Official Marvel vs. Capcom Kailera Match Making Thread

here it is. kawaks only. i spent over an hour looking for a match yesterday and i couldn’t find one. i know ppl still play this game in their spare time, so come on. bet it.

my name is Mark Beast [Empire Arcadia] on kailera. holla at me if you see me on. post in this thread if you want to challenge me or whoever else posts in here. thx.

Nobody plays on Kawaks, Get on MAME .64k

ah, no wonder. thx.

thx axor, i appreciate it. finally got a couple of matches using mame. i played baker somebody. he/she is really really good. sorry about just suddenly cutting off at the end of our last match. my laptop got overheated and just shut off. i hope we can play again. i’m loving your wolverine.

That happens to you too? some people didn’t believe me when I said that…

yeah, i play on my laptop on my bed. if it sits in one spot too long then the heat from that spot will cause the laptop to shut off. you can turn it back on only for it to shut back off until it gets cooler.

there is a trick to keeping it on though. MOVE the laptop from that spot to another and turn it on. its because that spot is too hot, so if you move it to a cooler spot, you’ll be ok. when you are using your laptop on your bed, move it every now and then to keep it from shutting off randomly because of overheating. g/l.

motoki hit me up some time if you wanna play.

hit me up on aim if you want some matches. weekends are best for me though.

dios, i’d love to get some matches going. i’ll get at you on aim if you dont mind =]