nasty Millia, and your trash talkin was hype and funny. :rock:

GA[ Not including the Fantastic Four ] Sora and Raph, it was great seeing you both again. As always Raph’s Baiken is Godly, and Sora’s testament is a fortress. Hopefully, there will be more AUG tourney’s and we’ll play again. Alex, your Robo-Ky has improved hella lot. You keep it up and next time I’ll be able to take you on with my scrub-tastic Anji.

Any other #R Players: I know there were a lot more. Sorry, if I can’t remember your names. But it was great meeting all of you, and hopefully, we’ll meet sometime again.

Marvel Players/Tekken Players/CvS2 Players:

I guess all the rumors( the good ones anyway ) about Justin Wong’s skills are unparallel are true. Never talked to you, watched you play a lot and I have to say…God Damn, son.

Buktooth, your CvS2 skills are just as great. I didn’t talk to you either, played you once in the #R team tourney. But It was good meeting a top level gamer like you as well.

Max/Joe/Jason, Good shit repping for the ATL in all your games. I got to watch most of your matches, still as solid as ever. We all need to get together sometime so I can learn Marvel for real.

ATL Tekken Players…WE OWN THIS GAME! :rock:

Once again, good games to everyone. Glad to be in the company of such great people. You’ve made my experience one I will not forget. :woot:

Despite the 18hrs total to Atl back to Ohio, this event was well worth it. My boys finally got to meet and play the names they only see online. This by far was the best Major Ive been to. Even though casual was thin, there was mad hype all weekend long. Shit was too Seeeeerious!

Larry-Your vision for the srk commmunity has reached clear across the country. Your tournament was very well organized and designed to make every player feel comfortable in their repected game. Thank You for allowing me to share in this memorable experience, I enjoyed the entire weekend.

Shonda- Your are a true Woman. Standing by your man supporting one of his loves- We had great convos and I hope to see you again working another tourny. Hope you got some decent rest to get back on track. We took a beaten…hah

Ronin-You are mad chill, Good shit keeping everyone In line…they must have knowledge how you handled LJ. We gonna have to sit down on that 3s. Ill see you at Ecc.

Charles-Screaming and running around all weekend But, managed to be real Chill with me whenever I needed you. You worked your ass off and did an outstanding job knocking 103 players in tekken down to 1 in 5hrs. I better see you at ecc.

Phi-Good seeing you again. We didnt get to play mk or st. You did a good job running marvel singles and team as always. We gonna run that shit at ecc. 6 weeks and counting

the rest of the Fr staff-you all did a good job keeping shit in order.

Player Ups…YOU the ones that make it happen

Wigfall-Good seeing you again Homie. We gonna handle that paper at ecc.
Your shit was solid as fuck against Ducjr. 3s needs some work. ha

Ski-thanks for all the tips in marvel. I watched your matches and now I may have to pull out of our bet. ha you def uped your shit. whats good in 3s though?

Frody-Straight silly…you had me dying all weekend. Too bad you the got the autograph 1st from the one who sent you to the losers. “Josh, You woke up for this?” classic.

Simon-Always good seeing you. Thanx for the hotel split and not smoking the room out. Ill get at you about mwc.

Jamar-You chill as always. I dont know how you kept hitting me with that Denjin. Imma get you sucka.

Mario- good seeing you and once again we didnt play each other in anything…lets set at time and date…

Cue-nice meeting you. Good shit in #r

Paul Lee-Good seeing you again homie. Your Ken is too damm solid, and I cant believe you would do your boy like that in marvel…ha
try to make ecc…stay up in Cali

Watts-good shit reppin for the ogs taking st and a3-WW guile awaits any gief

Flash G-good seeing you again. Solid in every game you touch.
see you at ecc

JustinW-Chill as fuck as always. You still making mad noise and loot. I had all your predicted rankings correct for the weekend. Sorry my boys chumped out on your commandoes…I was trying to make you some extra cheese not like you neeeded it but ya know…watching you smash everybody during the request a character session in 3s was sick. see you at ecc.

Flashmetroid-I like Ken over you at ecc and we gotta get back on 3s…I didnt wanna show you what a pad warrior was working with but you kept playin. ha… you mad cool

Legend- I just knew you would be there. If you get mixed with the right competition you gonna be a major threat someday…good shit in all your games you did well.

