Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

It looks like I’ll be on my own for my birthday. I can’t say for sure though until I get there. There might be a dinner or something but that might be the extent of that…unless I’m surprised with a birthday lap dance at one of the many fine stripper joints available in Atlanta.

yo nato I’m flying to baltimore tonight so I won’t be able to get in any games on your time off. I’ll be hitting you up next week for games with joel/juan/vic+vinc/symbolic tho (i know you’re busy but it should be good times :smiley: )

Good games at BnB last night, dudes.

alright man, sounds good… just hit me up when you guys are getting together and ill see what i can do… have fun at baltimore!

I’d like to attend this BnB I’ve heard so much about at least once before I head back to college in the fall. Can’t drink since I’m under21, but I’m just lookin to play some 3S and Tekken. Where’s this place @?

Here are the results for the MvC3 tournament at Battle and Brew last night:

Sorry I didn’t get them up sooner, but I had to work this morning.

@araider08: We hold them at the Battle and Brew Bar in Marietta. Here is the website with the Address: Next week is AE.

If you guys havent heard or seen, we’re having a tournament in Aiken, SC tomorrow. Aiken is located about 15-20 minutes east of Augusta for those who dont know.

Come out if you guys are available!

Come take our money. We’re free. =)

all the footage from revival is now up on youtube

I have arrived. I want to/will be attending BnB this coming Thursday (hopefully this won’t be the only day of playing while I’m out here). Someone bring 3s and sticks?

thanks for the games today shinblanka! anyone wanna play ae,mk9, tekken, or mvc3 hit me up xboxlive tag bigsike80

Oh, you are bigsike80. I was wondering who sent me the F/R

Yup, it was me. Trying to get more into the local community and I should be at the next bnb

K, see you there!

The FB group is really messing things up, we usually shit through forums by now.

Is the next BnB on the 14th?

Naw there will be a SSF4 one this Thursday. I’ll actually make the post later today when I get off work.

Happy FREE Day to everyone here

“You’re all free now!”

double delayed flight combo into ultra bad service :[
back in duluth. Good weekend in baltimore not negated by flight delays.

I’ll be trying to get people together for some games this week, can you PM me your number symbolic?

GG’s sir. I’ll add you back to my list when you want to play. I just don’t like having my friend list full. You need to learn some links. You need to learn crouching mk>standing lp>ball or 2x>lp>ball. You are scoring your damage off random balls and that’s not a good strat in ae. You have the right idea, but need to work on you spacing and use the crouching MP as air defense.