Official GoW Team gamertag players list

Let it be casual or ranked matches, this should be an easy way of having teammates in any type of match. Post your Gamertag, and your geographical location. Be sure to also send a message “SRK” along with the FR so you all know where the requests are coming from.



-RxR Mvch1ne
(Austin, TX)
(Austin, TX)
-**JaexHoon **
(Woodward, OK)
-N8 Grey
(Flint, MI)
-sneakyrazor EW
(Austin, TX)
(Pompano Beach, FL)
(Kearny, NJ)
-Arpharmd B
-mad possum
(Groton-Newlondon CT)
-Sc00t Magee
(Long Island,NY)
(Port Saint Lucie, Fl)
-veritas shazay
(Springfield, VA)
(Toronto, CAN)
-M i g u e l H
(Chicago, IL)
-Brutal R
(Westchester NY)
(Sacramento, CA)
(Kansas City, MO)
-OTG DeshiGeon
(Columbia, MO)
-Kaos Soilder 07
(Houston, TX)
(Macon, Ga)
-Galactic AE
(El Paso, TX)
-Sol Shader
(Detroit, MI)
(Danbury, CT)
New York, NY)
-Yatch 23
(San Antonio, TX)
(Pembroke Pines, FL)
(southern, CA)
(Los Angeles, CA)
-Chuck Hardrock
(Columbus, OH)
(Louisville, KY)
(Winston-Salem, NC)
-Team Underage
(Philadelphia, PA)
-x Jay Bizzy x
(Flemingsburg, KY)
-(says he’s PR)
(Durham, NC)
-Lord Doku
(TEXAS boi)
(Highland, CA)
-**KOH1234 **

Gamer tag is where it has always been.

Yo Im down however I can be.

Gamertag= N8 Grey

i play this game too lol


add me as well.

Add me. To me, it’s not WHAT I play(ranked, un-ranked, whatever), but WHO I play with.

I play alot of Gears.

Gamertag: Arpharmd B

When not playing SF2, I’m usually playing Gears of War.

Gamertag : mad possum

Name on Gears of war is Matt3584…im down for gameplay anytime…just this week probably cant cause i went home for the newyears…so after jan 1st its back to hardcore gaming

Alright, well let’s see how this will turn out. I will be sending out FR’s through out the day. I will definately be getting my internet back this end of the week. Hell ya, let’s get rockin!

It would also help if you clean out your lists for me to add you:

N8 Grey

Hit me up with a friend request.

tag is Sc00t Magee

Tired of playing with peeps that have no idea what they’re doing.

Too many I-got-this-game-from-my-mommy-on-xmas n00bs running around. Need to run with some skill.

Look me up.



veritas shazay <— Handle.

I prefer unranked matches at the moment unless I’ve played with you for a little while at least.




My GoW tag is MuffinSensei not RVP Matt…

what is your real GT?

alright, i’m paying my internet bill today, so it should be turned back on either from today to FRIDAY. can’t wait for the RAPE to begin

Please if you are sending a friend request note “SRK” or something in the message.

I got alot of random friend requests that I declined cause i had no idea where they came from.

good idea, i be sure to update information. what is your GT btw?

Well I play GoW, and Halo2 on my Muffinsensei account and I play CvS2, 3S, #R, Halo2, Madden 07 on II Troyboy II …