Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

This guy knows. This kind of establishment is really about making lots and lots of revenue. You want to be running at capacity constantly, because games run themselves and cost the same amount to have around no matter how many people you’ve got there. The way to have more people is to have it be affordable. If I found a place where I could play laser tag for cheap, I would do that, but the shit is just too damn expensive and that’s why laser tag didn’t survive.

On top of that, playing games by yourself is boring. I will stick around and talk and play games for hours if I have people to talk to, but without other people there, I don’t give a shit about it. So you have to have low prices just to get people in the door so more people will be willing to go. It’s like a club. No one cares about a club that no one goes to.

Also, cheap beer is a marketing technique that works twice. Price it low enough that people get buzzed, because if you’re a little bit drunk your wallet gets looser.

live at Battle & Brew

Shout outs to everybody I met and caught up with at Battle and Brew, it was nice to see some old faces and see new ones.
I’ll definitely be swinging by there for marvel tournies with Mr. Peter Parker, that venue is sweet.

beeneeweeness sorry to not respond earlier but I was planning on going - I am probably going to bunk with some friends in philly though so that’s why I wasn’t in a hurry to hit you up since I wouldn’t be able to help with travel arrangements. I was also planning on flying.

edit: also, lol @ getting wins tonight. “you don’t even play this game!” It’s true.
"ben you need a homing button"
also true.

@signalnoise and Substantial,
if ya’ll want we can set up a time to get some games in, i’ll PM ya’ll lata and we can set it up.

Here are the results for last night’s SSF4 tournament:

1st: FR Firemage(Druseph)
2nd: CJ Truth Senior(Redd)
3rd: Joel Rosario

Hey guys. I live in Graniteville, SC now and I’m close enough to drive to Augusta easily. Wondering if there is anywhere to gather or play in that area. I play MvC3 and MK9.

@green mario: well working at my office/store front in downtown or the midtown area its got lots of places where you can set up a bar/games. its going to be expensive so be ready but the cabs, consoles and anything else that other places fail to up keep, I can repair and maintain for you at a honest respected price. I repair all electronics but focus on smartphones right now but came from an arcade machine background. if you have more questions let me know
p.s I am in the process of moving from my current location to either another in atlanta…maybe atlantic station…not sure yet though or moving closer to gwinnett place mall area fyi
gg’s everyone yesterday and it was hell of cool seeing everyone!

Top 8 footage from Thursday’s BnB

What’s up guys? My name’s Russ. I’ve been playing fighting games most of my life, and in-depth for about the past 6 years. And I’ve lived in GA all my life.

I mainly spend most of my time in the training room because my friends aren’t very good at FG’s, but I’ve recently started looking harder for the FGC in GA. I was at Battle n Brew this Thursday. I didn’t participate in the AE tourney, I was there to just meet some fighters. I sure did, and I had a sick time.

I spent most of my time playing MvC3 with a group of guys. I was mainly using a team of Wesker/Dorm/Doom with the occasional Joe/Wesker/Doom. One of the guys was a guy named “Eddie” who many were saying was the best player in GA. I don’t know how true that is, but he for sure had a sick Mags. I don’t even remember the rest of his team because I don’t think I got to see them, haha. If you recognize me, sorry I didn’t get anyone else’s name. But I’ll for sure be there again for the Marvel tourney at the end of the month.

I live in the Metro ATL area, and I’m looking to find even more fighters. I’m mainly wanting to play MvC3, but I also want to grind out some Guile in AE.

Also Substantial, were you that sick Spidey in the red and yellow outfit at Battle n Brew? I saw some of your play and it was awesome, and I heard some guys talking about your Spidey while I was outside.

Yezzir, that was me.
I go by the name of Grape. : P

Nice! I don’t think I got to talk to you because I was outside most of the time you were playing. I’ll be lookin for your Spidey the next time I go, and I for sure wanna fight you. Nice to see some good Parker rep. I don’t gotta tag I’ve decided on yet, but my good ol’ regular name is Russ.

I remember you. My name is Brandon, and I was the Guile player you talked to at BnB. No one post in the GA thread anymore really. Its a shame. But you can get in on discussions on the Facebook group.

I have been meaning to get out to battle and brew but have not had the chance. now that i work closer , i will definitely come out. time to meet more fighters in the metro atl area!

You were wearing an Evo shirt right? Yeh I remember you too it was cool talking to you. I wanna catch your Guile next time and see what we can learn from each other.

And is this the Facebook group you guys are talking about?


Nope that’s not it. Waba is ancient history. Not sure if I should take the liberty of posting the link, but why not?

You have to be invited to the Ga facebook page. Also welcome to the new heads in the ga scene.

For green mario:

Location is the key imo. That and being affordable, because while the ga scene is huge it is also spread out. I would try to get near a movie theater. I was looking into opening my own arcade/lan center 2 years ago, but finding a location that was central to everyone and worth it on rent. I would say be near a mall/movie’s for your best chance to survive the 1st 5 years.

Just a quick reminder, the tourney date is changed to this saturday the 13th, hope to see you guys out there!

The tourney is in tallahassee FL, with AE MVC3 ST and MK9 so come on out

Hi everyone, I’m from the Smash community and we have an upcoming venue coming soon located in Cumming, Georgia. Just out of curiosity would you guys be interested in having tournament there/other fighting game tournaments there?

I’m pretty sure Cumming is kinda far away for most of us guys who post on here (slap me if I don’t know wtf I’m talking about). Can we at least see the venue first? :sweat: