Official 'Kitty' class boards thread

That’s pretty weird, but it should be easy to track down. My best guess with what was posting was something weird with the VS harness cable going from CN2 on the button distro board tothe Kitty and TE board. Can you take some clean pictures of that ribbon where it plugs into the different spots? If there’s a fault, it’d likely be at the doubled up spot where it plugs into the main TE board.

I just installed mine into the VS stick and i have the exact same problem. RT button wont light up and it doesnt register in windows. Do need a replacement cable. Ive checked all my connections and they are wher they are supposed to be. This is my second install and my TE stick went flawless but this one isnt.

If you’ll take some pictures of that ribbon (the one going into ‘CN2’ on the button distro board) at all three ends so I can verify its a bad cable, I’ll get a replacement out to you immediately.

I will do that when i get home from work then.

I was going to wait for the next revision Kitty TE for that trigger fix, but needed a dual mod stick for next month, so I hope its not too big of an improvement! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m from the UK so ordered a Kitty TE kit from Gahrling and it works perfectly.

I just wondered how the RJ-45 installation would make the stick work with a SNES or other consoles, I guessing you’d get a cable that is RJ-45 to whatever?

That is correct.

Connect your Kitty TE to a RJ45 jack and a whole world of possibilities open up to you.

Cable guide can be found here, or you can order some ready made ones from me if preferred:

Is there any point of installing the latest firmware if it works fine as it is?

It should already have the latest firmware on it.

Ok so herse the pic. So when playing on my xbox every button works but the RT wont light up. when playing on the ps3 the RT wont register or light up and the back button dont work. Windows also doesnt register the back button or the RT button

Well, I cant make out too much of the middle piece, but that’s good enough for me. Send me a PM with your paypal email and zip code so I can find the order, and I’ll get a replacement out to you asap.

Toodles, I just installed a TE-S Kitty on a stick and from time to time the select button is pressed automatically. For example, when I’m playing UMVC3, sometimes I press an attack button and the character just taunts. At first the problem happened evey once in a while but now is very frequent.

Do you have any tips on this?

Does it happen if the lock switch is set to Locked?

I’ll upload some pictures later today, I hope. I was trying to isolate a couple of things and found out something. I can run the CN2 cable from the button distro to the x360 board just fine without having the “5 wire/6 connector” go into the Kitty, then Start works. Another thing I tried for kicks is that I put a wire into the “missing” XGND spot from the x360 board to the missing spot on the Kitty, and I can see the “10” button light up under Game Controllers (Kitty mode). However, it is constantly pressed. It stays lit until I pull the wire out, and button presses don’t do anything. Last bit, doesn’t matter which side I put the harness into the Kitty, same result.

Good enough for me. Please send me a PM with the paypal address, postal code, and a reminder of which harness it is (TES or VS) please and I’ll get it out asap.

Hello once again Toodles. I just installed my Kitty in my MvC2 stick and I have an issue. When the stick is plugged into a 360 the 4 button led’s across the top and bottom right two, and three lights around the guide button flash twice and nothing happens. I thought that I might have screwed something up with the USB cable, but I unscrewed the usb wires from the kitty and twisted them together, and it’s instantly recognized as a 360 joystick.

I plugged the stick into my laptop to try the firmware flash. I plugged it in while holding the guide button and the top left and bottom right lights of the guide lit, and all of the button LED’s respond, but windows failed to install the stick. I’ve reconnected all of the ribbon cables and followed the guide to the letter. I’m just not sure where else to go with it. I can give you more specific shots of the flashing lights if that would help, but I don’t know what else to do.

The firmware needs reflashed to the Kitty, with a the official version and not the troubleshooting version you may have been working with earlier. If you’re having trouble doing the flashing, please be very detailed about everything you’re seeing with the flashing.

I’m not even getting there. Windows won’t install the device, so when I run the flash utility the dos screen pops up for a split second, then disappears.

From KittyUsersGuide.pdf:

This is too much. Not saying the guide needs to be a “how to crimp RJ45 for dummies” guide, but I had to cut my exposed wires down to about 1/4".

BTW, since it came up in this thread, I swapped out my still-glued JLF connector for a JLF-TE, and it’s so so so nice of a part. It fits well and it’s sturdy, you can grip the connector firmly and rock it to one side then slide it away. I’ve used some before but only to install into friends’ SE sticks that started acting up.

Argh, seems like the problem is very random, I wasn’t able to reproduce it after my last message with and without the lock switch on position… I know I’m being very vague here, but do you have a very very early idea of what could be happening?

Yep, harness was it. Saw the difference immediately between the two different crimps. That did the trick. Thanks! Beer on me at Evo :). Speaking of which, how do I disable the LEDs from lighting up when I press buttons/directions (I’m sorry, I’m sure this is covered before)? I just don’t want the refs looking at me all funny when I pull combos and my control panel lights up all pretty. Any in-person Evo specials btw?