Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

At least it will go to someone who will take good care of it and do it right :slight_smile:

I need help with a hori FS3 fighting stick 3 and using a Cthulhu. I need a step by step guide because I have no idea how to get the buttons to work i.e start turbo etc… with a Cthulhu. I’m pretty much new to this I already attempted soldering but my stock PCB went bad on my during the process joystick direction didn’t no register.

Things I have…

JLF with harness
sanwa buttons

What else do I need besides the Cthulhu, and sorry if these are dumb questions navigating through all 161 pages is a bit much to look for my answer lol??

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Hey guys,

I recently sold my TE to get a V3 SA and so far, best choice I ever made :smiley:
But recently I kinda wish, that the stick would be a bit more stiff. So, when I discovered some scratches on the balltop, I decided to get a new spring along with the new balltop.
Which one would you recommend: a spring for the Seimitsu LS-32 or the one for the Sanwa JLF-SP?
And no, pulling the stock string to get more tension is not an option.
Thanks in advance.

TL;DR: Need a new spring for the V3 because the stock one feels kinda loose, which one to buy? LS-32 or JLF-SP?

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I need your help. My friend is going to mod my Xbox 360 VLX because he knows how to solder. I have one of the very first chimp boards unassembled that he will assemble and install to make it work with my PC and PS3. I am looking for guides, pictures and instructions anything that will help me explain to him what to solder and where to solder it. May you or any of you that have modded a 360 VLX before help me out? I am located in Colorado Springs, CO and am willing to call you if you don’t mind. Thank you all in advance.

Why not purchase a kitty board? Regardless, chimp installation instructions can be found here:

The instructions are similar no matter what chimp board you have, but they all can be found in this thread.

Try the LS-33 spring mod:

Do the 360 versions of the VLX and VX, use the same PCB? As in, is it possible to dual mod VX, using VLX kitty?


I wish there was a plug & play kit for the VLX that works on the Wii. I’m not talking about the Wii recognizing the VLX as a Gamecube controller (like in the Kitty kit) but as a classic controller like in the PeeWii soldering kit. Not really wanting to solder unless I have to.

Are there any other places that sell the VLX travel bag? I’m in Australia and the Hori USA store doesn’t ship outside continental USA.

Do you want me to buy it for you?
If it is in stock.

I have the VX SA (the 360 Stick) I want to do a few things with it

  1. Re arrange the colored buttons in a line to resemble the Neo Geo
  2. Replace black with white
  3. Sawp out the start button
  4. dark blue ball top
  5. Replace the gate.

Problem #1- How on earth do I remove those buttons they are in there good are they glued in or something?
Problem #2 some of the connectors just won’t budge any tips on removing those

But mostly my issue is taking the buttons out that’s something I can do before I order the parts I need.

Use a screwdriver. Depress the tabs on the sides of the buttons and push up.

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AH yeah I tried that they really didn’t want to move. So the button aren’t glued on then?

The Center of the button moved but the main part of the button just stayed put and with the inside of the stick being so cramped I didn’t want to risk dislodging anything.

there are 2 moveable tabs taht need to be pushed in. push a tab, then push that side down a bit, then repeat for other tab and side.

and then there are tiny plastic nubs that are there to hold the button in.
the more you take out/place in buttons, those nubs will naturally wear down. (or you can sand them down).

Would I be better off with Screw in buttons assuming they fit

I have the same question, I owned a VLX recently, but I don´t know how buy the bag

I was just sitting here and looking at my vlx sticks and my vshg’s, and for some reason im preferring the vshg’s.

ive spent almost US $1000 on importing, the vlx’s with shipping and customs fees and I really want them to be my favourite.

im gonna buy those red qanba plugs and see if that changes anything. I think its a 6 button thing.

maybe srk vlx owners should do a survey and see how many of us would be interested in a 6 button panel, and get a custom builder to mass produce? obviously quality needs to be similar to original.

voltech could probably do it. he does metal work

You are forgetting blklighting21 actually makes metal panel replacements and the last time i checked he wanted to make vlx replacement panels he just needs the vlx stick maybe someone will be nice enough and let him borrow theirs *hint *hint.