Official thread

Hey guys,

since I get pms and other thread posts here and there about our products and availability, thought we’d just start a thread.

A little history about

We’ve been in business since 2001 dealing with custom solutions for video game systems and pcs. We’ve done everything from putting xboxes into cars to lighting up a ps2 to making a ps2 fit into a ps3 case (yes, we had to do this once). Being an official reseller of practically everything custom, we’ve had the fortunate experience of learning a lot about customer service, customer appreciation and customer satisfaction.

Our motto is simple: Great prices, great products, great service. We’ve lived by it since day one. We’ve tried to make our prices fair, our products user-friendly and of high-quality parts, and our service exceptionally unbelievable.

We’re located in Carol Stream, IL (35 mins west of Chicago). We’re open 12pm-6pm Monday thru Friday and 11am-5pm on Saturday. We welcome drop-ins and we encourage questions and phone calls if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re buying or need some help.

We’ve loved the joystick modding scene for a very long time and have just recently entered our hats into its retail market. We hope that the hundreds of customers who have recently purchased arcade parts from us have a good feeling about our services and are telling their friends.

Anyways, feel free to comment, question, hi-5, poke fun at our product descriptions (yes, I make them up, I get bored easily…)…

How about
Bubble Tops
Seimitsu Clear Buttons

My top three suggestions for you guys.

I just visited your site today and was impressed. Are your Sanwan joysticks instock now?

Any explanation for the credit card incident?

Some dude got phsihed and blamed it on someone with a legit rep?


Nice site and stock but shipping cost to Canada isin’t very friendly :S

Shipping to my postal code in Canada for (2) buttons came out to $19.00 lol.

Great support when I used em’. I ordered the wrong stuff and he canceled them for me. Took about 5 minutes on the phone and problem solved : )

Do you plan on ever selling pre-soldered x360 pcbs or iL/Happ parts?

Hey, I wanted to ask a question about your repair. My ex kicked my ps2 awhile ago in a rage fit, And well it doesnt read as well as it used to. Can you guys fix this? Its an american ps2 with what I believe is a mexican modchip, The disc drive also gets stuck from time to time, And the ps2 in general is ugly. Would you guys be able to fix this so I dont have to get rid of this ps2?

yo modchip man i have a few questions…

  1. i need an MC cthulu board when will you be getting them in again??
  2. do u sell GC and ps2 wires for use with the CTHULU??
    that is all

The Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y are in stock (without mounting brackets)… the 8yt will be in stock by Friday :slight_smile:

Yes sure… the laser might be 1) unaligned 2) bad 3) dirty. Most likely a combo of 1 and 2. The drive getting stuck isn’t much of a problem we could just lubricate it for you. The ps2 being ugly, well… we have replacement cases, even stock ones. We could definitely do all this work for you. Send it in and we’ll work some type of quote out for you for all the work

Actually we were just talking about that the other day. We’re just trying to get a good line on 360 boards so we can offer customers a terminal based 360 pcb. The iL/Happ parts are actually on their way, should be here by early next week.

Coincidentally, we’re around 30 minutes away from Happcontrols :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s the cost we actually pay on the post office. It’s a catch-22 when we ship out of country because… we want to get you your products quickly and safely but the post office has really weird rates. If we package it in our own box, they charge like 19-25 for 6-10 day priority, if we use their real small box (sometimes works) it is $12. The thing is, the system can’t determine this. In the past, when we were able to package it into a smaller box and save you/us money, we’d refund the order the difference in shipping costs.

SO, that said… if you’re only getting a few buttons, it should fit perfectly fine in the smaller box, and we’ll discount it down to I think around $12 for shipping. We’ll try to make it as easy for you as possible to order from us. Of course, if its a larger box we will have keep the charge the same.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I honestly don’t blame the guy… I mean it is a coincidence I’d be looking into as well. I remember when I bought something from AOL way back when… around 95. I had used my moms credit card and bought something and like 5 days later there were hundreds of dollars of charges on the card. I called up AOL and was semi-accusing them of having compromised my card.

Turns out it was some shady cashier at Best Buy who had saved an imprint of our card when we bought a cell phone. They busted her and all was well.

The only unfortunate thing is that there was a quick judgment without any actual communication with us directly. Had he actually talked to us, we could have at least talked it over and explained to him how our operation charges cards and so on, so forth.

Anyways he already apologized for the haste remarks, and it’s time to move forward :slight_smile:

Seconding the pre-wired 360/PS3/2 PCB request. That would take a lot of guess-work out of it. Would you consider a pre-wire if I were to send one to you?

Also are you planning on getting a wider variety of colors for the OBSN-30s?

Absolutely. Give me a few hours and I’ll put up a service in the Arcade Parts (Services) section. We’ll offer wiring up 360 boards and a pre-wired board setup as well.

I’m guessing we’ll want to terminal it all up, its like 16 or so points, so 2 10pos terminals on the 360 board. Probably offer the 360 board w/ a usb jack or leave it as is with their cable.

If anyone has a great line on 360 pcbs, please feel free to tell me. I’ll get this going asap.

As far as OBSN-30, we’re going to try to get all the colors available within the next week or so. Slowly but surely! Along with Seimitsu and GT-Y

I ordered my black OBSF-30 buttons yesterday, and the shipping confirmation and a tracking number was generated within 5 minutes. What a change of pace from all the other operations where weeks of waiting to ship has become the norm.