Official Kei? Saturn/SNES to Playstation/360/Supergun converter thread


This is the official thread for Kei? console converters. Kei? is my new “brand” - as I develop more stuff I thought it might be a good idea to have one :slight_smile: Kei? is pronounced KO, as in Knock Out.

Main web site:

Now with simplified description >_<

Currently there are two types of converter:

SAT>PSX: Saturn to Playstation/360
SNES>PSX: SNES to Playstation/360

Saturn and SNES to Supergun/NeoGeo are also in the works. Converters are available fully assembled and tested or as a kit.

Download the manual:


Converts an ordinary digital Saturn gamepad into a digital Playstation pad. As well as being compatible with the Playstation 1/2 it is compatible with most other converters, allowing it to be used on Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii/GC etc.

It goes without saying that there is no lag.

An optional tournament mode disables the start button. See the manual for full details.

Button mappings for many popular games built in, ideal for vs. play where you don’t want to spend time re-configuring the game.

Start+A = Start
Start+B = Select
Start+C = PS Home (Start+Select+Up)

Custom button mapping

Choose your own button mapping. For example, Kyle requested the following:

Contact me for further details.


Converts a SNES pad to a digital Playstation pad. As with the SAT>PSX it is compatible with converters so can also be used with PS3/360/Wii/GC etc. Again, no lag.

The converter also supports NES pads with suitable wiring. If people want NES versions I’ll see if I can find some connectors and make a few.


You can buy a converter from right now.

SAT>PSX adapters are 20.
SNES>PSX adapters are 22.50

Shipping within the UK is 2.95, the rest of the world is 3.95.

I can also supply Playstation to 360 converters that are guaranteed 100% compatible and no lag for 7.50 each. For reference the one I recommend looks like this:

I have also tested with an Elecom JC-PS101USV (USB), a DC Connect 3-in-1 (Dreamcast) and a “no name” PSX+N64converter model KK-PC2004 (USB). I even tried a few no-name 360 converters (which all seem to be pretty much the same inside). All converters which support digital Playstation controllers should work.

Many thanks to zeetes for getting the whole thing started! Thanks also to all the beta testers, especially Truckasaurus.

Thought it has something to do with a sega cd game for some reason. I got this game in my collection, but my Sega CD broke years ago.

Awesome, just 2 more weeks to go! Thanks for all your work into this Mojo!

I’m looking forward to your work mojochan! Also, I never got to post back again, but your Virtual On button mapping is spot on perfect! :tup:

i’m so excited, i just can’t hide it.

Wow, I will indeed look forward to getting the Model X just so I can actually play VOOT on my Xbox 360. I wonder if you are going to make an announcement at since it consists of Virtual On players?

Stupid Hori and their $300 VOOT controller…

Saturn Virtua stick and this combo will definitely be cheaper. Can’t beat my quick shot sticks on cheapness though.

Interesting :wink: Kei? can mean quite a few things in Japanese, but my original inspiration was when I was planning a trip on the JR Kei? line in Tokyo. It never really occurred to me that it sounds like “KO” until I started looking at random kanji in an attempt to think of something.

Thanks for the link, I’ll post there come January. The Virtua On mapping is free, BTW :slight_smile:

sounds great, I’ll wait for more info with a ton of anticipation!

I’m about to lose control and I think I like it! :party:

Woah Woah Yea, yea, yeaaaa !

This looks awesome mojochan. :lovin:

Although, I’m not sure I understand the difference between Type A and type X of the Saturn> PSX converter.

If I decided to go with Type X how would I make custom mappings ?
Although I would more than likely only ever use the config A (SF) anyway…

Then, say if I pressed A (for SF config)

That’s it…?

Q: Does the Type X have a double bank for the configs or something…
ie: Type A = A/B/C/X/Y/Z
Type X = A1/B1/C1/X1/Y1/Z1/A2/B2/C2/X2/Y2/Z2

And you flash the presets in before selling ?
Or can the end user actually edit there own config ?

If it is double banks, then a strange (but possibly useful) config I would like to suggest would be:
A = square
B = cross
C = circle
X = L1
Y = Triangle
Z = R1
L = L2
R = R2
Start/select = Start

I def want one.
Thanks so much for making this :slight_smile:

Yes… It has become apparent that my explanation is highly confusing >_<

I will simplify it in a moment.

Just send me a PM with what you want and I’ll program it for you. I just need to know what each button maps to and if you want it to be a Type B (fixed mapping) or a Type A (in which case which mapping do you want to replace?)


I did buy with that idea but it would make things quite a bit more complicated and expensive. I am still thinking about it for the SUPERPLAY, but if I do it then it will most likely be via a PC.

Interesting and as you say weird, but I can see the logic behind it. Of course, most games let you re-configure the buttons anyway but the idea is that you can just plug in and play most games. That mapping is definitely doable if you want it.

Would a Cthulu board (using the PS2 contacts, RJ45) be likely to work with this on a 360?

Ahh. Thanks for explaining that boss.

@SGGG2 -

I assume that the MC cthulhu would be fine with the 360 adapter :wink:

@mojochan - Lots of people will be so glad to see this solution.

Great work man :slight_smile:
I Sent you a PM

I responded in the first thread I believe and I’m still very interested in buying one of these.

Now where was that shop with the 2 crates of cheap Saturn pads again…

I bought three this time. Is it considered obsessive to want everything in threes? :lol:

The total was pretty close to what I would have dropped for a Saturn PS2 pad. I’m glad I held out. I’ll be down for the SNES to PSX next paycheck.

Maybe, depends how it has been implemented. I am planning to officially support the converters with the SUPERPLAY for XBOX 360 compatibility.

That project is back on track with an updated design. I was originally planning to go the route of having automatic console detection with a modified Retro Adapter but decided to scrap the idea in favour of single connection only versions. Now I have decided to come back to it.

I like the RJ45 idea too. No soldering is a big plus. Doing some tests I have found that certain RJ45 connectors work better than others, and some are a bit flimsy, but as long as I make sure I get good ones it should be fine.

I completely missed this. You can do NES to PS2 as well? Do want.

Yeah, I sort of forgot to mention that. NES pads work pretty much the same way as SNES pads so really all you need is the right socket to plug one in and a little modification to the code.

I didn’t think anyone would actually want one though because NES pads are so bad, but I suppose for authenticity they can’t be beaten.

If you want one I can make you one. The NES connectors are quite expensive though so it will be 25 and about 1 month turnaround since I have to wait for them to get to me from China.

Would you be interested in modifying your NES controller? If you can older the wires up you can add a DB9 connector. It will still work on a real NES and there is no problem getting DB9s for the NES>PSX converter.