Official 'Kitty' class boards thread

Is there an ETA for the return of the TE Kitty? It sounds like exactly the thing I would want to use for uh, Baby’s First Dual Mod, but it’s out of stock?

I dont have an ETA yet, but they were ordered a while ago and are in the process of being assembled. Sorry, no firm date on when they’ll be back except as soon as possible, probably 4-8 weeks.

Thank you! I’m not in any great hurry yet, but I’d like to get one when they become available.

Hey Toodles, how many TE Kitty’s do you normally order at a time? I want to get a couple out of your next batch but not sure when to place an order for them.

Plenty, and just order when they’re available. I got bunches comin’

Awesome. Will do.

Thanks Marcus! My friend theBAYsics helped me solder the two points and it has been working perfectly! Thanks for the time spent figuring and replicating it and finding a solution.! Great business man.

Regarding the new SFxT sticks:
Butteroj has sent me pictures of the internals. From what I can tell looking at the board, the electronics are completely identical to the TE-S. So, from an electrical standpoint, a TE Kitty and TE-S harness should work great.
HOWEVER, the plastic case where the main board is mounted is very different from the TE-S; I do not think that the TE Kitty will sit underneath the main board like it does in the TE-S. That means that the physical mounting of the Kitty in the stick will be very different, and I have NO idea how it could be done cleanly or easily. I know that the white portion of the case can be used to mount PCBs well enough, but how to do it so that everything is connected is unknown at this point.

Those of you who exited the womb with a dremel in hand may not not be deterred by this; I applaud you and look forward to any tips on the matter. As of right now, MarkMan has said the SFxT run would be limited, and I dont know if other identical but differently branded models will appear. With the current limited run, the idea of making a new board revision specifically for the SFxT case is pretty much right out. If the installation of a TE kitty + TE-S harness proves easy, I will try to make an installation manual for it. But as of right now, please consider the mod ‘possible, but not supported’.

Source code from Gummo:

Explanation of the bit maps for mapping:

And the sections of the EEPROM responsible for what are listed here.

Let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to help.

First edition of the Kitty User’s Guide is now up:

As always, comments and criticism are very welcomed.

Next is probably a trouble shooting guide… I know it’ll save you alot of time and headaches… :wink:

Page 8: “going into buttom remapping mode”
"button remapping mode"
page 15: "pretty cord about following a set color"
is this supposed to be “pretty cool”?
page 16: you’re still referring to gamecube controller even though it’s xbox’s page

Overall a very good guide!

Much appreciated! Updated the guide with the typos corrected.

I believe that the pcb can be unscrewed from its original spot “underneath” the white panel on the inside and screwed into the white panel and the kitty could potentially hang off the edge as long as one side is screwed in well enough. In addition markman made it very clear that although the sf x tekken design is a limited run that the fightstick pro will continue to live on *pcb probably will be the same… just speculation either way do you have anymore te-s kits I’m ordering my stick friday and will have it tuesday-wednesday next week when so if you have one I’ll post a tutorial of course I will pay for it… Also do you have any fgwidgets I wanna do led mod for new clear sanwas

Quick question regarding PS>DC convertors for a TE Kitty:

I have an old Innovation Saturn/PS/keyboard adapter for my Dreamcast that doesn’t work with either of my TE Kitty equipped sticks using either the Saturn port or Playstation port (yes, it works with other peripherals). Anyone know of a DC adapter with VMU support that does work with a TE Kitty?

  1. No.
  2. Yes.

The Innovation is a great one to use, but there are at least two versions of it, and you can only really tell the difference by cracking them open or trying them out; one definitely works with the MC, and should work the same for the Kitty. The other doesn’t. May not be of much help, I know, but try other Innovations if you can.
Total Control 2 and Total Control Plus have been tested with the MC successfully as well, so should work great with the Kitty.

Thanks! I’ll pick up a Total Control Plus (because I don’t see a vmu port on the TC2). Out of curiosity: what would I look for in the Innovation that would indicate it as incompatible (other than it doesn’t work)?

I installed a kitty in my TE~S a few weeks ago and it worked great on all systems…until this weekend when the stick stopped working :(. I was playing on a 360 when all the sudden the controller wasnt regognized. If you unplug it and replug it, the console sees it but as soon as you hit a button or a few inputs on the joystick it looses it again. I tried diff consoles and diff cords the same result. I look the kitty out desoldered and resoldered new usb wires to the madcatz pcb and reinstalled the kitty same problem. I even tried a new ethernet cord from the kitty to the nuetrik. Nothing.

When i first installed the nuetrik i damaged the thin metal piece that covers the back. It was ripped half but it still worked. Maybe that is the problem now? Can anyone help a brother out

++edit++ i hooked the rj45 cable straight up to the kitty & tried hooking a usb cord to the usb out terminals.on the kitty. No luck. I then hookeed my TE pcb up alone w/o the kitty, it worked fine. Did my kitty die? :frowning:

Can not wait! I prefer the VX over the VLX and VX-SA… The six button layout, and small footprint are awesome. Plus it’s a nice modding platform. I love my TE (with MCC) but a kitty’d VX would be the cat’s pajamas. Especially for traveling/tournaments.

Doubtful. When you plug it in with Guide held down, do the LEDs show it is in bootloader mode?