Official Grand Theft Auto IV Thread

I’m surprised nobody made one yet considering this shit is gonna be crazy fun online lol. Guess ppl can drop their PSN here if they’re getting the game, talk about it or whatever. SRK clans possibly?

For anyone who hasn’t seen a video review of the game yet…

PSN id: SergeantDiaz

cannot wait until tomorrow

I’ve never liked the GTA series because I thought the gameplay was lacking, but GTA IV looks extremely fun to play- mainly because it looks like they’ve finally fixed the aiming and shooting.

I might pick this one up later.

I’m with dbostick on this. But hell yeah we’ll light up some fools if I do get the game.

I’m thinking of buying it. Looks like alot of fun.

The video reviews pretty much sold it to me.

I still might try giving it a rental first though see how it goes. Online sounds like the place to be :slight_smile:


Can’t wait!!! :woot:


I got this but I’ve been pretty busy with the the story mode, they did this game very well… hard to stop playing it :sweat:

PSN: Ephidel

Plays mostly DMs and Single Player.

I’m just checking in but I won’t be seeing any of you fuckers until I get through the delicious single player. I’m getting double crossed, I’m double crossing niggas is wildin…I LOVE THIS GAME.

I’m trying to like GTA IV (single player), but it just seems like the same thing I’ve been playing since GTA III. I have no motivation to finish the story atm.

Multiplayer is ok so far but it’s hard as hell to manual aim.

You’re 1000% insane. Of the maybe 2 things negative you could say about GTAIV, one of them IS NOT that it’s anything like GTAIII. It’s not. Period.

I didn’t say it was. Personally though, it feels like the same thing I’ve been playing for years in the GTA series.

It’s a good game, it just isn’t blowing me away.