Official Impact Clash 3 Redemption Full Results!

What an excellent event! I had a great time with you guys. Team Kaptial came through to show us how it’s done. We got an shot at playing Street Fighter IV. Red Bull came through and handed out free drinks. Shots out to Konsole Kingz for providing us with several of those flat screen high def televisions to play Street Fighter IV in all it’s glory in. Shots out to Team Kapital coming and giving GA an exclusive. Team Kapital and myself all were interviewed by Konsole Kingz. Make sure to keep an eye on their IGN channel to see what’s up with both of our interviews! And now without further waiting, the results! I am only posting the top eight. And remember GA, we have a new form of hype just now created at this tournament! That hype is called 1 on 1 government. Come out to the next Impact Clash IV to find out just why it’s so hype! :slight_smile: See you guys all at final round.

The following results are top 8:

Tatsunko vs. Capcom

1: Justin Wong
2: Eric V
3: Perfect Sin
4: Eric Jeffries
5: t bear
5: Lebron
7: George
7: Eddie Mu

Super Street Fighter Turbo

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Raph
  3. MPR
  4. Ernesto
  5. Shinblanka
  6. Kiyoki
  7. Return of Shiki
  8. Andrew

King of Fighters XI

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Blaze
  3. Return of Shiki
  4. John Shen
  5. MetalMike
  6. Dark light
  7. DQed

Capcom Vs SNK 2

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Eric V
  3. Drew
  4. Eric Jefferies
  5. Marty Osberne
  6. Shiki

Street Fighter III: Third Strike

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Eric V.
  3. Michael
  4. Sora
  5. Trey
  6. Your Master
  7. Ralph
  8. Earnesto

Guilty Gear Accent Core

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Kiyoki
  3. Pimpjuice
  4. Blaze
  5. Doggy Samich
  6. Sora
  7. Elliot
  8. Dre

Soul Calibur IV

  1. JTO
  2. Big Boi
  3. Jeremy
  4. Cory
  5. DoggySammich
  6. Philip
  7. Dre

Tekken 5: Dark Resurretion

  1. Pokchop
  2. Mr. Atl
  3. Justin Wong
  4. Day Fi
  5. Kiyoki
  6. Olajuwon

Classic Street Fighter Super Turbo

1: Justin Wong
2: Ernesto Garibay
3: Raph
4: MPR
5: Ray R
5: David Toler
7: Eric Jeffries
7: Kiyoki
9: Brandon Williams
9: Ben Lester

Street Fighter IV Singles

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Eric V
  3. Perfect Sin
  4. Charles Hilton
  5. DAvid Toler
  6. Ernest Garibay
  7. Earwig
    7 Your Master

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Pokchop
  3. Zack Gill
  4. Eric Jefferies
  5. Eddie Mu
  6. Sora Amington
  7. Kiyoki
  8. Kevin Turner

Super Smash Bros: Brawl

1: Reflex [Wario, Pokemon Trainer]
2: Hrnut [Snake, Meta Knight]
3: GDX [Diddy Kong, Mr. Game and Watch]
4: Rx- [Meta Knight, ROB]
5: Biglou [Luigi]
5: Will_ [Meta Knight, Donkey Kong, Ness]
7: Desu [Meta Knight, King Dedede]
7: Kismet [Falco]

Arcana Heart

  1. Justin Wong
  2. Eric Jefferies
  3. Return of Shiki
  4. Randy Prince
  5. StyleTime
  6. Marty Osborne
  7. Nekohime

And lastly my shoutouts.

Larry for coming through and running the ST brackets brilliantly!

Team Kapital for coming through and support the tournament and also giving us a huge exclusive!

Alex for stepping up and taking over the Soul Calibur IV brackets.

Game Dragon X for fully taking care of Brawl and running it without my help at all.

Justin Wong for stepping up and helping me DQ everyone who wasn’t showing up to their games to get the tournament running much, much faster.

Metalmike for coming through and running the Third Strike brackets and supporting us.

Bananas for being there mad early, bringing your setup of TVC, and over all being a great help at the tournament.

Return of Shiki for running so many tournaments at once and also helping promote some of the smaller tournaments as well. The SNK scene needs some love too. :slight_smile:

And for anyone else I missed I am sorry. I slept about three hours tops within the span of two days. I slept in the room and woke up three hours later to finish up the tournament. It was fun; we had free Red Bull so it kept me up! I’d love to do it again sometime. See you guys in April. Make sure to be on the look out for IC4. However, know that many games will probably be dropped so that we can run the tournament faster and smoother. Unfortunately, it’s a move that has to be done for the greater good of the tournament. Expect about half of the games on the roster next time.

The GGXX AC list - Kiyoki got second, and Pimpjuice got third. Kiyoki fought JWong in the finals: [media=youtube]P3uQhPqeAEM&feature=PlayList&p=363F6535DA7A984C&index=45[/media]

The rest of it looks right.

“And remember GA, we have a new form of hype just now created at this tournament! That hype is called 1 on 1 government. Come out to the next Impact Clash to find out just why it’s so hype! :slight_smile: See you guys all at final round.”

Squirrel Hat is the shit, bottom line. Also a Bball tourney with white kids in it? Crazy crazy crazy. You gotta be there lol

Good job fellow Kapital members!

About the whole Akuma banning thing. I was told he was still very unbalanced and still far from tournament play so that was the only reason he was banned. No one else told me other wise. Had I know he was tournament playable I would’ve definitely let him be played.

were is that sf4 footage when they first set up to play matches?im most def going to ic4! wanton let me see that footage i recorded for you.thanks

Big thanks for holding the tournament.

Only real suggestion I can give is to see if you can avoid holding all your biggest games on one day. I’ve mentioned this to you already, so it’s nothing new. Regardless, I had fun. Now, the only thing to wait for is to see what the official info for IC4 is :tup:.

(See you all at FR.)

Good shit to Nick (YourMaster) for doing so well in 3S and SF4. First time touching the game!!! Makes me jealous I didn’t come.

Also, Eric V sucks at games.

Yeah I do!

Luv u Face!!!

Bring Majors to Sinsation plz!!

good shit Free

Alotta fun, just wished more people woulda entered in CVS2

Hey this is Alex, Helped run the SC4 and SF3S Tournaments. Just signed up… This was the first tournament for fighting games I’ve attended. Pretty fun. Shouts to everyone that was cool.

I had fun. Wish I could have played more sf4, but all in all I had a good time at IC3. Good to see eric v. and justin.:tup: Bad to see justin my every bracket in the 3rd round!:wasted::razz::sleep: Hopefully I can be a better challenge at FR12 once I get to practice the stuff you showed me with blanka J. That shit was nasty! :wow:

street fighter 4 charles hilton should be Pimpjuice my name is charles hinton

Bartlett’s house = Tatsunoko Time Chamber

I wish I could have been there to see ATL try to deal with Ippatsuman. :rofl:

i wish i could have played in the 3s tourney…really wanted to play against justin but oh well…there’s always next time if he shows up. OMG and i wanted to play more SFIV. I only got to play twice. Props to you Mag for making this IC more enjoyable

Twas alot of fun. I see my name got jacked up every which way under the sun.

Just means i gotta get better so people remember it. >.>


coming through in the clutch in ST

wish I came now, woud’ve been worth it to see you place so high

This was the first IC I could make it too, and I have to admit it was a very nice venue. The room was huge and had an awesome projector+spectator setup in the middle of the room…which wasn’t utilized unfortunately. Hopefully next time we’'ll be able to make more use of the resources.

Anyways, it was great to see JWong again, and to meet Sin and Eric V. Big props for lugging down the SFIV setup, I’m sure everyone is even more hyped now.

HDR=HONDA-FEST!!! Raph had his work cut out for him to get through all those hondas with Gief. Grats on 2nd Raph, u better qualify for EVO at FR, i will definitely donate to get you there.

GGs to Kajoq for showing me some high level Claw, hope to get some more games in with you when i get my 360.

And shout out to Larry for all the SHOUTING AT ME:annoy::annoy::annoy:!!! I think Larry just enjoyed scaring the crap outta me :rofl:


M.E. Red ATL, I better not have to play you again at FR haha, your defense just boggles my mind, grats on winning

I was one freaking round away from putting JWong out of tekken, yet no one watched except Raph haha


PimpJuice, ggz man, i’m sure you’ll get your shot at justin at FR

DogySamich, nice job hustlin me, i thought you were a scrub complaining about me using a stick, then you bust out frc dolphins into loops for all my lifes :sweat: Those were great matches

Jwong: screw pot and his stupid guts, i couldn’t seem to finish all those matches when i had you at no life!!! glad i at least made you work for the win, I need to go back to lab on GG.

<3 to everyone else, this was a cool tourney just cuz of all the cool people

See ya at FR!!!

I dealt pretty well with him because I put Perfect Sin in losers with Doronjo/Morrigan. He had trouble dealing with Doronjo lol. But he beat me for 3rd/4th when we played again in losers.