Official Midwest Challenge 2 results



1st - Juicy G
2nd - ComboFiend
3rd - Ricky Ortiz
4th - ID
5th (tie) - MadBooFace
5th (tie) - fLoE


1st - Ricky Ortiz
2nd - Combofiend
3rd - Edma
4th - Ratio1BeatDown
5th (tie) - Fubarduck
5th (tie) - Julian Custard

3rd Strike

1st - Ricky Ortiz
2nd - ComboFiend
3rd - Edma
4th - FlashG
5th (tie) - Cameron Buckner
5th (tie) - Butch


1st - ID
2nd - ElvenShadow
3rd - Combofiend
4th - Fubarduck
5th (tie) - Lex
5th (tie) - CrackaJ


1st - FlashG
2nd - Ricky Ortiz
3rd - Combofiend
4th - fLoE
5th (tie) - Rashad
5th (tie) - Juicy G


yo i got 5th in St :stuck_out_tongue:



Damn man. Nice job Ricky! And noce job Combofiend!:smiley:


no apex


Very well done…gentelmen!!!

I am most deprived that I couldn’t attend this tournament.

Not to be rude…but if I did, I’m sure that the CVS2 and 3S tournament-aftermath…would have been in MY favor…but oh-well!

The Chi rocks!


Are there gonna be some tournament match vids? C’mon someone had to get the action off on film, c’mon someone just had to.:wink:

Are you niggas coming to the tournament in WI (the one I didn’t post yet)? C’mon yhas gotta come…c’mon!

and hair grease!!!:smiley:


Good shit gorge Midwest BABY!!!


Wasup everyone its Cameron but I think yall know that.

Mad props tp Juicy G!!Midwest!! I always thought u could hold your own in Marvel with anynoe. Should have went to EVO fool.

Peter Rosas, you are cool as fuck,and really “ballsy”. (Elena)

Fubar we should have got some games in dc or not. I’ll have to show u how to beat Stunn Gunn headbunt traps one day. If u still care…

Ricky O and Flash, I hate yall as usual. Well I hate yall Chunl Li’s. My Makoto had u Ricky. I made u put Ken on the shelf. he he

Edma very different Ken skills man. U and Paul play so different. Were u sandbagging when we were playing Yang on Ken? I hope u guys like the vids. I know u have good taste in matches so go ahead put up whatever.

Chi crew, I love yall even if yall aint black yall my niggas.

D Town, Wasup! I’m mad I didn’t get to play VDO in CvS2 or Halo. But there will be a next time trust. Props to J Day and the big guy, yall gave me a nice fight in CvS2 in the tourney. Julien, I’m gonna have to steal your Ryu tricks and your head fake out movements while playing I think that shit helps u.

Roger Williams, your good but remember sticks aint always gonna be in your favor and buttons too man. Try not to get so pissed. Good smoke sessions with you and your chick. Shit was fun! Indeed! I Double Cycloned that shit man.

Ohio, yall need to get a fucking arcade so I can come chill.

Over all I had a good ass time but I wish Domingo would have told me to hold those long ass sticks by the base instead of the middle. My Yun played like shit because of that. Oh well top 5 is cool with me…wait no it isn’t

Amir from Juper Just thanks for the chicken and beer man. Hit da spot indeed.