Tran-You a beast in tekken and still have skillz in mkt. YOu played smart against Lao su and took my money. Next time you gonna have to face me. See you at ecc

Clint-You were the most relaxed kid there. Mad chill and serious in every game I seen you play. Good shit winning Tekken again. try to make ecc

Skitz-Nice meeting you…you almost got me perfect a few times but you and I both know… Im not having that. Dont look so mean all the time. ha

Epsilon-good meeting you as well…good shit in 3s…Ill have to face you on the pad.

last and surely not Least shouts to my niggas that rolled with me Taz,Rose,Tim,Lao su and Ghaleon you all repped with the top dogs and did good coming from a spot where its just us.

Please forgive me If I have forgotten anyone…you all played your asses off this fr. I will def be there next year. One

First off I’d like to say thanks to Larry and the rest of the FR8 staff for organizing this tournament. It was badass good shit folks.

This was my first tournament and a damn good one. It was fun as hell to play and meet folks. And also to see how damn good these top people are.

epsilon_ - Nice games bro you’re cool as hell. Your dudley was sweet. I’ll get you next year. Good shit.

Eli and Steven - I love your pizza. (nice to see Ibuki and Yang as well. Good shit!)

Adam - Fucking the best casuals I played. Fun as hell team switchouts.

Haunts - Kicked my ass up and down the screen. Your match against Watson was awesome good shit.

Edit: Oh yeah the crazy guy who got the tournament into 5th gear by yelling “Raise your hand if you’re playing or you’re fucking disqualified” You are awesome, I didn’t catch your name though.

I also want to thank Larry for his tournament, for my first actual tournament, the occasion was more than enjoyable.

Charles, the human loudspeaker, was effective and funny to listen to. Next year, I’ll bring the man a megaphone, I imagine his voice is gone by now.

Also, I met a few people there…of which I don’t remember all of the names…I do remember Tazzmattik and his Anakaris/Dhalsim in MVC2, and couple of others who watched us play Fallen Angels, Marvel Super Heroes and Melty Blood on the Computer, it was nice meeting you all.

I look forward to FR9. Good Luck until then…

#R Shout-outs

SRK is about to hate me, this is my longest post ever. For the sake of others, please do not quote this whole thing if you quote at all, this is just tooooooo long a post.

Wow, another great Final Round has come and gone. I guess for those that werent able to meet me this is Michael Young from Atlanta, I was the Asian Ky player. Shoutouts seem to be one of my favorites parts of a tournament, no matter how long it actually takes me to type them.

This tournament wouldve been nothing if not for the people, both those that organized Final Round and those that participated. Thank you all for making this the best gaming experience Ive had yet.


Larry, we are all indebted to you for putting together Final Round yet again, if it wasnt for you none of this wouldve been possible. Mad props for getting together the effort and resources time and time again. I feel like got to know you a little better this time, and I understand better how your care and commitment have contributed to the scene as a whole. Youre a model for how to make the fighting game scene a better place, and an inspiration for Atlantas GGXX#R scene. It was my pleasure to help out in supplying a #R PS2.

Thank you so much for doing a wonderful job running the #R tournament. You care about the players, and are patient and understanding. Your sense of humor also added a lot to the proceedings and really raised the level of the tournament beyond just running brackets.

Always good to see you. Sorry we didn’t talk much at all this time, but your efforts in keeping things together are always appreciated.

What can I say? You guys are still the best community of players I know and I mean that in every sense of the word. The friendship, jokes, and gaming you all bring to the table are why we should all be playing games.

Jeff Heidern98
I dont go a second without admiring your spirit and desire to help others. Your support is what has kept me going so long, and you always rep Ky the best you can. Thanks for all the matches, I learned so much. You standout in many ways, not the least of which is your personality. Still one of my Ky idols.

Peter FlashMetroid
How is it that you can pick up another new main within a few months and immediate be one of if not the best May in the US? Raw talent is the answer. I dont think a single person doubts your ability any more. Beyond being a great player youre an even better friend. Thanks for always giving support and advice in my playing. Youre also one of the funniest guys around.

