Official German Street Fighter Championship

on May 2-6 there will be the “Play2007 - The neXGam gaming Festival”.
This year we are Proud to present the Offical german championship in Street Fighter 3rd Strike - in association with Capcom.

More Information you can find here

Pictures from last Event

General information

Location: Altenmellerich, Germany.

Dates: from 05.02 18 pm to 05.06 12 am

Entries: Wednesday - Friday 15 / Saturday 10

No Seperate entries for the Tournaments…

-3rd Strike (XBOX/PS2)
-Wining Eleven (XBOX/PS2)
-League Bowling (NeoGeo)
-Windjammers (NeoGeo)
-Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PS2)
-Singstar/-Party (PS2)
-Track&Field (DC)
-King of Fighters (more infos soon)
-Virtua Fighter (more infos soon)
-Virtua Tennis (more infos soon)

All time Casual…

Hope to see YOU on Play2007

Sweet I used to live in Germany, I’m Bavarian :smile: