Official Mad Catz FightPad Feedback Thread

i love the buttons on this thing, but am i the only one that absolutely hates the size and placement of the d-pad? i feel like I need Shaq’s left hand to be able to use it.

my fightpad shipped on 2/6 and i got it 2/11. i ordered from and i got the ps3 ryu fightpad.

*the dpad is way better than the ps3 pad. i can pull off a lot of moves easily (except maybe the 360 moves with zangief).
*the shoulder buttons are kinda stiff. i have to press them noticeably harder than the six face buttons in order to activate them.
*turbo is pathetically slow. manually mashing is faster than turbo, even on fast turbo mode. seriously. this turbo is only good for people with physically limited hands. NOTHING ELSE.

But what about when you want to play that Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead :sad:

One thing I noticed about the turbo feature on the FightPad is that it has a 2-speed selectable turbo.

When you hold the turbo button and press the button you want to enable turbo, you will see that if you press that button twice while still holding the turbo button you will switch to a different speed rate.

The turbo light will indicate your speed by its blinking rate. Hope this helps.

i read the manual before i used the pad. the turbo its laughable. other than that and the stiff triggers, its a great pad

EDIT: oh i almost forgot. diagonals work just fine. i dont need to apply additional pressure to activate it.

My 360 FightPad review…
Ok, so I bought a RYU fightpad today from bestbuy. I normally would never consider buying a Pad controller for fighting games but I was bored and my TE sticks still haven’t hit my GameStop yet. So I dropped the $40 and bought it. Here is what I think.

First off the appearance and weight of the pad is better than I expected but I wouldn’t call it exceptional as it still slightly has that “madcatz” look and feel. Hard to explain I guess but its good enough. The rubber side grips and bottom are a nice touch.

So I fired up HDremix and headed right into training mode. I immediately was able to confirm other peoples woes about the diagonals requireing more pressure than the other directions. But all is not lost yet. Once you get used to hitting them with more pressure the pad seems to work great. Infact if it wasn’t for the diagonals this would be the best pad I have ever tried.

I spent about an hour in training mode trying out special moves / combos including some advanced ones like super cancels and links. They worked much easier than I expected IF i remembered to hit the diagonals hard enough. I even spent some time fighting the CPU and it worked out ok but during the heat of the battle its hard to remember to hit those diagonals quick and hard at the same time. I guess someone could get used to it but… The buttons are good and I have no complaints there. They respond fast and feel good.

So to conclude, this FightPad is sooooo close to being the best pad ever made, but the diagonal issue is hard to get past. Infact I can’t recommend this unless you are willing to get a blister on your thumb from hitting those diagonals. I will return it to BestBuy tommorrow due to that one glaring issue. I wonder if this a production issue and the pre-release didn’t have this issue?

So if the diagonals worked better I would rate this 9/10

As it is … 5/10 = Fail

Edit: Turbo works fine and it super fast on my pad.

hmm maybe my pad just has a malfunctioning turbo.

i tested the turbo function on fba with xmvsf. used cyclops…did mega optic blast…12 hits with turbo…13 at most. manually mashed and got 14-15 hits.

Maybe the slow turbo thing is an issue with the PS3 FightPad because on my 360 pad the high turbo setting is lighting fast.

Yea mine is a 360 pad and its sick fast… lol

Dammit I wish these were getting glowing reviews. I bought a pair of the PS2 SF 15th pads and couldn’t stand them. I guess I’ll just pass if the d-pad is hit or miss.

The pad I got for the 360 works miracles for me the DPs come off like butter so this pad is a win for me.

yea i think the dpad is great. my only gripe is the turbo. maybe my fightpad is defective in this respect, but manually mashing is faster than fast turbo lmao

so now we need to know wether only some people got the diagonals issue or wether madcatz just failed. btw do you guys with the diagonal problem have ps3 version or 360 ? so many blogs and gaming homepages say that the pads are awesome but that u need some time to get used to the diagonals but then its freakin wonderful.

Almost Saturday! Tomorrow I get to attempt to exchange this thing to a brick and mortar shoppe. Wish me luck in that 1) the store has it, 2)they accept the exchange (they better) and 3)my new one doesn’t have the diagonal problems.

I’m glad marveldonuts’ pad works fine, but then again his is a PS3 pad. Remember, my theory is that it is due to the 360’s pressure sensitive d-pad.