Lovell DJ2Nasty
Seems like every year you talk about making this your last tournament, but Im glad you made it down yet again. Proving once again you have the best Pot, that shifting technique is too nasty. I have to use every ounce of energy to play you, and I cant even get close to winning. Thanks again.

Is there anytime that I play, talk, or watch you that I dont learn something new about Ky? I think youre the smartest player about there, with a seemingly infinitely deep understanding of the game. Proving yet again you have one of the best and unique Kys out there, I was blown away by your air throws and thoughtful rushdown. Thank you thank you for playing with me to improve my game, and being a strong mentor to me. Im proud to have a friend like you. Until we cross swords again.

Alex Mozanrath
Congrats on taking the tourney Alex. Your Dizzy is just on that next level. You just have more tricks, more traps and can make it work better than most. Truly awe inspiring. Thanks for playing with me when you did, I appreciate the learning experience. Youve always been humble and kind to everyone you play, and its my honor to know you.

Chetan Mr. C
Once again proving that Gainesville has the smartest players around, thanks for sharing your knowledge with me. Great Johnny and Millia, Im glad we got to play more matches than last year. Special props for still playing on your GGXX stick.

Mark Fyren
It takes a lot to be the last Anji standing in the tournament. I really enjoyed talking and analyzing the game with you. Just like Chetan, Im glad we got to play more games this time around. It was fun watching you in the tournament. Calm, patient, it was great seeing you go through 2,000 Kys I hope we play more in the future.

2 Piece
I enjoyed our match also. I like your Millia and think it can go great places. Keep up the practice.

Adonis Guardian
Glad we got to play a lot more than last time. Nice to see you again. Solid Sol and Robo-Ky, I enjoyed our casual matches. You also have a lot of potential, and have improved a ton since last year. Keep it up!

Being originally from Houston myself, I cant help but have a soft spot for you guys. You all rep Texas like no other, and proved to everyone why Texas is one of the premier #R scenes. This time around I got to meet more of your players than before and Im really happy that I did.

Martin Marn
I thought practicing with Charles would prepare me for Eddie, but you took it to another level. Probably the nicest Eddie Ive seen, that includes Hong Kong. Great job in tournament, and its always good to see you again after all this time. Youve earned all the recognition that comes your way.

John Genius
Long before I met Alex, I had heard tales of the legendary Genius. I always wanted to meet you and see you play, and now Im glad to say that I have. Your Dizzy is well deserving of the fear it generates, and it seems you brought it up a notch in the team tournament. Thanks for the kind words, and Ill definitely make it a point to play you more next time.

Tuan Vigorous
Man, I am so glad I was able to meet you this time. With a Millia like that, theres no way Id forget it. Sick air throws, great mixup, and an attitude thats vibrant and inspiring. Thanks for all the kind words of support. And thank you for seeking me out in casual, I really appreciated our games. If only we could all be as good as you, as gamers and as people. Congrats on 2nd, and I sincerely look forward to meeting you again someday.

David Asian Hitler
Regardless of what other people may try to say about you, you are still the best Johnny player in the US in my eyes. I despite meeting you before at Stargate, this is the first time I got to see, and play against your legendary Johnny. You play really smart, and still know your stuff, even if you dont play as heavily as your XX days. Our tournament match was a highlight for me.

My first experience with you guys, and was just blown away by you guys. I was really really impressed with all of you. The mileage and experience you guys get with a small scene is an inspiration to our small scene in Atlanta. I thought I knew most small scenes, but you guys are every bit as cool and solid as the best.

David Cue
Boy do I have special shoutouts for you. I think out of all my casual matches, I enjoyed ours the most. Youre a great player, and an even better guy. You really helped me feel good about my playing through your support, like all the training has been worth it. I know now why youre famous and well respected within the community. You have an attitude that just cant be beat. The best Slayer I have seen, and a terrific Bridget. Your ability to block/bait/throw Bursts is second to none, and you just did so many crazy things! I wish we could play again right now.

Simon YooYoung
When I heard you hadnt been playing #R for very long, I couldnt believe it. That Slayer is great, and you performed admirably against many of the best players out there. Keep it up and youll have nowhere to go but up.

You are from Nebraska right? Good Baiken, full of potential. Thanks for coming out and nice to meet you.

North Carolina
Thanks for coming down again. I regret not playing you guys much this year. You all got better and it was great seeing you all play.

