Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

The EVO Points don’t seem to me legit either, they gave shit points for attending and qualifying at final round for tekken.
Last I saw Pokchop was in the top#5 though but I haven’t looked since i left for orlando or since I’ve returned

Live at Battle & Brew, AE tonight

WTF this thread is so dead? Come one someone shock me

you shocked yet?

LOL Anotak, that’s just wrong & disguisting.

SSF4 AE Results at Battle and Brew here:

1st: FR Druseph
2nd: FR ATL_Redd
3rd: Wizzlecroff

Good job everyone, we had 42 participants this time!

Great fights last night. I’m only encouraged to step up my game

You did well. you should join our facebook group if you aren’t in it.

Very tempting - what is the group?

8th week of basic military training and I survived it! I am on town pass so I am able to get on the computer (finally). Anyhow, I till Monday before I leave for Tech School. I miss the scene and I miss running Revival. Shout out to Cool-Breeze, Pokchop, and Stacy for keeping in alive. I can’t wait to go to my one weekend a month and two weeks out the year so I can be back with all of you.

Congrats man, keep it up & Joe stop doing that with the FB group just inviting everyone…

Stop acting like you miss us chump lol

Call Me when you are allowed number still the same

If someone is apart of the Ga scene, why wouldn’t I invite them?

It’s a group I created on facebook that just about all of our frequent tourney goers use to converse regularly. Search Georgia Fighting Game Community and ask to be added.

Man I forgot I have this jank ass avatar on here. I want my old avatar size back. :frowning:

Yep & inviting people like BranH, but it’s the Group you created so I really don’t have the right to say anything, especially since I don’t even live there anymore.

Anybody change their mind and decide to go to Evo? <_<
I don’t wanna be 1 of the 6 from GA this year xD

I’m confused. There are a lot of people going to evo from GA this year, myself included.

They only gave evo points to tournaments After FINAL ROUND for Tekken6. Ricky didn’t get his points for 3rd place at FR14. No one did. GM didn’t get any points or hoa. Man I wish ricky could goto evo and win that $5000 namco is putting up for T6. The bad thing even if he wanted to up and go at the last minute they don’t allow on site registration.

prerecorded footage of ATL Revival streaming now

Guys, I just got back in town. When’s the next SSF4AE tourney at B&B?
Also, are there any gatherings or sessions I can attend?