Official iPhone/iPod Touch SF4 Thread!


SF4 of iPhone and iPod Touch is a fun time! Characters, trials, vs, arcade, supers, ultras, and more! Talk about it all here!


Game is fun. Zangief is lol with walk up ultra. Viper can FFF which is awesome. Guile can FK FADC Ultra or EX FK. Amount of charge time when letting go of your charge seems to be just as long for specials as supers/ultras, meaning you can do stuff like dash forward sonic boom. You can dash with down charge by holding F and going D/F. I’m pretty sure every move has the same Juggle Potential as super, except I think guile’s ultra and ken’s ultra does full ultra off an srk fadc.

I’ve S-Ranked every trial so feel free to ask me for tips. Sim combo 3 (mighta been 4) and Viper vs Abel’s wheel kick were both very annoying.


I love this game! It’s one of my faves on the iPhone. And I’m really glad to see Capcom supporting it as well as they have. The one thing I’d like to see is have them figure out some way to allow online matchplay, and I think this game’d be perfect.

I’m trying to pick up Abel and Viper as I’ve been traditionally a Ken player, but I’ve been branching out a lot more on some of the other SF games I play and starting to main more non-Shoto characters. I need to really get with it though. I haven’t been playing it much lately.


Bump. Who’s still playing this and how is it going?


I still play it from time to time. I would absolutely love to see some combo vids done exclusively from the iphone version. lol


New update just came out the other day. Sagat and DeeJay added as well as three new stages, and Game Center support!

I’m wondering if there’ll be another way to unlock DeeJay as you have to play three Versus fights in order to unlock him and I don’t know anyone else who has this game. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s also a challenge feature so that people can challenge you while you’re playing arcade, sparring, or training modes too! Unfortunately it looks like it’s a local-only feature.

Still, it’s great that they’re updating this regularly. Capcom’s done a great job supporting their iPhone titles.


They only added two new stages

exciting street scene and skyscraper under construction


They’ve only added two in previous updates if I remember right.

Still, they’ve done a good job with updating it. Still hoping for netplay though. THat’d be worth it’s weight in gold, and if they can do it with FPS’s on the iPhone I don’t see why they couldn’t do it with SF4.



im surprised at how hard it is to find info on the iphone version of this great game
any website specialized?
have any idea where i can find replays to watch the pros play?


Nah but it’s not hard to play this game… If you know your BnBs from vanilla…

Also I got Dee Jay. EX Machine Gun to Ultra does HOLY SHIT damage


Hopefully getting Dee Jay today. Is machine gun upper not a charge move? Cause in the trials the cpu walks up and does cr.strong xx machine gun upper.


MGU is just tap P or SP repeatedly

After EX MGU you can EX(or normal) Dread Kicks, EX (or normal)Max Out, EX(or normal) Upkicks, or Ultra.

And his back+P is a launcher on counterhit so you can Ultra or Super after that.

The only shitty thing is Dee Jay does tiny damage. I can normally clear arcade mode on Hard mode in 7-8 minutes, but with Dee Jay it takes like 12 minutes.


thanks for the vids!
tho have to say the best char for combos seems to be ryu… by far!


update tonight! They’ve made it possible to unlock Dee Jay without multiplayer. It’s still kind of a hassle, but hey, at least they’re paying attention.


why the hell do they make it such a pain in the ass?? :stuck_out_tongue:
u guys think they will release SSFIV?


The addition of DeeJay is kind of blending the lines between vanilla and Super. But I’m glad they made it possible to unlock him without having to play Versus. I’m still hoping we’ll get to play Vs. online via GameCenter. What’s the whole CHallenge Accept thing for anyway? Is it for local games?


Bump. What’s the deal with the speed in this game? My bro, who’s an SSF4 player swears this game plays faster than ssf4 does. I don’t have ssf4, can
anyone confirm or deny? I think this game plays at a pretty good speed but I hear a lot of folks complain about how slow sf4 is in general.


Yeah, it seems like this has become it’s own beast of SFIV iOS. Looks like they left slots to add at least two more characters. I would love to see some of the new-to-the-franchies characters on there. If the rumors of Akuma from way back are true, I would lobby hard for Rufus to fill that last spot (Hakan would actually be even better :slight_smile: but I don’t know if the iDevice hardware could handle all of the oiling mechanics.). He’s got a following, and none of his moves stand out as something that would be any more complicated than what’s already in the game.


Tbh, I hope they put in a couple more new characters. As much as i like the old school guys, it’d be nice to have more than Abel and Viper in iFighter4.