OFFICIAL Kaillera handles

I’m going to try a thread for the benefit of the newer players (or those like myself who just don’t know). Post your handle, and if you’d like, what games you can usually be found playing. I’ll try to update this post to include everyones on a semi regular basis.

fatherbrain ST, MK2, UMK3, a little breakers, and the occasional random game. Also thinking about maybe starting up a tecmo bowl league on SNES sometime.

Post away y’all


1)fatherbrain/fatherbrain- ST, MK2, UMK3, a little breakers, and the occasional random game

2)MagnetoManiac/MagnetoManiac- MVC, XVSF, MSH, X MEN COTA, ST, 3S, MSH VS SF, MK2, just about anything really.

3)Ramza126/Ramza126- 3S,ST,Alpha 3.

4)Luckychrono777/Lucky- A2,A3 and 3s

5)Louie/Louie- ST,3s,hsf2, sf2ce

6)R o c k L e e/ Mlaw3k- ST, HSF2, 3s, A3, LB2, JoJo

7)SF3LP/ Nica K.O- 3s,ST, A3

8)Karasu/.krsu- Vampire Savior 1/2, MvsSF, XvsSF, SFZ2A, SSFIIT, COTA, MSH, KoF

9)Plutoburn/ Plutoburn or Bada Bing!- 3S only for now…

10)Dragonfave723/ Zooropa Baby- SF3 series, SF2:HF, ST, Hyper SF, SFA1 and A2

11)Rob2_0/Rob2_0- MVC, XVSF, MSHvsSF st a3 vas2 ffspecial and rbffspecial

12)MaDWaK/MOOK- umk3, 3s, mvc, mkII, mabye some ST

13)Logos/ Logos- ST, 3S, LB2, Garou

14)Barky/ Barky- 3s

15)RushedDown/ RushedDown- just about everything

16)dropthesky/ dropthesky or Monster Zero- 3s only really, and metal slugs

17)pdk/ pdk- kof98/02

18)dbostick/dbostick- A3, VS 1/2, ST, HSF2, SF2CE, MK2

19)bushin kid/ Bushin Kid- ST, A3

20)DRCsyntax/ Syntax- MvC,A3, 3s

21)jswey/ jswey(SRK)- st, umk3, 3s

22)JedahsMinistry/ [| -Battousai- |]- XMCOTA, VS1/2, Vampire Hunter, Asura Blade/Buster, maybe something random.

23)DeadlyRave-Neo/ DeadlyRave-Neo - realbout 2, realbout special,super turbo,jojo’s,x-men=cota,marvel superheroes,fatal fury special

24)Callmeanewb/CMaN- HF/ST mostly. A2 on GGPO

25)Tea/ Kicks- 3s, used to play VS and Garou

26)Chi-Rithy/ nataku- 3s and st

27)Supreme/ Supreme- 3rd Strike, MSH, MVC, Xmen vs SF

28)Phobos/Phobos- St,3s,XmvsSF,a2 ggpo,A3,

29)Tiberious/Tiberious- Super Turbo, Hyper SF2, Third Strike (poorly).

30)MaybeMemories/Anti-Girl- 3s

31)x0scorpion0x/.)-rN-(`. -MVC, XvS, MshvsSf, Kof2k2, A3, and Umk… my best is kof2k2… but im geting better at mvc…

32)mug3n999/mug3n999- 3S, Last Blade 2, Garou, SFA3, JoJo 1&2, Vampire Savior/Hunter 2 and still growing

33)blood_dancer/Blood Dancer or Ace of Spades- 3s and X men vs SF

34)Hugo 101/ Ryuto or Hugo 101- dam near every fighting game, u name it. Even the crappy ones, i love em

35)thrust07/thrust07- Focusing on ST right now

36)Dr.G-Funk 94’/Dr. G-Funk- Fatal Fury Special, a little ST, Breakers Revenge, KOF '96, '98, '00, ‘02, and Lots of ol’ skool games

37)Sanjuro_The_Ronin/ Sanjuro- SFII series, Karnov’s Revenge aka Fighters History Dynamite, KOF '96 & 98, Alpha series, Samurai Shodown 1&2, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout 1 & 2, X-Men COTA, Vampire Hunter and Savior, World Heros 1 & 2 Jet, NBA Jam & Neo-Geo Cup 98 (LOL)

Kawaks: Samurai Shodown 1,2,4, & 5 Special, KOF 95, and World Heroes Perfect.

38)ST Vega/ Vega- ST and 3s

39)TheKimura/T-/<imura -MvC, MSH, XvSF, 3S, and a little ST mainly… i play some random games like U.S. Volleyball Championship, and Football Champ from time to time.

40)erikstanton/erixxx- street fighter triple.

