Official Hit Box SSFIV Thread




Forgot the F, FDB, DF uppercut via SOCD cleaning.


I decided to leave all SOCDs out for now since I’ll have incoming tutorials to update it. Plus, the 636 DPM is all you need for those walking uppercuts in SSFIV.
Coming up soon is FADC shortcuts and tips, as well as walking ultras and defensive ultras using SOCDs!


I see your point. Me personally, I’d definitely use the 636 too, but I also believe that it’s best not to overuse use game exclusive shortcuts [except maybe to be a dick, maybe in emergencies, and or prove a point]. If you play multiple versions of street fighter and other games that don’t have leniency and it’s too much of a habit, you’ll fuck up and die when they punish you, then everyone else watching you will laugh till they cry.


New SOCD FADC tutorial! All you have to do is hold :f: and tap :b: + MP MK

Next up is QCFx2 Ultra shortcuts and FADC into them!


Hey, I’m considering getting a Hitbox(even though it costs a ton for shipping over here and for customs as well… sigh) and I’ve been enjoying the more advanced SF4 videos like the FADC one posted above.

Could you please consider making a video on SJC Ultraing with Ibuki? That’s one of the instant benefits I can think of but I really would like to see how it works in practice. Seeing as you apparently are planning on making a video on QCFx2 ultras next, it should even be a nice addition! At least s.MK into SJC ultra would be great.


Don’t mind me, I’m just imagining the look on some online player’s face when my Megaman in MvC2 is wave-dashing all over the place. While charging a red buster of course.

[Hold hp + the direction I want to go, and alternate back, nothing, and down for the win].


Working on getting Fei Long’s Chicken Wing ( :b::db::d::df::f::uf: + K) down consistently, any help here?

EDIT: Got it! Basically realized it was just a slide half circle, using my right thumb for up and right index for the kick button of choice. Pretty much got it 100% consistent now.


Do the command as usual. Find out where you’re screwing up, or which commands you’re skipping. If you’re skipping the down cardinal, start going B, DB, DBF, DF, F, in one smooth motion, and when you feel you only have F down, use your thumb to hit up and press the button to get the UF. Boom! Done!



You know, I’m curious if this SOCD Ultra shortcut will make jump cancels easier. I didn’t’ think anyone was posting in this thread so I didn’t get a chance to see if it’s an easier motion. What are the best SJC normals into ultra? (It’s been a while with Ibuki)

EDIT: The shortcut does not work for buffering jump cancels. :mk::d::f::uf::d::f:+KKK doesn’t work. But it’s still very manageable to do it with fast QCF’s: :mk::d::df::f::uf::d::df::f:+KKK
I can get it off the MK fairly consistently and off Fierce every time.


I get a lot of shit at my locals for playing on a hitbox with people often quoting standing 720’s as an example of how inputs are easier on it. What arguments do you guys use to defend your use of an unorthodox controller?

Also, I don’t use an official hitbox (I made my own instead) but I’m (probably?) the most prominent san diego hitbox player :slight_smile: showing up in tournaments and such. I’ll likely be at the Arcade Relief event this saturday, I’ll see if I can’t hold up my box for the stream if I even get that far.


“I like buttons” worked for me.


I’m assuming yours has internal SOCD handling mechanisms. If you don’t have them, you’re cheating. I’m also assuming that Left + Right = Neutral. If it’s LCE, substitute last entered in. I don’t know how effective this would be, but I’d carry a copy of MvC3 Vanilla, an official controller, and tell the organizers how my Hitbox works. Touching each button, I’d say exactly this…

Movement is "Left [taps left], Down [taps down], Right [Taps right], Up [taps up], Neutral [presses both left and right], Up [taps both down and up at exactly the same time], All else is standard. You want to do a controller test with a game that proves it? [while smiling of course].

If you do this, you have hard data in this situation that proves your Hitbox isn’t a cheat box. Since you have the tournament organizers on your side, when anyone bitches, they don’t have any moral ground to stand on [like they and their scrub mentality ever did…].

If they’re complaining about anything being easier to do, tell them…
1]Even if that statement was accurate, aren’t controllers meant to make game-play as easy as possible without playing the game for you? And if the controller isn’t, isn’t it failing at its mission?


I wouldn’t worry too much if yours isn’t SOCD cleaned. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Thanks, grandpa. Let’s see you play on this.” while you proceed to kick their ass.
This is a good topic though. I know there’s a lot of this cheat box comments coming from tournament players who know nothing about buttons. Generally I’m a smart ass and people eventually come around, but I would like to see this stigma go away altogether. Maybe we can get some sort of FAQ for this?
Don’t you dare let those people discourage you though.


It will just take some time then the community will accept it. People have a hard time grasping the concept of new things in any community. Over time once people start seeing the Hitbox more and more, people will just accept that it’s another legitimate control platform and stop questioning it, not sure if there is a short term answer other than to ignore them.


LOL forgot to add that part. Actually, it was in it and accidentally edited out.

Actually, I’d tell him to attempt 10 standing or walking 720s in a row and see if he gets it. He won’t. Brian, based on what you’ve said, it took you a month to get this done.

BTW, I actually would worry about if mine’s SOCD cleaned. All that really cool 1-2 frame dashing, FADC stuff, and my SOCD upper would be gone. I’m greedy. I won’t do without.

One thing I forgot to mention that I edited into the earlier post… If you do what I tell you to to the organizers, they’ll most likely accept that the device is just a slightly better input device, and not a tool for cheating. The other competitors and members of the community will have to fall in line.


Coupling what you see in this video

With This video
00:54 Meters are built or expended before the move comes out.

Is pretty rude.


I have the SOCD cleaner in my box (thanks gdlk) but how would it be cheating if I didn’t? I played on keyboard for months before I got a hitbox and holding left+right = forward, not block. You can do the same thing with a pad (left on dpad right on stick). I spent the same countless hours learning my combos then as I do now, how am I cheating when I’m using a keyboard?

When you think about it pad and keyboard are the defaults now, with keyboard being especially relevant, you have to go out of your way to get a stick. If PC is a huge chunk of the player base who are you to tell me my controller is cheating.

^^ how my argument usually goes.


Well, in some games, you can double-block which is frowned on by many players. Also, some games all kinds of weird things can happen in games that weren’t programmed to handle SOCDs like crashing, and walking forwards while charging. Chicken guarding becomes broken in games with air blocking that don’t have guard breaks, as the only threat is the air throw. Teching the throw becomes too easy because all you would need to do is hit a button [I’d bait the tech, and then punish the attack thrown personally].

I have questions about whether or not SOCDs are cheating myself, and have that lean, so I like the idea of eliminating them. The advantages of the SOCD cleaner are quite desirable anyways. Furthermore, most pads put a certain level of priority so that commands from one directional movement system are always taken over commands from the other. In MvC2 for Dreamcast, I think the analog stick’s actions take precedence over the D-pad.

I guess people are too brainless to take into account that an anti-ghosting keyboard would allow SOCD entry.

Actually, now that I think about it, SOCDs that cause weird, undesirable things to happen are more the fault of a shit programmer, and not of the person who’s able to take advantage of it. It’s almost the responsibility of the player to exploit this to his benefit. It should be the responsibility of the developer to consider and deal with this shit. If they don’t, then we should be able to exploit them should we chose to depending on the circumstances. I choose not to.

Everyone should be able to use any control scheme they desire so long as that control scheme isn’t playing the game for the player [Program pads, etc…]. Otherwise you eliminate certain sections of the community unnecessarily that can benefit it.


Hi hitbox users,

I’m a new to using a hitbox (with SOCD) with AE. I really enjoy the concept of it, but am having some seemingly random behavior with certain inputs. I’ve spent a bit of time in training mode with inputs showing, and I haven’t been able to explain what’s happening. Can you help me figure it out?

I have only gotten fireballs to come out with 236+p, not 26+p, and this is consistent. However, when I go for supers and ultras, I have less consistent results:

23236+p, 236236+p always work for super/ultra.
2626+p seems to work half of the time, the other half of the time yielding a dp. Perhaps the timing affects what comes out? Or does the training mode input not always display what is actually input if it happens too quickly? I’ve also tried the new SOCD ultra tech posted recently to get 2626+p, and still get the same inconsistent results.

If you could explain what is going on and/or share your relevant experiences, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!