Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

Happy Birthday Shinkuur,remind me to punch you in the nuts how many times now… 27??

Me :smiley:

thank you sir:smokin:

Happy Birthday Rashid!!!

Good playing with you dudes at BnB last night. Definitely gonna be out there more often.

Results for Battle and Brew here:

1st: Grief
2nd: LaunchPad
3rd: Ice?!

ya’ll playin AH3 tonight at tech? If so, may a scrub join the fun once more?

Happy Birthday Rashid!

So sould calibur seems like they added super moves to the gameplay. What do you guys think?

I 2nd that

I believe I heard them say there is no tech gathering tonight. I think they couldn’t find someone to get access or something like that.

[Jun 25, 2011] Atlanta Revival- 6/25/11 Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta, Ga.)

No man NO NO NO

SBO Qualifiers same freakin weekend, I keep telling you do not just make a date WITHOUT TALKING TO ALL PARTIES INVOLVED FIRST!!!


Yeah agreed, plus no ah3 so I think I’ll carpool to do mwc ah3

Got a SSF4 lobby goin’ right now on XBL, if anybody wants in shoot me a FR and ill send you an invt.

ggs in Marvel Forte. I have a feeling I was playing aqgainst several people since the style changed a lot in different matched. Anyway sorry I had to leave abruptly, but I got paged for my job, and had to hop off really quickly. I’ll be back online shortly. If anyone want to play SSFIV or MVC3 online, send me an invite and add me as a friend on PSN. Pretty bored tonight. My name is branh0913 on PSN

I’m gonna be visiting Atlanta in a couple of weeks and gonna be there for about 2 months. I’m from India, currently studying in Oman. There’s no offline scene here and online is pretty crap too. So I’m hoping to attend meetups and tournies, and level up my game alot while I’m there. I play SSF4 and BB, the only games that are remotely playable online here. Looking forward to playing with you guys :slight_smile:

GGs yesterday, I think that’s the first time I’d played you since the fight club, haha. It was all me playing, I’m just inconsistent as hell.

crazy avatar sir.

Would anyone from the GA area be interested in coming to this?

It’s a bit of a drive, I just wanted to post it just in case. We had 61 players at the last event and just wanted to get more out of state players.




GGs today guys.