My theory:

No, I haven’t emailed Madcatz about my theory. I probably should.

I don’t think Markman is interested in my theory, as he’s more worried about the joystick complaints. I don’t blame him for the problems, of course, but I wouldn’t mind him passing along the word that many have diagonal issues.

Got one from a Best Buy that had em out early. 360 Blanka pad. It’s a bit light; doesn’t seem durable, but it was $40 so whatever. Activating turbo is kinda odd, but really, who fucking cares about turbo on a fighting controller.

The buttons feel absolutely wonderful. The “claw” method is working great with this thing to hit all the necessary buttons.

The d-pad, however, has the same diagonal issues as people have mentioned, specifically up-left and down-left. It’s frustrating since the pad seems almost perfect from a functionality standpoint and IS perfect from a design standpoint. Maybe it takes some getting used to, but considering that some people exchanged their pad and didn’t complain anymore about diagonals, I’m thinking this is yet another inconsistent manufacturing flaw on MadCatz’ part.

EDIT: Turbo has two settings. Hold it down and press an attack button you want turbo on for Fastest. Press the button again for Fast. Press it again for Off.

Fast is kinda slow, but Fastest is pretty friggin’ fast. If you can mash faster than the fastest setting, you probably don’t need a turbo controller at all.

ok so this is kind of sad… i dont think we can expect a fix from madcatz for the fightpads released in the future. on the back of the pad u can switch between analog stick and dpad (you know what i mean. the dpad of the fightpad either works as the analog stick or the dpad of the 360 controller). i heard some people say that they had no problems when they changed that switch from dpad to analog (or the other way round i dont remember i dont have one yet^^). maybe this does something.

The diagonals are difficult for d-pad, left stick, and right stick (PC can test right stick).

Gamestop put up my review:

I still hold that it would be a great controller without the diagonal problems. Madcatz quality control really sucked here. They were so close to one of the top 2D pads ever, but instead this diagonal issue is large spread.

Though really, the true stupid company is Sega. Why the hell are they not releasing Saturn Pads for 360 and marketing them as fighting pads? :frowning:

My first Fightpad had the diagonals problem, I exchanged it the next day and I love it now.
It has a learning curve, specially for those who where getting use to the 360 Controller, I am having issues getting Chun Li and Bison’s super to come out, but I guess that just takes practice.

Overall the Fightpad is way better than I expected, definetively owns both the 360 and PS2/Ps3 pads imo, if you have a Pad with shitty diagonals then exchange it, yeah it really sucks that we have faulty products in the 1st place…

So its about 50% hit or miss on the diagonals with these… Horrible just horrible… This pad had such potential too.

other people have already said it, but i’ll chip in too.

my diagonals are really hit and miss (especially up-right for some reason). there were 2 left when i got to bestbuy. a ken and ryu. the ryu one had it’s d-pad all off center and almost touching the left side of the little well the pad is in. so i bought the ken one thinking that some of the pads were just obviously flawed. the ken pad looked perfect. so when i tested it out, i tried jumping back and forth, it would miss a fair deal, like 1-2 in every 4 diagonal jumps would register incorrectly, and it’s even harder to get it right while pulling off combos. i tested it out on windows. i’d say every other time it gets it perfect, so only half of the time it actually registers the diagonal and only the diagonal. the other half of the time it either doesn’t register a diagonal at all or flashes between a diagonal and a straight 2-3 times really quick. didn’t test it on vf5 cuz i don’t have it. :smiley:

the sad thing is, the d-pad still works better than the 360 pad. not by much, but at least it doesn’t hurt your thumb after 2 seconds. the buttons are fine, huge improvement over the regular buttons. so it’s still a decent improvement over the 360 controller, just not sure it’s worth $40.

if you want to save some money or you missed out on the TE stick, just go with the SE stick, amazon is still taking pre-orders. you probably don’t want this fightpad, it’ll be nice for when a friend comes over or something at least if i don’t take it back. i don’t feel like exchanging it for that messed up looking ryu pad or any others they have. they seem to be defective to various degrees so you don’t really know when you have a perfect pad because no pad is going to be near 100% with the diagonals. if you find a place with a ton of pads and don’t mind coming back until your happy with one then just get the SE stick.