Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

live at Battle & Brew

Just curious because I didn’t there’d be enough of a reason for you to actually go to EVO in terms of games you’re interested in playing competitively. FunkyP, WE DA BEST!!!

yup I’m going for ah3. I hope to bring home a very good result :smiley:
I sent you a msg on fb Malik.

Also, ggs @ Battle and Brew. I’m so ass at AE now haha. 3S was tons of funny even on a gimped setup and anyone who is interested in ah3 please keep playing. Shoutouts to staying at the venue until 1, getting something to eat [of course that involved story time @ marietta diner], getting home at 4:30 and waking up at 6:40 for work.

It was great to see everyone again though, would def make the sleep sacrifice again :slight_smile:

Just a reminder about the tournament tomorrow for those still interested in coming.

[Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)

yo anyone know anybody that willing to buy a 42 inch flatscreen LCD. For 500 and I’ll throw in the 360 with the rest of the Gold Membership time for about 750?

SSF4 Battle and Brew Results up:

1st: FR Druseph
2nd: FR ATL_Redd
3rd: Da Knut

ggs to everybody i played at BnB last night.

Lol, who signed up as FP Sexual Chocolate?

just to let everyone know i added AH3 to the lineup. we are almost at 50 preregistered with a week to go, GA has always been at Gvegas tournaments and i hope to see all of you again now that we are taking it to a bigger stage. Next Saturday Baby!!

Anybody playing anywhere today :smiley:

It was Dr. EEK!

Shoutouts to Eddie/Druseph/Redd/Coos. it was good seeing the 4 of you yesterday at NC and thanks for all the games Eddie in MvC3. Hopefully ill see you all at the next ATL Revival in a couple of weeks


[Jul 9, 2011] Elite Zone (Fayetteville, NC)

Back home. Thanks for the hospitality guys. Much appreciated. Shout outs to Ben for the 3s and ST, Vincent for the place on Friday night, everybody else who’s names I never knew (or forgot, cuz I suck with names) but hung out with and to Battle and Brew for a nice ass place to play games and drunk at.

Story time on Thursday was gdlk.

We were glad to have you down here. Hopefully we’ll see you around.

And indeed, story time was super gdlk.

Good job to everyone that went to this tournament. Steve H is powerful, but you’ll get him next time shawty!

I’m gonna try to get my redemption this Saturday at Civil War 3 in Richmond, VA. I sent him to losers but then he got his revenge on me in losers finals. I really appreciate having GA over.

Shout outs to Redd for bodying us in MK and T6, TooMuchDamage for beating me in winners finals and Druseph for almost winning AE.

tokido and friends playing xbox live right now!

Anybody close to the inman park area wanna play? Tryna get some games in…

Just to let everyone Know I landed a new sponsor at GVEGAS, RED ROBIN
They will be providing Appetizers(chicken wings, chicken fingers, chips, ect.) and Coke Products and bottled water for a small fee at the tournament
(sorry no burgers as they wouldnt keep very well.)
Also for the winner of SFAE they will be giving a Red Robin Gift Card!!

I have two more sponsors to be lined up and hopefully will be able to announce them soon.