Official 'Kitty' class boards thread

… You should know this one even with the limited information given. GFWL games require a 360 controller to use a ‘Home’ button. Either force 360 mode or have him hit Home on the keyboard.

Toodles! I <3 You!
Worked great! Any idea why it needed to be updated again after it worked fine right out of the box w/o flashing it?
Btw…took me a.min to figure out how to run the program. So heres a link for anyone else who may have the same problem.

yeah, we got it to work by holding select when plugging in. Thanks

Hopefully the boards come soon! I’m looking to buy a TE-S asap. It’s really nice that these are solderless for people like me that’s too afraid to solder lol.

edit: so are the TE-S boards coming in at the same time as TE boards?

Interested in buying one of these, but one quick question (sorry if this has already been asked) do they ONLY work in the 360 versions of the sticks or can it be used in the PS3 version?

they only work on xbox because they add ps3 functionality. There is no kitty to add xbox functionality. See your local modder for assistance:

Sorry to be a nuisance but what is the ETA on the TE Kitty? I searched and cant find it. Some friends and I want to get some, if theyre coming soon, we’re going to wait. Otherwise, might get the ps360+. Anyone know??

Barring unforseen problems, looks like mid October.


This makes me a sad man… haha White modded TE just sitting in the corner of the room waiting for PCB. I want the fancy light up LEDs in the turbo area Marcus, otherwise id just get the MC Cthulhu :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, you have a sale from me as soon as they are in.

I can’t wait til Kittys come back in

Toodles, I’m pretty sure I saw you at Evo and wanted to shake your hand, but I wasn’t quite sure if it was you. Anyway, as a user of your products, thanks for all your hard work as always!

Dear Toodles,
I recently ordered a VLX kitty from lizardlick and Im having the same problem as beastSPL. When I plug my VLX into my pc with the guide button held down, the player 1 and 4 LEDs light up, but when I do not hold the guide button, the VLX is not recognized at all. The VLX works fine without the VLX kitty installed, but once it is installed, then the problem arises. I have checked all the wires and they are all installed properly. I’ve also followed the instruction you’ve given to beastSPL ealier as well, but I still get the same problem. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Kitty boards are worth the wait.


Soo…how’d that go? Describe what happened when updating the firmware, checking for the bootloader device in the ‘Devices and Printers’, etc. etc. If there’s a problem with the board of course I’ll help get it straightened out, but beastSPL worked to show it was broken, and I’ll need the same from you.

I got the latest firmare from the 1st post. When I try to update the firmware I keep getting an error message when I run the kitty.exe file.

I then try to run the fw_update, but it just quickly flashes away. I then try to run the runasadmin. file but get this message.

When I hold down the guide button and plug the VLX into my computer, I do get the correct lights, but when I just plug in the VLX and go into control panel and game controllers, I dont see the device at all. I even tested this on my xbox360 and I cant use the stick at all.

You dont have .net installed on your computer. Do that first:

Forget about the batch (because evidently I did and didnt update the firmware filename :frowning: ) and use the front end. Should work a whole ton better.

I have installed .net onto my computer and now I am able to update to the latest firmware. After installation, the VLX is recognized and I am able to test the stick. The back button is #9 just like the instructions say. However everytime I unplug the VLX and plug it back into my computer, the player 1 and 4 LEDs show up and I have to flash the firmware again just to get it recognized. I tested this on my xbox360 and all I get are the player 1 and 4 LEDs and am unable to use my stick. Is the data not saving correctly? or am I doing something wrong?

Do the directions all work right in the control panel applet? Are any of the buttons showing as always on? Are the leds around the guide button responding to the stick directions?

Right after I flash the firmware, the VLX is recognized. The directional inputs from the joystick all show up in the control applet. No buttons are showing as always on. The LEDs around the guide button respond to the stick directions as well. However like I mentioned before, once I unplug the VLX from my pc, i’d have to do the update process over again and it wont work on my xbox360.

Unplug the 7 pin ribbon cables from the Kitty, and try again. Make sure nothing is pressed or held on the stick. If it still goes into bootloader mode (play 1 and player 4 leds), unplug everything from the kitty except the outgoing USB cable, and the large connector for the stick and buttons. Do remove all others from the Kitty including the large ribbon connecting the VLX box to the kitty. Plug it in. You wont see the LEDs do anything, but you can check to see if the Kitty shows up in the game controller’s applet. Let me know what you find.