Official Marvel v. Capcom 2 Tournament Edition (TE) Thread

New Info [updated 10/3]

Release Date: November 17, 2009
Price: $159.99
Manufacturer: MadCatz
Parts: Sanwa

Gamespot Page:

Web Info:

Pic: [credit to ohgee]



Hi all, I did a search for this and didn’t find anything on this, so pardon me if there is already a post (in which case mods please remove this).

This post is about the official MvC2 fightstick/fight stick/arcade stick/whatever you want to call it currently up for pre-order from Gamestop.


release date: sept. 24, 2009 [COLOR=“magenta”](most stores say the 25th actually)
manufacturer: Hori (this is a big ??unknown?? - all the GS stores that i contacted but 1 said they didn’t know crap)
price: $159.99 + tax
versions:: Xbox360 and PS3

I had been looking for a fightstick ever since marvel came out on the Playstation 3, and I just happened to call Gamestop this morning and talk with an employee who told me that a new MvC2 TE stick was coming out next month.

I went to the store and talked with 2 different employees about the stick and it seemed like one of them was under the impression that Madcatz was making it, but the other one was “sure” that Hori was making and claimed to have seen it/held it himself. Both of them told me that the release date would be 9/24 (note that all other GS’s that I had called earlier this week have not said anything to me about this new stick), and that it was already in their system and ready to pre-order and they had both the Xbox360 and PS3 versions.

They said the minimum deposit for it would be $50 and the price is $159.99 - I paid for it in full and have the receipt (scroll down a few posts to see the receipt photo), came out to $174.99 after socal tax.

They also said that the TE would be full Sanwa parts and that it was about the same size as the SFIV TE stick (which makes me think it’s actually Madcatz) - I’m describing all this in detail because I can’t find anything about this stick on Hori’s site, GS’s site, or any other site for that matter.

They also did tell me about a new Tekken 6 wireless bluetooth stick coming out as well (also couldn’t find anymore info on this beyond what the associates said).

I found a thread on Gamefaq’s saying this MvC2 TE stick might be exclusive to GS in which case it’s probably a limited run, but it’s all guesswork at this point.

**TLDR: seems like alot of misinfo/speculation about this stick, but these are for sure true - a) cost is $159.99 + tax, 2) sold by GS, d) release date is sept. 24 **

if anyone can squeeze anymore info out of their local GS and post it here, i think that’d help everyone out… hell, it’d even help me out and i’ve already got my pre-order receipt! :rofl:


so I called up like 6 different Gamestop’s in my area (including the one that I pre-ordered mine from) and all of them said they had no idea any details except for price (159.99), release date (9/25), and that it’s for the xbox and ps3.

all that Hori/Madcatz/Sanwa/etc. details looks like is completely unofficial and varies from person to person. i asked all the associates i spoke to and there’s nothing in their database showing any other details than what was listed above.

if anyone who’s pre-ordering can add any other info, so maybe we can get a poll of what information GS guys say they have, that might be useful/amusing :P[/COLOR]

Sanwa parts…in a Marvel stick? head explodes

And there IS a thread about the wireless T6 stick.

And my bet is on Hori as well, methinks since MarkMan helped designed the SF4 sticks, he would’ve had a hand in the Marvel sticks too, and would’ve known to use iL parts in it.

It boggles me that Hori would make a stick albeit with sanwa parts for Marvel, also I am doubting the validity of this, though it seems you are positive that it is true. Wonder why there hasn’t been any leaked shots or promo about it if it’s coming out in less than a month…

I’d wait for a confirmation by MarkMan.

I find it hard to believe that it will be a Hori stick. Sounds like a bunch of Gamestop employee bullshit.

yeah, i totally agree with you - i had called at least 5 other GS’s earlier this week looking for a cheap/used fightstick so i could at least mash out of hyper grav + tempest online, and NONE of them mentioned anything to me about this stick. and no searches on Google yielded anything either.

i’ve uploaded a pic of my receipt - pardon the fold lines and also the blacked out areas of any personal info.

even though i pre-ordered it, i don’t have much info besides what the GS associate told me, and i’m not sure how accurate all that info is :wonder:

Pics or it didn’t happ- It does seem legit if it’s in their system like that, but the most important thing is to tell them how they did for a chance to win one of 10 $5000 GameStop gift cards.

My local gamestop was taking preorders for it. It’s suppose to be a MvC2 Madcatz TE version and it’s due out in mid october. I didn’t preorder it though as I’d rather play MvC2 on Happ/iL stick.

I wonder is it related to the Comic-con stick that Madcatz did the limited edition with. Shame I do not think the MvC2 sticks would include HAPP styled parts. Only if they had Perfect 360’s on them.

We are still taking preorders on this stick. No information has been leaked to us however. I’m sure markman would know before any of us.

No way is Hori making this stick. It’s MadCatz but am waiting to see if it will be Happ or Sanwa parts.

If it’s $160 and has Happ parts, I will face palm.

Why do you guys think its so lude to have sanwa parts in a marvel stick…? Sounds great to me. I play marvel with all my sanwa customs. I’ve played marvel on a sanwa machine before. Whats so bad???

marvel machines in NA and Aus use Happ parts, the vigorousness of marvel mashing and use probably doesn’t lend too much to use sanwa/jap parts. but it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Mashing on Sanwa buttons just feels awkward to me :rofl:

Damn we need a wireless stick for the Xbox!

fuck wireless

I think we need the option for wireless mode if we want it. But cord always is better.

Gamestop manager I know said it was just a Madcatz SF4 TE with a shiny, new look.

Take that for what it’s worth.

I heard about the preorders too. However if it’s going to be another Generic TE design (SFIV, Comic Con) with Sanwa Parts incorporated with it, ARGH.