Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

So after using the VLX for 4-straight days, I can honestly say this is hands down thee best mass produced stick I’ve ever used (& I’ve used and/or owned quite a bit of of them since I’m an OG, LOL)! Prior to the purchase, I was a bit reluctant b/c worrying about the possibility of a cheap hollow feeling & sound everytime I depress a button (this bugged me w/the HRAP3-series) however, the hollow feeling & sound on a VLX is a bit different than in a HRAP3. I dunno, perhaps it has a thicker metal/steep panel compared to a HRAP3?!? Everything about it oozes quality from the (mostly) metal/steel consruction to the convenience of opening it up (only 3 screws FTW!). I sometimes open it just to appreciate & admire the ease & simplicity of it all (to open/close) yet at the same time oogle in it’s intricacy w/everything else! I’ve got 2 sticks for SSF4/Mvc3/BB (this & a TE-S Chun-Li) & was planning on getting a V3-SA (again) also however, after using a VLX, I can’t fathom the thought of buying a V3-SA now (unless it’s dirt cheap) although I do like the side handles on it. I’m decent on SF & I don’t go to local tournaments but I can’t imagine lugging this stick around. If factoring in traveling around w/a stick then I’d choose a V3-SA due to it’s size & side handles. Only real complaints (if I had to nitpick) are the Sanwa button plugs has a somewhat rough texture (compared to my older Sanwa button plugs) & the cloth they supply’s kinda small but no big deal really.

I can’t believe the Hori travel bag’s ~$50 (w/shipping)!!! Which other bags/cases are you guys using to carry it around (or to store like myself)? It’s borderline too tall to fit in my storage ottoman so was planning on storing it in a bag/case of some sort when not in use. It’s either that or a storage ottoman for roughly the same price as the Hori bag.

I’m using the option board (not bolted to the VLX though) however, how many of you actually bolted it down to the factory screws & washers?!? Just curious…

Been rocking mine for four months now(soon to be five). Ever since then, I’ve swapped out the JLF for a a LS-56, stock OBSF for a matching set of OBSF and then now to Seimitsu PS-14-KN, dual modded and it’s been with me to every local casual and small tourneys. It would be more convenient if Hori did ship items from the USA store to Canada but they don’t so since then, I’ve been using a duffel bag that just fits for it. I’ve been using my VLX over my Qanba simply because I favor the Seimitsu buttons over the Sanwa(both stick have LS-56).

At the moment, I’ve decided to “go home or go big” with arcade sticks so I am selling my dual modded Qanba Q3 and possibly my green HRAP-EX to fund my other other “arcade rep” stick(which is basically a HSS-0130 but a black Sega City dual stick ripped out of a cab) because the VLX has inspired me to do so.

In the end, despite whatever flaws it may have(not an exact replicate in dimensions because actual Vewlix panels do not fit), it’s definitely a keeper for me.

How is the build of the VLX?, plastic?, metal?, or metal-plastic?, I will buy one of these, but before I have to investigate about this stick


Well, you have come to the right place! You have 38 pages to go through with all the info you seek! Have fun! :bgrin:

It’s mostly metal. The panel is stainless steel and there’s only plastic on the sides as far as I can tell. Really solid build… simply amazing really…worth every penny.

Now if we only had more support for custom art/mods :annoy:

Thanks for the response

Well, I think I got the ‘mod’ one down for ya. Check the Kitty thread, URL in sig.

yeah, that looks like a sick mod but i only play 360 games.

where’s the kitty LED mod? that would sell even more than a dual. :tup:

i just got a VLX, love everything about it except the button layout. anybody rewire theirs?

I agree and I did rewire mine to the TE’s button layout. I’ll probably go 6 button only once I get a plexi for this beast.

If you mean rewiring the button layout to the universal layout then yeah. Both my HRAP.EX and VLX has been rewired, just make sure you label them for future reference.

I keep mind with the stock layout. Every six button fighter supports it at least as well as the TE layout if not better, and hey, it’s labelled that way.

Who uses the PS3 VLX for more than just fighting games? I really wanna get one of these and am trying to justify the price I will pay for it because this thing is beautiful and defines the term “arcade feel”

360 is more worthwhile if you play shmups and other arcade(XBLA games).

And with the 360 you can just grab a Kitty and be golden. I hate my PS3 VLX, someday I will mod you.

I’m guessing that you have the 360 VLX? I hate it that fightsticks for the 360 have to use that weird layout, especially Hori sticks.

just curious, but has anybody successfully paired an xbox 360 wireless headset to their VLX?

You dont pair the headset with the controller. It syncs to the machine.

If youre asking if anyone uses this combo. The answer is yes, I use it almost daily.

is there a trick to it? i can’t get my wireless headset to pair then. i have the silver/black halo reach headset if it makes any difference. it auto syncs to #2 spot every time. and when clicking that button to cycle through the available spots #1 is inaccessible. it works fine with my controllers just not the vlx.

edit: just tried it with a TE stick and it works fine. still no go with the vlx.

Finally got a hold of one of these beasts: