Official MWC Results Day 1 (6/27) Omaha, NE Family Fun Center


Official Midwest Results for Friday June 27, 2003

Puzzle Fighter
1-Jason “Apoc” Gonzales (Tacoma, WA)
2-Chris Chou (Houston, TX)
3-William Gould (Philadelphia, PA)

Hyper Fighting (Round Robin)
1-Jason Nelson (Sunnyvale, CA)
2-John “Flash” Gordon (New York, NY)
3-Jason Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)

Alpha 2
1-Jason Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)
2-Ricky Ortiz (Milpitas, CA)
3-John “Flash” Gordon (New York, NY)

Alpha 3
1-Ricky Ortiz (Milpitas, CA)
2-Jason Nelson (Sunnyvale, CA)
3-Jason Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)

Super Turbo
1-Jason Wilson (Los Angeles, CA)
2-Jason Nelson (Sunnyvale, CA)
3-Jason “Apoc” Gonzales (Tacoma, WA)

Not a lot of people for these tournaments today, hopefully tomorrow there will be more!


can someone post up chars used plz?
go ranma!!!


Damn, Apoc is Puzzle Fighter master.


L.A. representin’ :smiley:


If I had a car, I would have brought myself and a few friends up to play (we’re not good enough to compete, so we’ll just pay the money to enter and play). However…no car = Sucky McSuck-Suck.


brip jack, you sad bastard, we will have to do something with you.


wtf are you talking about. since when did japan ever go to mwc??


Exactly, and may I ask who is posting under my brother’s account? Because I know damn well it isn’t my brother.


What id like to know, is how high nelson and apoc were to let Wilson get away with a 1st place in ST. I know this MUST be a fluke. What the hell happen?

Damn i wish i was there for 3rd strike tho!!!



How many people entered each tournament? Can we get a head count? any pics or videos?


Here’s the XX results…

1st : Fubarduck - Zappa
2nd : SiN - Faust
3rd : Aznhitler - Johnny
4th : Kevin Turner - Chipp
T 5th : Ryan - Faust
T 5th : Elven Shadow - Faust


congrats to SiN, representing UCLA and team RUN.


Congrats to kensou and aznhitler for representing h-town


True or False: Roger (From TO) got 2nd in CvS2


man all the JASONS won super turbo and cole not even there :eek: SPOOKY:lol:


ryan is my new hero rep that dirty guys!!
kensou iu a fool on them chippz


how the fuck did a zappa win!Is that the only character he played


Kevin-Great Job man,Chipp Rush Down
David With your Sick ass Jhonny.
Good job Sin
Great Job Ryan for winning:
Holding that shit down in the South & west with GGXX!!!


How many XX players were there?


(Wilson posting)

Cole, I finally got to play on SWITCH STICKS for once, NON 360s for ST finally. But I did get lucky vs Nelson in Winner’s Finals he should have had me but no uppercutting…we had random match due to crap cabinet and switched to better cabinet for Grand Finals.

Flash beat Apoc, APoc beat Ricky, Nelson beat Flash, I beat Nelson 2x, hardly anyone showed though, SPence came, Bill Gould, NKI, usual heads…

Here are day 2 RESULTS:

1-Ricky Ortiz (CA)
2-Roger WIlliams (Toronto, Canada)
3-Jason Nelson (CA)

David Hem, me, and Nelson all lost to Roger…ROger is king turtle ownage. I lost to Roger 1st round, fought my way to 9th, got owned by Crow (Chris V from Houston and the non charging/blocking 360)

Guilty Gear was posted…lots of complaints about cabinet and stick, but I was not involved in running this tournament.

3rd Strike
1st-FLash G
2nd-Ricky ORtiz
3rd-David Hem
4th-Datrick Orr

I got 7th, and won with Twelve in the tourney once! Lots of Ken/Chun Lis, but anyway, that’s day 2, time for bed.


We are talking 38 for 3s, 27 for CVS2? There will be many, many changes for next year’s MWC, with HUGE prizes, more on that later…