Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

God damn it. I’m ordering 2 of each platform. GGPO wallet.

I’m happy though.

Good shit Hori. I told ya’ll it was comin in March :wink:

Yes, finally a release date. Now finding a way of getting my hands on one.

Could I send you the money to order one?

I’m glad they moved the buttons and stick to the middle. The way the prototype was designed was downright abysmal.

Yes, the stick is finally centered. I am getting this shit.

so horistore doesn’t do international orders? Damn, I hope playasia gets some of these. is there any other way to get em?

Wow…you guys want to fork over $300+ w/shipping for a stick thats NEEDLESSLY honking big, will no doubt be a pain in the ass to carry around, and will NOT be any better than any other stock or custom Sanwa stick out there?

Sheesh even if it were reasonably priced i couldn’t justify something that huge. And hell if you really want a box that big, why not just take the time to BUILD your own, or have other custom box makers here build one for you, for much MUCH cheaper.

Either way you slice it, that thing is simply= FAIL.

^Let’s say I had to have a box as “NEEDLESSLY honking huge” as this new Hori, where/who would I turn to, to build me one with Hori’s plug and play, opening hinge and the overall fit and finish of a commercially made stick, all while being much MUCH cheaper?

Another thing, members often complain about sticks being too large to carry aound, but I don’t fuilly understand what they mean. If it’s too big, go buy a shitty FS3 or Madcatz SE or upgrade your Huffy to a car and carry it in your trunk and stfu. It’s kinda like the Hummer H1. Sure it’s too large and impractical for most peeps’ everyday use, so they don’t/can’t afford to buy one, but power to the people who can.

My only problem with it is that I don’t have it yet.

I wonder if NCSX will get them…

agreed i could just put a 1p panel on my hss-0130 lol

If we couldn’t get these sticks in somehow, would anyone be willing to make a case like this?

Wasn’t that thing like $400 when it came out?

Wasn’t that thing like $400 when it came out?

And…the buttons on the HSS-0130 are soldered to the PCB. That thing used to be my favorite arcade stick, until I tried to mod one…

?? Just unsolder them. That thing is cake to mod.

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@ True Grave

I guess you aren’t interested in arcade mounts?

If this thing was about 100 bucks cheaper it would be the TE killer. I want one badly but I can’t justify spending that much for a stick.

I would get it if its 150 but 300-400 is just way over the board…

Hori and MadCatz are gonna make me broke this year. Personally I blame MarkMan, because if MadCatz weren’t churning out cool new sticks, Hori would probably be releasing more color variants of HRAPs, and I already have the willpower to resist those. :cybot:

I’ve done two. And unsoldering them isn’t a HUGE deal, but it’s still considerably tougher than dealing with a Madcatz or even an HRAP. The last one I did, I just ripped everything out except the actual sticks and put in Sanwas and two Cthulus. Worked like a champ…

316 dollars is just the price before tax. I guarantee the price + shipping fee would be over 400 bucks for sure or maybe even around 500 bucks.

Gotta pick this up… Im amped!