Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

Use a screwdriver. Depress the tabs on the sides of the buttons and push up.

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AH yeah I tried that they really didn’t want to move. So the button aren’t glued on then?

The Center of the button moved but the main part of the button just stayed put and with the inside of the stick being so cramped I didn’t want to risk dislodging anything.

there are 2 moveable tabs taht need to be pushed in. push a tab, then push that side down a bit, then repeat for other tab and side.

and then there are tiny plastic nubs that are there to hold the button in.
the more you take out/place in buttons, those nubs will naturally wear down. (or you can sand them down).

Would I be better off with Screw in buttons assuming they fit

I have the same question, I owned a VLX recently, but I don´t know how buy the bag

I was just sitting here and looking at my vlx sticks and my vshg’s, and for some reason im preferring the vshg’s.

ive spent almost US $1000 on importing, the vlx’s with shipping and customs fees and I really want them to be my favourite.

im gonna buy those red qanba plugs and see if that changes anything. I think its a 6 button thing.

maybe srk vlx owners should do a survey and see how many of us would be interested in a 6 button panel, and get a custom builder to mass produce? obviously quality needs to be similar to original.

voltech could probably do it. he does metal work

You are forgetting blklighting21 actually makes metal panel replacements and the last time i checked he wanted to make vlx replacement panels he just needs the vlx stick maybe someone will be nice enough and let him borrow theirs *hint *hint.

if he is from uk then im happy to send one over, as long as tt og’s can vouch for him. but I aint sending mine over the pond…

too expensive to ship, especially both ways, and I would need to pay import fees on return to uk.

its difficult accessing all features of the site on my phone. maybe you can do one of those polls for an interest check. and if alls pukka then we can all paypal the guy 25% of his ball park figure for each panel we want as a deposit?

but it needs to be a similarly quality finish to the stock panel…

So are these still being made? cant fine the 360 one anywhere.

Not in the UK, I am cali, not sure if any of the big names will vouch for me, however i have had my thread ongoing since february and although i might take a little while getting people their panels, I am in now way here to rip people off only to offer a service to this community. I work my ass off to do so and yes i have been looking into doing panels for the vlx. In order to do this i need to either buy a case myself or be able to borrow someone elses for a period of time. I have seen the panel for the vlx and i would need to study it further to be able to really create the panels for it.

What i can tell you now is that the vlx has a stainless steel control panel(if i am not mistaken)
My panels that i currently offer are commercial grade cold rolled steel and the general consensus has been that my panels are of very good quality. They are not stainless steel which means that if you do not clear coat it, then it may rust depending on how you handle it. However once clear coated correctly it is pretty perfect.
Honestly for a control panel that is enough, stainless steel is not needed. Now,
Can i do stainless Steel?
The answer is yes however the cost would be up there as stainless steel costs a pretty penny.
In order to do stainless i would need a pretty big list IF i decided to do so.
Now if i were to make these out of CRS like my other panels. The price is reduced quite a bit.
Rough estimate is that if i am able to produce these panels I may be able to let them go at somewhere at around 35 to 45 for the crs.
If i was doing stainless steel then the cost would most likely be around $65 to $80
These are just rough estimates so dont take them as concrete, they are just to get an idea.

Now the idea of a deposit so i can buy the stick myself is not a bad idea however if i was to do something like that it would have to be after a i finished researching some of the sticks i am doing right now such as the SE because i would want to focus all of my research time to that particular stick. So if people were interested in doing something like that then a poll would not be a bad idea to start.

Take my VLX.
We meet in few weeks.

Really you would let me borrow it for a little bit

Yes, a year if you have to.

:lovin: Well people if we get to see VLX panels from me then you can thank JDM because he is the man.

Hey guys,

I’m in the UK and I’ve been trying to get my hands on a 360/PS3 version of the VLX for awhile now and I’m finding unless I pay huge shipping/import fee’s I’m not going to get it at any reasonable price. Can anyone recommend anywhere to get one from, unfortunately amazon US isn’t an option due to it not accepting my card.

im not able to do a polls from my phone, hopefully someone can set it up.

also, go for the stainless steel 6 button panel. im sure those that have a vlx will stump up then extra cash, considering then initial outlay on then stick.

plus these panels will also have a market for non vlx owners. people can add them to custom cases, or even desks or coffee table setups.

So I managed to buy a PS360 and I was wondering, how do I go about dualmodding my VLX??? Help please >_<

Is the V3 better than the FS3?
I already have a TE for my PS3, but want another cheap smaller PS3 stick.
Not if it is as cheap as FS3 though.:rofl:

I´d like to buy one for my XBOX360. Do you know where can i do it?
Some one it´s think to sell one?

I´ve seen one in amazon for PS3 (300$) and may be the solution…but i need to play it in xbox.

any simple idea for a non expiremented gamer?

thx from spain :slight_smile:

Need a little bit of help here, have had my PS3 VLX for a while and I’ve noticed that sometimes I seem to be getting MP+MK triggering when playing and MP+HP as well. This might be due to the fact that I slam on this thing when I’m playing AE possibly. Also, the plastic underneath the button switches, one of them has looked like it just started to slide off exposing the metal portion of the stick. Anything I can do to fix this or any solutions? Greatly appreciated. Thanks.