Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

7/8/10 update :
Real Arcade Pro. EX Premium VLX

Real Arcade Pro. 3 Premium VLX


XBOX 360

What is it ?
A stick made by hori+taito modeled after the Taito Vewlix Cabinet itself, it is NOT a to-size replica of the arcade panel.
It is full Sanwa parts on stick and buttons, like the real panel.

How much is it ?
Currently it is $300 USD before taxes at the Hori usa store.

Can it be dual modded ?

Can I swap out the JLF for a Seimitsu LS32?

past info :
Coming to the USA this year via hori usa store?
EXCLUSIVE: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US! ? SDTEKKEN.COM ? Tekken News Resource!

Still may be possibly available through Akihabara
Buy HORI Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLX (PS3?) -

Buy HORI Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium VLX (Xbox360?) -

2/1/10 Update :

The VLX along with standard turbo button features and storage compartment for cords, has a maintenance area to hold two buttons.
So you can switch to 7 or 6 buttons easily.

older info :


??? Lever unit ? : JFL-TP-8YT-SK (I’m assuming this is a typo for JLF)
??? Button unit ? : OBSF-30
OBSF-24??? OBSF-24 (start button)

28 572 Japanese yen = 316.406328 U.S. dollars as of 1/30/10

???Pro.EX Premium VLX / xbox 360 /

???Pro.3 Premium VLX / PS3 /

DO WANT! Wait… is that thing $316???

thank god they moved the stupid turbo buttons… definitely want to pick one up now. is 3-28 the release date?

Is it up for order now?? Will this only be available through the hori jp store?

It seems like typical “limited” run through hori jp store…hopefully play-asia snags some of these!

I need one of these.

Please HORI bring these to the states!!!

Nevermind, lol.

Feb . 3 is the pre-order date /product data.
March 28th is when they technically should be delivered

The 360 colored buttons look horribly out of place. Otherwise do want.

Yeah fuck those buttons. I’ll be swapping them with with OBSF’s from my v3SA…well thats if pasia is gonna be selling these at all!

Hori does that with EVERY 360 stick. It’s so annoying.

Markman mentioned somewhere else before on the new TE-S thread that Microsoft requires the face buttons to be colored on sticks as well now.

Those do look really nice… must resist… okay fine, I want one.

I would definitely be swapping out those hideous face buttons on the 360 version, but otherwise these things are downright sexy. Hopefully this doesn’t end up being some ultra limited run that I will have no chance in hell of ever getting.

looks amazing.
common us release

God damn it. I really don’t want to buy this. I do however want to own it.

That thing is way too damned long. Its needless.

Just buy a TE if you want a quality vewlix style stick.

That controller is more expensive than a gaming console. It’s cool Hori’s coming out with these new sticks and all, but it would be nice to have some released in the US as well. My TE Fightstick crapped out on me recently and I’m waiting as long as I can to see if the Hori RAP V3 SA comes out over here.

damn that stick is so expensive …

Way too expensive. I’m not even sure how they justify marking it up so high.