Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

yo, add me on xbox live…bigsike80

we’re live at Battle & Brew

Yes sir. We have to play sometime. Don’t really play as much as I used to but if you guys want to get some games in, let me know and I’ll try to get something together.

I can’t find the link for Saturday’s Revival anywhere

Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30314


Sign-up and Warm-ups at 12-2
Tournament starts promptly at 2:30

SSF4 AE $ 10
MVC3 $ 10
MK9 $10
BBCS $10
Arcana Hearts $5

All games will be run under the current tournament format nationwide.
2 out of 3 fall matches throughout the brackets.
3 out of 5 for winners finals, losers finals and grand finals as well.
You all know the standard setup, if you are coming from losers, you have to win 2 sets in grand finals in order to take the crown.

Pot payout for all games this weekend is 70/20/10!!

The Ga Points system is back into effect.
Mortal Kombat 9 & Arcana Hearts have now been added to the points system, an update on the points system and its top#40 players will be listed for the public to see and announced live at this weekend’s tournament!!

We look forward to seeing you all now and in the future, if you are looking for contact information, The Latest Matches,Podcasts,Tournaments and Travel Information on Ga’s Gaming Scene

Battle and Brew results here! Battle and Brew SSF4 and MvC3 Results
1st: Da Knut
2nd: RTD
3rd: FR Druseph

my namesake is tarnished.

Not true, you just need to change your name to mp.palm

mp kara lk kara palm is a LITTLE bit cooler than fucking mk~palm

Juan, man, as far as ST goes, I played DVG for two hours the other night and he inspired me to at least try Ryu out. That man was too gross. I was using Guile, but Sim man, that matchup…

For Evil Ryu. I’ve been watching him. Only played him some. He has a lot of good stuff, and he really does flow with my particular shoto style, which is based off of working hard for the knockdown, then mixing you up for repeated knock downs.

At the moment I think it is easier to list what O.Ryu has over E.Ryu than the other way around.

Ryu has:

combo to sweep on crouching opponents xx super as a hit confirm has less active frames but recovers quicker, which is a nerf/buff.
Tatsu to super
Same dp invincibility
Carry to wall tatsu
A few really good setups involving ending combos in lk.tatsu. Evil Ryu loses these because he has Akuma’s tatsu’s
I believe that his fireball travels slower, which is better imo, since they have to wait to jump or they will trade, and I am pretty sure O.Ryu recovers quicker than E.Ryu on fireball.
Trade ultra off of lp.dp
Ex.Fire Ball knocks down, so you can play footsies and make them fear only one meter.
Better health but lower damage output.

Those are the things that are keeping me on O.Ryu atm over Evil Ryu. To be honest, I haven’t really given him a great deal of time simply due to the fact that I figure that if I were to switch, I’d move to either Akuma, who I think when it is all over will be considered the best in the game, or Fei Long. Evil is great, but I don’t think he sits to far above Ryu if he even does at all. Just a different take on the same character.

I’ll be in ATL one week from today.

WORD. Definitely more worthy of the, “ey, ey, eyyy!!!”

Cool, I’ll start brushing up after MWC so I don’t get rolled.

So Iceman you playing AE now?

Grand finals isnt 4/7 anymore?

oh noes :[

I hope you trolling, GF for any game at most tournaments hasn’t been 4/7 in over a year & a half as far as I remember.

I remeber tension pulse '10 guilty gear was 4/7 grand finals. Hour and a half, damn near all 14 matches.

Couldn’t be me…

Weird. I’ve seen a lot of tournies still run 4/7, but I’ve also seen a lot of 3/5 GF’s.


Having finished editting the footage for b&b i’de like to upload it whenever at&t feel like giving me my internet back.