-Official Game Sharing/Trading Thread 1.0

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Super N00b friendly guide!

IMPORTANT:You can only share one of any of your accounts with four other people! Many people confuse this and think that you can only share one of any of your games with five other people. Simple: one account can only be registered on 5 PS3’s.

Background info:
Sony made a feature in the Playstation store where you can re-use any account up to five times for use on other consoles. The basic idea of game trading is letting someone log onto your Playstation network account (registering them as one of the five other consoles that may use your account)to re-download one of your bought games while you are doing the same to his account.

Pre-trade steps:

  2. Find someone that has bought a PSN game you want and is willing to trade it with you for a PSN game that you have bought.
  3. This step is optional but safe. Delete all of your billing information and change your account password.
  4. Get the persons PSN ID and add him as a friend and get his aim/yahoo/msn name and add him and talk to him. This step is just for people that feel unsafe to get to know the person they are trading with. It also recommend talking on aim/yahoo/msn when you are actually doing the trade, it’s quick, you can report problems if any quickly, you can give each other information (i.e. passwords) quicker, and overall you will be able to tell if someone is scamming you or cheating you.

Trading steps:

  1. Create a new user on your PS3 the name doesn’t matter (this is located at the far left top of the xmb).
  2. Sign in to that user.
  3. Go to “sign up for Playstation network” (located at the far right of the XMB).
  4. When the account sign up screen comes up click the bottom one which says something like: ‘use an existing Playstation network account’.
  5. Enter the info that the person you are trading with gave you into the appropriate fields then hit continue.
  6. Go to the Playstation store (still on the same account you just made with the other persons information, sn, pw, etc.) and go to download list (located at the very top second to the left.
  7. Find the games on that list that you are receiving from the trade and click download.
  8. Now while in the download screen for the game you are downloading click ‘download in background’.
  9. After you have Qued up all the games that you are recieving from the trade (most times it will only be one game that you are supposed to get) log off of their name and sign back into yours.
  10. You must keep the user you made to access the other person’s account
    or you will get an error when trying to start up your game!

Post-trade steps:

  1. This step is optional but very safe and is highly recommended. Change the account password for your account that you gave to someone else.

A) REMEMBER: You can only share one account (not one game) with four other people.
B) You cannot share games that you got illegally using PS3proxy (they don’t show up in your download list). If you don’t know what this means, then you have nothing to worry about.

Untradable games:
Home beta
Warhawk (full game)
[any more please tell me via PM]
[I am no longer updating this thread and will not check myself what games are untradable, but if you have one and want to help the community PM it to me.]



:wtf: You already posted in the Game share thread:


Why are you making a new one thread? Absolutely no need for a new one… dood.

I like this thread, it was pretty organized and more detailed, I’m a trading noob so it was helpful.

So how do I share an account with someone? Just need the steps plz, I already have a phony account.

you can share your account with 4 other people or 5 other people?

It’s four other people, five total PS3’s including your own.

What I personally do is make a new PSN account for everything I purchase, that way I can maximize the number of people I’m able to trade with instead of just 4 trades and poof your account can no longer trade with others. Of course, you can still offer the nice guys you’ve traded before in the past access to those secondary accounts too so don’t feel like it makes you a jerk!

When you obtain the outfit pack that someone gave you…is that just the trade? Or can you share that one obtained with 5 other people too?

The trade’s over once you grab it off the person’s account; you can’t share something you got through a trade, you can only trade something you’ve purchased on your own account

Thanks for the confirm.

Thanks, I wanted to make sure before I went on a trading rip. Anyways anyone wanna trade Megaman 9?

You guys are better off in the original thread, the starter of this thread will rip you off. This guy basically after giving him my info, changed my sign in id and password so now im fucked. Do not trust the thread starter seriously dont make the same error in judgement I did, its not worth it. If you get an aim invite from haymanx, its him dont bother even starting the convo, I swear I love the internets they make shit like this so easy, wtf ever happened to robbing someone face to face…lol. Some people may value their ps3 accounts a lil more so Im posting this up as a warning, I mean I shoulda seen the signs when after messaging me late yesterday, hes in the other forum offering the games I would share with him, you cant share traded games. Thats the main reason I went in and deleted my billing info so this clown wouldnt get that…the rest Ill take the loss for, just gotta get a new psn ID wich I already have.

Magnetomaniac and anyone else atleast read my warning before trying to share with the topic starter, I mean look hes also a MAR 09 user so go in at your own risk.

Sorry to hear that man. Wtf? 09 members never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the look out though…took one for the team.

He should be banned

No prob, thought id let you know cause you were next on my list to play, Blazeu25 kicked my ass a couple of days ago in sf4, so when I seen you in here I figured a warning was justified. Sucks now I gotta get a new screen name and add all those people all over again…and unlock everything lol.

I know it sounds like Im takin it well but trust me, I wish I could kick his teeth in.

:xeye: Dang shinryuken, I’m sorry to hear that. Turds like the OP make me sick. This is why I only game share with people I know in person and trust like my brothers and friends. Too many shady people in the internet. I went ahead and informed Septimus about this thread.

Oh yeah shinryuken, get in touch with KomboKaze. I remembered someone stole his PSN account the same way but he was able to get it back. Maybe he could help you… dood.

Think I may have been scammed too. Least if I did it was only my account with one game and no billing info…

you should report this to the admin of this forum.