41)SoSDaGraySole/Sole- Third Strike,ST II Turbo,Marvel Vs Capcom,Alpha 3,Last Blade 2,Garou
Super Puzzle Fighter II turbo,Super Gem Fighter,Xmen vs Sf,Bomberman,Twinklestar Sprites

42)BustaBust/BustaBust,bst(or xbst)- 3rd strike

43)Gouki7/Gouki7- Mainly just 3s

44)Frantastic23/Frantastic23- Mostly 3s but i play rockman 2: power fighter

45)Sex)packets/Sex_packets- 3s

46)sloan/sloan- 3s

47)Bedfast Emperor/Bedfast- 3s

48)krask/krask- mvsf,msh,mvsc,sf2t,sfa,kof2k and 3s
or a beatem up if im bored

49)mr.hadoken/solbadguy012002- Xmen/sf

50)BlaQ/ BlaQ (SRK)- Threes!

51)Dynamowolf/Dynamowolf- From Super Play Action Football to SFIII. Anything but MOTW.

52)djnocturnal/Angel- SFA3

53)-WiL-/ Wilmaster or [<o>][<o>] - ???

54)Spectre7/Spectre7- 3s

55)abstyles20/A.B styles- xmvsf, 3s everynow and then, and A3

56)The Furious One/ Furious Keys- Super Turbo

57)Joey Crack/Joey Crack- 3s and ST on p2p(why do I play any other way is beyonf me)

58)ThisGuileKillYa/SnackCakes (GM)- ST,3s, A3, VS, UMK3, XvSF, KOF2K2

59)Barsx101/Barsx101- Third Strike and 2nd impact

60)djfrijoles/djfrijoles- st, mk2

61)Jonathan Ingram/ ST,3s, Any Marvel vs

62)Eman157/eman- playing 3s

  1. LWK/LWK- 3s, Kof 98, Kof 2002

64)Hawk/ Hawk (SRK)- 3s,A3, 2k2, and super gem fighter

65)The Epidemic/The Epidemic- 3s

66)NNNN/NNNN- 3s , ST, Xmvsf, Vampire savior online.

67)BaSi_TeKniK/BaSiK TeKniK- vampire savior

68)EvilSamurai/EvilSamurai- ST and VS

69)Yeah Dood 120%/Yeah Dood 120%- 3s

70)Shim Sang Joon/ shim dk - 3s

71)Kenta Kobashi/ Shishioh- Anything SNK related save for Garou and 2k2,Any VS Game from Capcom including MSH and X-Men COTA and ANYTHING Random

  1. Dark Shinkuu/ Dark Shinkuu- 3s

73)Fudd/Player 2- ST

74)alien nose job/ ( - )- 3s

75)Len Momono/Len Momono- 3s,LB2,ST,HSF2,Alpha3,KOF98,UMK3,MK2 and SF2CE

76)Angelic Diablo/ Nagata Lock II- 3s,A3, ST, MOTW

77)Sephiroth73003/ Chase Lewis- 3s

78)nothing/downthesun- 3s

79)DIMMU SAKURABA/DIMMU SAKURABA- 3rd Strike. Double Impact, Puzzle De Pon

80)himmel/himmel- ST and VS

  1. ChiSin 3S, mvc, A3, SF2CE

  2. Silks - ST and 3s mainly, maybe some sf2hf for shits :slight_smile:

  3. Sev - SF2CE, 3s, Vampire Saviour

  4. KaKa Strictly Street Fighter II ST/HF/CE

  5. 3s mainly, but a little A3 from time to time.


MVC, XVSF, MSH, X MEN COTA, ST, 3S, MSH VS SF, MK2, just about anything really.


3S,ST,Alpha 3.


A2,A3 and 3S


ST, 3s, hsf2, sf2ce


ST, HSF2, 3S, A3, LB2, JoJo

Nica K.O

3s, ST, A3


Vampire Savior 1/2, MvsSF, XvsSF, SFZ2A, SSFIIT, COTA, MSH, KoF

Either Plutoburn or Bada Bing!

3S only for now…

Zooropa Baby

SF3 series, SF2:HF, ST, Hyper SF, SFA1 and A2


MVC, XVSF, MSHvsSF st a3 vas2 ffspecial and rbffspecial

you down for some matches just pm yo

my handle: MOOK o.0

games: umk3, 3s, mvc, mkII, mabye some ST


ST, 3S, LB2, Garou




just about everything

I wonder if its okay if I have 2 :S

dropthesky and Monster Zero at times

3s only really, and metal slugs ^^

pdk, kof98/02 (i play stuff like super turbo once in a while too but since my stick needs replaced 5/6-button games will have to wait for now)


A3, VS 1/2, ST, HSF2, SF2CE, MK2

Bushin Kid

(Will download XVSF and Garou upon a challenge, but I no longer pursue either game)