Official Impact Clash IV Deliverance Full Results Thread

I never expected so many people to show up to this event! I had a blast and you can bet that the streaming will continue to be a staple in future events. I have to give Eddie (Bananas), Metalmike, and Kiyoki a shout out for helping me run some brackets! Had a very good time and it was nice being around you all. Now, if I can only get more setups for SFIV next time.

Street Fighter IV:

2: Jay (Augusta)
3: Kiyo (Augusta)
4: JTO (ATL)
5: Don Kim (Augusta)
7: Rashid (Savannah)
7: June (ATL)
9: Omnislash(ATL)
9: MPR (ATL)
9: RogZombie[DJ Homme] (Augusta)
13: Big Man
13: Madara Itachi (ATL
13: Jason L
13: Druseph (Augusta)
17: Chris Lee
17: LTrav2k
17: Sinestro
17: Billy Two Moons
17: Alphonzo (Florida)
17: Marty Osbourne[Nanaya Shiki?]
17: Kidd (Augusta)
17: Ben Lester
25: Chris Green
25: Victor Y
25: IceDragon
25: Vincent Y
25: Whizzle Croff
25: Re0x
25: Casey Rick (Augusta)
25: Eddie[Bananas] (Atl)
33: Chris Barnes
33: BK
33: Joshua Williams
33: Xybur
33: Rahsaan Walker
33: As.I.Lay.Dying69
33: Strongy
33: CoosCoos (Augusta)
33: Jhon (Augusta)
33: William Roth
33: Jacob Tyndall
33: IceCoffee
33: Eric McKenna (Savannah)
33: A/C Current
33: Isaac Green
33: Cornel
49: Avatar 2
49: Spud
49: MetalMike (ATL)
49: STD
49: Xif
49: Antoine
49: Antonio Watson (Savannah)
49: Dark Knight
49: Juice (ATL)
49: Kevin Stephens
49: Donald Amaechi
49: Remy
49: Kevin Turner
49: Truck Davis
49: Brandon (Florida)
49: Caleb
65: Exco
65: Cordell Estra
65: AwesomeSauce (Augusta LOL)

King of Fighters XI:

1: Blaze ($17.50)
2: Mr Kof ($5.00)
3: Mole ($2.50)
4: Metal Mike
5: Michael Hollis

Guilty Gear AC
1: Ben Lester ($24.50)
2: KiyokiMSG ($7.00)
3: Ben/Lux ($3.50)
4: Caleb
5: Tonku
5: ReOX
7: Michael Hollis

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

1: Skitz ($63.00)
2: Eddie ($18.00)
3: Pokchop ($9.00)
4: Madara Itachi
5: Andrew
5: Zach
7: As.I.Lay.Dying69
7: Tri
9: Jhon

Street Fighter III: Third Strike

1: Alphonzo ($31.50)
2: Cornel ($9.00)
3: Madara Itachi ($4.50)
4: Metal Mike
5: Juice
5: Chris Lee
7: ReOX
7: As.I.Lay.Dying69
9: Brandon

I will post up HD Remix brackets as soon as I get them back from my friend. Hope to see you all at Atlanta Revival! It’s a new monthly tournament series I’ve started which will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA (Where the first two Impact Clash were held.) I figure I should take step back and try running smaller tournaments to learn how to make my larger ones better. It will only have three games (HD Remix, SFIV, Soul Calibur IV and Brawl). It will be accessible to everyone who rides by train, bus, etc. I hope to see you all there. It will be May 30th.

Here’s the Atlanta Revival thread:

aug represent :smiley:

The UStream was definitely awesome, i couldnt come due to school, but it was great to be able to see my friends play their matches online, definitely an awesome feature, hopefully i’ll be able to make the next IC, speaking of which, when is the next Impact Clash?

Damn my homie Don Kim even made it up? Good shit to AUG. Stream was tight too.

:lol: @ two threads.

great! How many people showed up for Marvel and 3s? And good shit on starting a monthly and bringing it back to downtown Atlanta Mags

Awesome!! This tournament was fun! I’m glad just about every good player from Augusta, including myslef, were able to show up Saturday, and we represented well!! Ha, we need to get J an SRK account!!:rofl:
Good games from everyone and hope to see you guys in the next tourney or if you ever happen to be passing through the AUG!
And “no, this tourney wouldn’t be different on X-Box” … (personal hatemail)

By the way, big shout-out to Awesomesauce for getting last place!! (he’s my brother and just wanted to see how good he’d do… yea, not so good, haha)

I just want to thank everyone for the great time especially the atl crew when I yelled out 5v5 anyone vs aug LOL. But hit me up , I’ll be in my chamber practicing my rog!

I had a lot of fun; thanks for holding it. I’ll be working on getting the handful of 1 on 1 Government matches uploaded in the next few days. I need to get a bigger memory card for my camera so I can take more video next time.

Big ups to everybody. I’ma be at Atlanta Revival for sure.

Atlanta Revival thread posted up!

I really enjoyed watching the live stream from home. Props to everyone I know. :stuck_out_tongue: Double props to Cooscoos and Kiyo for commentary. :]

Kiyo! Sorry I had to go. I tried to sweat that sick out of me! I know I would have done a lot better if I wasn’t sick. I’ll be in the A for next Impact though (not really confirmed but that’s what I’m shooting for). Hopefully I won’t eat bad food next time or w/e the fuck made me sick won’t happen again lol.

Eric McKenna

Yo! Good shit Raph and Deric. Good to see Gump Town reppin they shit. Really wish i coulda went. Time to get back on the grind yall.

So… Who was the immature kid that put a hole in my wall?

Mag, are you going to pay for the repair bill?

Stop saying my Viper is solid. It’s garbage lol.

Anyway, I wanted to apologize about my behavior after my loss. Just because I suck and I have bipolar disorder doesn’t give me an excuse to act like I did.

So I probably won’t enter anymore tournies till I can get my temper in check.

And really, my viper sucks. Stop giving me credit.

So… Who was the immature kid that put a hole in my wall?

I put the 1 on 1 Government matches I could salvage up on my YouTube channel. Unfortunately, I was constantly running out of space on my card, and this included cutting short my video of grand finals (Reflex ended up winning). If people actually want it (I can’t imagine they would), I’ll upload what I have from grand finals.

Where was the hole located? Maybe you can pinpoint was game was being run there?

shitton of fun! Yayhuzz!

1o1G! Yayhuzz!
Playin a buncha that good good (except horribrawl)! Yayhuzz!
Already seein vids of niggas jankin on my tv! … LOL! XD

T’was alot of fun though.