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Reposting Fallen Angels most recent transcript of the page, so that we have something relevant to begin discussion from:

This is as of 08/28/09
Today’s update (yeah, I found some time again so why not?)

Shiowaza comments about how everyone is asking for news about the next installment. She says she can’t comment right but please “don’t hate Ono san and me for teasing” . TGS can’t come soon enough.

Today’s post is about SF4’s back story. We all know that fighters= no story but whatever. Nothing new here if you already finished the game with everyone and /or read the comics/watched the anime.

Some early concept logos for the Sin organization are posted. Go check them out if you’re curious.

Another only-for-fans thing is the relationship chart, located here (pdf)

This is very common in Asian dramas, it shows how all the characters are related to each other. Who loves who, who hates who,etc. It’s usually divided in group of characters. This one’s too, we have the “shadaloo group”, “the incubator project group”, “the fighter’s world tournament group”,etc. Go check it out if you’re into that.

That’s all I have for today.

Anyone want to try to translate the chart?

It’s sad that the other thread had to be closed. Try to keep it civil in this one, plenty of other threads available for raging,trolling etc.

Kenuran: I can translate it. I just don’t wanna mess with trying to reproduce all those boxes. If I can edit the pdf in some simple way I may do it. Not a lot of info there, black lines are friends or neutral relationships, red ones are enemies.

Not a lot of info though, for example there is this blue box on the bottom left, that one has all the “shotos”:

Gouken ----------disciple----------- > Ryu
--------------------disciple-----------> Ken

There should be a red line connecting Ryu with Gouki imho, but whatever.

Translated plot diagram:

Should be mostly accurate, although there was one part where I wasn’t sure of the translation, it has question marks there.

Using my crappy Japanese katakana skills, that part up by Seth seems to say “living incubator”.

In the translated version it just says “Bison’s Plan”…

Lol, at the scrub throw away characters with no connections to anyone. It’s okay Zangief. We still love you.

I usually don’t bother reading/translating unless there’s news of substance.

If there’s more interest though I could try to help out more.

That’s right,it should be something like the “living incubator” project. Eventhubs version seems good enough.

Whats the deal with seth #15 and #21?

Far be it; 4+ mistakes and I stopped counting after that.

Same here over on you-know-where, it’s only Shiozawa-san’s personal take on SF4 (everything: the game, the anime, the comics all rolled into one) and not an official chart such as say the ones in Eternal.

If you like the “garbage in garbage out” format, sure. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it was a lazy job “converting” what Shiozawa-san produced on her own.

#21’s the body who got choked in Seth’s ending.

new post, someone please translate:

[12:01] <AquaSharK>
[12:01] <AquaSharK> omg she’s holding a V sign next to a SF4 poster
[12:01] <AquaSharK> that means SF4 part 2 or SF5
[12:01] <AquaSharK> !!111one
[12:01] <AquaSharK> amirite [or just hopelessly paranoid?]

The post isn’t written by the usual author, but a guest. The peace sign is just what Japanese people do in pictures. Nothing special.


Towards the end, she says…

Now let the speculation fly.

If this is released as another disc, I will most likely not be playing SFIV anymore. If it’s DLC I’m all over that!


I guess we will know very shortly either way…

TGS is coming very soon, even though we might not even hear about the characters rumored to be on Dash, we will hear something big :]

The eventhubs chart is pretty interesting. Fun to read. Although you guys did say it has some faults hm. I don’t see a lot myself but I know nothing about it.

And awesome post, hope it gets official soon

P.S I want that street fighter hat > :

Well considering 2 topics on the specific characters “possibly” being added to dash have been removed by shoryukens “forum zar” we have a really good idea of who’s going to be added.

Rumor is 10 characters ala’

haha I tried not mentioning the amount of possible chars cause I don’t want this thread to be closed. I’m just saying, big news is coming soon :smiley: