Official 'Kitty' class boards thread

ok, excuse my ignorance and noobishness - is it possible to use this to go from a ps3/usb madcatz gen 1 IV stick to a PS2 or use a PS2 PCB?

are there any vlx kitty’s available lizard lick is always sold out?

I got plenty. Ordering info in first post.

FAQ’s, First posts.

yep toodles sent mine right away to me as soon as i paypal’d him. i didnt even bother with LL

I have a question and been looking in the tread but cant find it. Is there a wiring diagram or guide to making the cables for the RJ-45 on the kitty?

Thank you!

Btw Toodles I just ordered my TEKitty and really never have sent money threw paypal before so I think it sent you an email with a subject that is TE Kitty Board and then a message that says nothing about what board I want. But yeah subject is the board I want. XD

finally,finally got around to installing on the te kitty pcbs…great stuff toodles. i plan to test the rj45 next weekend. when you take the back button out for the jack, i know the back button maps to the turbo button when not in 360 mode but when in 360 mode will the turbo button still serve as a back button?

Already done and out.

Of course :slight_smile:

sweet. thanks bud. again i cant say enough that you created a great product…i do need to buy more for my project since i used them for a few mods for buddies of mine…T_T do you have any instock since Chad is out of stock?

Is there any way to get the stick on a vlx working with arcade edition on the pc? I can map all the buttons fine but can’t map the stick itself.

Yup, got tons.

This doesn’t work for me, closest I can get to it is forcing it into what I’m guessing is 360 mode. It only registers as a vlx if I set the turbo slider to level 3 and hold select while plugging it in. This disables the x/y axis and the select button. But under no other combination of buttons can I get it to do anything similar such as holding start of select with the slider in a different location. First pic is how the stick operates while trying any button combination and or slider setting, second pic is how the stick operates when the turbo slider is set to level 3 and select is held while plugging it in.

Crap, you’re right. Gimme a bit to tweak and upload a new VLX Kitty firmware.
Sorry about that, total mistake on my part. Flash this, follow the directions I linked to, and you’re playing AE.
Heh, I suppose I SHOULD test it or something. Hang on, I’ll try it and mine and verify.

For some reason that isn’t clear or easy, the Back/Select button isn’t doing it. So instead, plug it in with Start held down, restart AE, go into the controls setup of AE, set all of your buttons and directions, and save. You should be golden from then on out, and you wont have to do anything except plug and play once the settings are saved.

Ok so im having a problem i think with the rj45 jack on my kitty-S that i installed yesterday. I plug in my ps2 wire and it work like 1 in every 4 tries. But then it stays connected so i am led to believe that it is not a connection issue. Its not the Ethernet cable or the pass though case i tried out other ones that i know work and it still happened. I know the ps2 cable works because it always works on my other kitty. what do you think could be causing the issue? thanks.

Toodles, thanks for the fix! Everything works now, although I had to hold select when plugging it in. I was then able to bind the x/y axis to up/down & left/right.

Toodles: Are you going to be at Evo? I would like to get a Kitty VLX for my Hori VXSA?

I’ll be at Evo, and would happily sell you a Kitty VLX.
But you do know that VLX != VXSA, right?

So I just installed the TE Kitty…Well I havent mounted it and closed it back up but when I was testing it seems like the Fierce Punch button wont light up the LED but it activates in the menu on my computer. And when its in the native 360 mode it still works the turbo lights up but blinks differently at the same speed setting. What did I do wrong?


So I plugged it into my 360 and everything works. But yeah the FP LED location on the guide area wont light up and has a slow blink of on and off with turbos. Any help?