Blake Beast of Fire
That Axl has really gotten better. Seeing it brought back memories of Peter last year, and I was dreading facing off against it. I consider myself lucky we didnt meet in tournament. Still a cool guy, thanks for being there, and I really need to play you more next time.

Ron ryucross
I think your Eddie has improved a ton since last year. Glad to see you stick with him. I enjoyed talking with you on the side, and I really like your modded Namco stick. Remind me to play more games with you next year.

Shaun iceninja
The FR6 champion still has a really good Ky. I liked your playing, I thought it was solid. You just need to learn some more of the #R specifics and youre set. Sorry we didnt get to play.

South Carolina
As the group we get to see and play the most I feel like we get closer and closer everytime. Friends? You guys are all like family now. Its my honor to know you all. You guys have supported us every step of the way as friends, and I always look forward to our next meeting.

Matt Ravenstorm
I am the most proud of you out of all the players there. That Ky has come so far, and is soooo good now. Never stop believing in yourself. I was really happy to be sent to losers by you. I feel like we have that special bond. Pulling out your PSP all casual was too funny. I loved all of our matches, and I couldnt believe we had to play again in losers.

From not playing #R at all, to probably the best Sol there. I am really glad to see your training pay off in a big way. You did great in the tournament, and I hope you recognized your skills. Its no easy feat to beat Andrew, heck, I cant do it most of the time. You did really great in the tournament and kept it together. Proud to call you friend, thanks for always taking time to talk with me casually and give me advice.

Chris Bumnut
Still the pillar of Bums House. Everytime I see you that Testament has gone up another level. It really has come a long way, and Im always glad to see you playing. Thanks for being my friend. You have surrounded yourself with the best people because you are one of the best. Keep it up.

I remember when I first saw you play. And now youve improved ten fold. What a great Anji. I really think you, Mark and Yusuf are the best Anjis in the ATL South. Keep up the hard work, and thanks for always supporting me. See you soon.

April HolyHotnessGirl
It took me a while to believe, but you really do enjoy coming to these tournaments. Thanks for being an inspiration to all the guys, and feeding poor Yusuf. Youre one of the chillest girls I know, thanks for being there.

Josh "Icege"
Too bad we didn’t talk much, but I was watching from afar, your Sol has gotten much better. I hope you’re happy with your performance in the tourney, because I certainly was. Good to see you again.


Speaking of small scenes that go a long way, you guys are just too good.
Sora Tron-li
Nice to see you still playing. I think youre still the best Testament in the area, and you seem to be getting over Ky as far as I can see. Always a pleasure to see you, youre one of the faces I always look for at a tournament. Next time well play more games.

Raph SSJ George Bush
Raph, its about time you got your well deserved attention. The #R world can no longer ignore your skills. Your Baiken impressed everyone and rightfully so, its the best in the US as far as Im concerned. Youre air throw game is so far beyond I havent even fully grasped it yet. People say I have good execution, but F that, yours is even better. Charles just broke the news to me that you might be attending college in Atlanta. We would be our honor to have you at more gatherings.

Warner Robins
Alex "altron1x"
Yes I made a section just for you! Your Robo-Ky has gotten a better, you just need people to practice against. I like the no glasses look. Good you see you again. When you get tired of strippers and the air force base come over and visit us sometime.


James KDX
People are down on you for the trash talk, and I gotta admit you had me fooled too. But after meeting you I understood what it was really all about. Youre a cool guy, and you played a key role in hyping up this tournament. You have the enthusiasm that I need to learn from. Keep practicing and keep up the hard work. Im happy we got to play once or twice too, after seeing you post so much. And who didnt like your stick? Hottest stick ever. And the Dust Loops cereal? No joke. Great stuff.

Good to finally meet you. You have a lot of potential, believe in yourself and keep playing. Glad we got some games in.


Duane McCorkle
Good to see you still playing. We didnt really talk much, but I enjoyed our match. Thanks.

Jeff Young
My distant relative!

Whew, apologies to anyone I may have forgotten, thank you all for making this my best #R tournament yet.


sounds like i missed a great tourney. of course my cousin had to get married on FR8 weekend, dammit.

but i’ll be at FR9, that’s for sure.

congrats to all the winners