Official Ga Thread: "Our Time is now"

What’s good everyone. I’m new to the GA thread around here. I’ve been at KC this past summer and I joined their community over there. I’m back at Georgia now getting ready for the school semester and looking forward to joining some tourneys and grind sessions around here.

What about Team Final Round. I think that has Toomuchdamage and them… Do they play much anymore? Sorry just trying to cover all of my tracks before I get a facebook.

Team final round is rather active, you’ll find most of them attending whatever local tournaments we have and almost each week at Battle and Brew

Top 8 from Battle & Brew

Here are the results for this weeks Battle and Brew tournaments:

1st: F.R. Firemage Drew
2nd: Cardell
3rd: Too Much Damage

Birmingham Yupz Get Money monthly results 8/20/2011. full results in bama thread
ssf4ae 32-man bracket
1 Pokchop
2 Launchpad
3 Red Zo

MvC3 32-man bracket
1 BDP Orpheus
2 Red Zo
3 Launchpad

Where’s the new blood?

One of 2 things happened. PS3 owners were LIED to and 3s online didnt release today!! Or, Im a retard and cant find it! Can someone please tell me that they have it and tell me how to do it. Either they haven’t made it available yet at this exact time or I’m an idiot.

PSN updates on every tuesday between 5-6PM EST. 3so is on there now.

lol stay hungry nato

MvC3 Tournament at Battle and Brew Thursday at 8pm sharp. Bring sticks for both systems if you can and please bring a sync cable if you plan to play on a ps3 pad. If anyone can bring a setup, please message me.

Thanks! And yes I woke up at 7 and it was there!! :smiley:

Very hungry Ben! lol Btw, bad news… Im scheduled to work this Saturday… :((((( always on the saturday that i want off i gotta work

@Iceman yo, what’s goin on this weekend I’m finally free on the weekends and I wanna get some sessions in.

Hey everyone. I Just wanted to know somethings about Atlanta Revival. First, is it a monthly ttournament? If so, then on what week of the month does it happen on. Second, what games are mostly played there? I know about SF4, MvC 3, Blazblue, Arcana Heart, and MK9, but what else? I mainly looking for super smash bros brawl since that’s what I most play and I thought I heard about it at the previous tournaments. Lastly, are there any other monthly/bi-weekly/weekly things I should know about? All I know is Atlanta revival and Battle and Brew.

I hope to come to Atlanta tournaments a lot more. You may just think I’d come just for smash bros, but I’m also hoping to play SF4 and/or BlazBlue also. However, I need both those game. But, when I get them I plan to start playing those at tournaments.

Atlanta revival is this Saturday (27th), but its a team only tournement 3v3. Not sure if they still do smash or not. I know nothing about that game =P
Also, Wizzle hosts SSF4 AE at battle n brew every other week, and MvC3 one week of the month.
Most players don’t post alot here anymore except for tournament info, you should look up the Georgia - Fighting Game Community[COLOR=#ffffff]on Facebook, thats where most players post now. I know a hand full play BlazeBlue and AH3 also.[/COLOR]

allshort17 doesn’t know it yet, but he’s gonna be playing 3s and kof xiii too. he has no say in the matter. :badboy::D:badboy:

its only a team tournament this month

it’s ok nato, 3s is singles anyway. let’s hangout sometime soon though man let me know when you’re free.

[SIZE=11px]IN REGARDS TO THE OFFICIAL Atlanta Revival Teams Tournaments Pre-Registration List:[/SIZE]

Alright Ladies & Gentlemen This is how we are doing this.
Team Captians [SIZE=11px](Meaning one representative for the team)[/SIZE]
Post your full name,Your handle, each of your teammates names, there handles then your team name [SIZE=11px]In bold print, only one team name,choose wisely because come saturday the name you’ve Chosen here will be whats on the brackets, no last minute changes because it is time consuming and we really want to get the ball rolling as soon as humanly possible.[/SIZE]
One location to represent your team because there is no skill seeding, or points seeding in order to properly place you all.

Trayveon “Lordiceman” Maxwell III
Brandon “Aceuno” Clements
Johnathon “Xero15” Wooden
**[SIZE=11px](The Impact Players)

All of this information needs to be posted in either the Facebook community group:**[/SIZE] Or Search us Georgia Fighting Game Community
[Aug 27, 2011] Atlanta Revival- 8/27/11 Atlanta, Ga. (Atlanta, Ga.)
Which is the actual tournament thread