Official MTLSF Head Quarters LIVE STREAM Thread

Whats up Canada,

The MTLSF team will start broadcasting LIVE streams of daily/weekly events from the new Head Quarters.

We Invite you all to join the stream and get hype as we blaze the place on fire.
This Thread will have the latest info on what night will be streamed and what even will be happening ( 3vs3, Singles, Money Match and so on … )

As of now and STARTING TONIGHT Tastsumaki Tuesdays will be Streamed on Tuesdays.
MTLSF Ranbats will follow as soon as we confirm the date. Also This THURSDAY a Special live event will be streamed called HvE Vs MTLSF (The Return of HvE to MTL city) This will consist in a list of players vs our own HvE that was out of town for a little while. Formula is simple 5$ 2/3 match and not to forget a little list of 1st to 5 for 20$…

Join us this week in these 1st streams live from the MTLSF HQ
We will put on a great show for you guys !

Stream link : MTLSF on USTREAM: Live Street Fighter Action from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Official MTLSF site : Montreal Street Fighter
All comments and suggestions are welcome in this Thread or via email

Thank you all for the support !
Get Hype

Tuesday September 7th 2010

Event: Tatsumaki Tuesdays
Time of Live Stream: 7:30pm / 8:00pm
Tournament Style: 3vs3 SSF4

Extra Info: Casuals will run until Tourney is ready to start.

Tourney Start Projected Time: 7:30pm - 8:00pm


good shit MTLSF. Impressed as usual.

Looking forward to more CanCon on the Net!

yay now i have something to do at work


Thursday September 9th 2010

Event: HvE vs MTLSF
Time of Live Stream: 8:00PM (will keep you updated if time changes)
Tournament Style: Money Matches (2/3 or 1st to 5)

MTLSF on USTREAM: Live Street Fighter Action from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Awwww you running this during Waterloo casual night? Waterloo loves watching HvE. HvE you should know to run this any night but Wednesday nights, Waterloo seriously wants to watch this! (Go see out thread for proof!).

Let me talk to Mike and everyone to see if we can push this to thursday or friday :slight_smile:

That would be awesome man and would fill your stream with more stream monsters. BTW got a peak of the stream last night, very impressive!

oh no Im free today. will it still be open today?

It will be open today for sure ill confirm on twitter and MTL thread what time and who will open.

HvE Vs MTLSF event has been moved to Thursday :slight_smile:
I updated my post above

I will watch this today while running the online tournament LOL… because I can!

See update :stuck_out_tongue: lol

aww I don’t think I can come thursday.

depending on whos coming maybe we can have our match today mike?
we’ll see.

alright Rameo, I’m taking you down. Rog vs Guile FT5 1$

Im not sure if I’m going or not so unless you were planning on going I dont wanna waste your time or be called a pussy lol.

also I dropped guile for a wuile

Pierre check tes pms mec. Quand allez-vous refaire une tourney ST ?

Dayum !!! HvE you spreading that HvE virus or what ?? i heard you levelled up a lot since then, very nice. Man you gotta be pretty good now considering you’re challenging so many players. Good luck :tup:

Goodluck today HvE