Official Midwest Championships LIVE BRACKETS & Results Thread!

LIve Official Results:

Puzzle Fighter
1st-Justin Wong
2nd-Omnipotent Deity

KOF 2003
Justin WOng

Vampire Savior
Justin Wong

1st Mike Watson
2nd Ricky Ortiz
3rd John Choi

Valle got 13th, lost to Eddie and Cen, I lost to Cen and Eddie if anyone cares, Alex Navarro got 13th, brackets were crazy crazy tough. Justin Wong got top 5, his only non first place showing.

Justin Wong

3rd Strike as of right now, BUtch Pierce, Ricky Ortiz, Justin Wong, Paul Lee, Mopreme…

Valle placed 17th, lost to Fubardduck and Henry Cen.

Cameron and Cen are in losers’ fighting right now…close to 60 players showed up for this one…Jamarr Lewis, Yoo Young, Datrick lead 4 Nebraska players left in losers’…


Ricky and Justin and Nibor and Eddie Lee are left in winners.

Mopreme lost to Eddie Lee, Nibor beats Watson…Butch and Cen and Datrick are still in losers’…

Arturo got 17th place…

Any resluts yet from any games for today? Just wondering…later.


live brackets? :stuck_out_tongue:

What I heard so far:

1st - choi
2nd - Watson
3rd - eddie/arturo/henry (one of those 3)

Nibor got like 7th or something, Valle got peaced early also I think - lost to arturo then lost to eddie in losers.

Those 900 other side tournaments today - puzzle fighter, svc, blah blah - Justin won every single one.

I’m sure someone can post better info.


finaly, i got to hear something b4 i go to work! :slight_smile: and he got 3rd maybe?? thats awsooommmee! :smiley:
ill wait for the official one… around midnite here in japan, thats when ill be back from work.
cant wait

~Born to Play~

No need for that, Wilson has it covered.

~Born to Play~

Haz, I got the full money transfer in the Empire Account. I gave Arturo all of it and Arturo should be there playing. I heard no word on him though on what he has placed. From what I am hearing Third Strike is the only “official tournament” tonight. Until then.

Can anyone post what characters where used or what not for each game result if possible. Thanks.


Dope, thanks for the updates. Did anyone record any A3 matches?

I really don’t fucking understand how one person can be so damn good in every game. Can’t someone at least beat him in puzzle fighter?

I just don’t understand this shit. One guy winning EVERY fucking game. Unbelievable.

Justin is beasting over in Midwest ?? Come on justin :cool: ,Hey Justin when u get back how about a friendy game of puzzle fighter ?

If you want it bad enough, anything is up for grabs. :smiley:

i c, thats good to hear that u got all my money and thanks for helping him! :slight_smile: well, he better win… hehe. he has my love to play. :smiley:

wow, justins beasting everyone in every game? thats great!


Congrats to Deity (Detroit) for coming in 2nd Puzzle Fighter.

Wow, and he’s a average Puzzle Fighter player at Wizzards, any one of our good players would have beat the shit outta Justin Wong easily :cool:

a quote from watson on the a3 tournament

“its not my fault choi let me take winners, and then couldnt beat ricky”

So empire vs. watson bet is not going down right?

Also, can anyone else not get into #capcom?

1st - Justin
2nd - Ricky
3rd - Paul Lee

Justin played Chun
Ricky played Chun
Paul Lee played Ken (or so i’m assuming)

Justin = ST Akuma. That kid is fuckin broken.



so is it choi watson ricky, or watson ricky choi?