Official MWC Results, Random Updates will occur

Here is what we have so far-

1-Ricky Ortiz
2-Jeron Grayson
3-Justin Wong
4-Ari Weintraub

SVC Chaos
1-Justin Wong
2-Datrick Orr
3-Jeron Grayson
4-Jason Wilson

ALpha 3
1-Ricky Ortiz
2-Justin Wong
3-Jeron Grayson
4-Jason Wilson

1-Ricky Ortiz
2-Justin Wong
3-Ari Weintraub
4-Jason Wilson

Hyper Street Fighter Anniversary Edition
1-Jesse Howard
2-Seth Killian
3=David Spence
4-Jeron Grayson

Super Turbo
1-Justin Wong
2-Jesse Howard
3-Ricky Ortiz
4-Jason Wilson

1-Martin Pham

3rd Strike
1-Ricky Ortiz
2-Justin Wong
3-Ari Weintraub
4-CROYD (Canada)

1.Justin wong
2.Josh Wigfall
3.Derek from Chicago
5.Nelson/Ricky Ortiz


  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Justin Wong
  3. VDO Juan Tolbert
  4. Ari Weintraub
  5. Jason Wilson/Jeron Grayson

Tekken results to follow…

HOLD THAT SHIT MARVIN! Back to back high placings at US Majors. BEAST!

so ortiz finally put them shits to wong, finally stops losing good.

I had a great time meeting everyone who came out on Friday.

Trevor or ChessmasterShag: It was really nice getting to know. I thought you played great at the tourney and I can’t wait for us to play some more on LIVE. I still can’t believe that drink that you had that had just ice! Great games throughout the day!

Jason and Mario: You guys are a great group to hang out with. Jason, you kept giving me quite a run in CvS. Those were some close matches.
Mario, I really liked playing you in SUper Turbo and AE. Awesome sets.
Also, thanks for entering that Tourney Jason!!!

Matt: Keep on practicing man. You’ll get better at Super Turbo with time. It was really nice meeting you.

007: That Dhalism is crazy. I’ve been practicing him now because of you! It was nice getting to know you.

PEZ or Keith? We should play online sometime. You seemed a little quiet at the tourney but then again I just met you. That Balrog gave me issues all day.

Kurt? I’m not sure if I mixed you up with Pez but regardless I really enjoyed playing Super Turbo and Alpha 3 with you. You should have had me a couple of times but I just got lucky. Great meeting you!

Jason Wilson: It was really nice meeting someone you play against online in person. You have a funny personality but a serious competitive side, I think. Thanks for putting together such a nice tourney but PLEASE GET A DIFFERENT SPEAKER! That thing was just :lame: . LOL :rofl:

lol Pez is Kurt, I’m kieth. And yea good games, though I think you played my bro a bit more in ST than I did. Though thanks for the A3 games. Helped me relearn the stick a lil bit.

<- Is the EX fan if that helps you remember who was who.

Jason Wilson!

You beast! Top 4ing in four games is dope. Too bad no XvSF, you woulda go top 4 in that too.

See you and your long locks at EVO.


what the fuck

So how much money did you make Marn?! :clap: :tup:

Rats, I knew I probably messed your names up! Oops!

AY YO! FUCK ARI! I’d be at MWC if it wasn’t for that balogna shit.


Fuck it…T6 Mother Fuckers…

Ricky Ortiz What Are Ya Doin


Quoted for emphasis.

good shit jeron

marvel results

1.Justin wong
2.Josh wigfall
3.some random guy forgot his name

Good shit ppl.

Good shyt Jeron!!! Rep Team Harlem to the fullest!!!

Good shit Wigfall and the rest for marvel results…

Good shit Josh.

Where you at George?

Holy shit, that’s fucking awesome! I finally do ok in a major and I get deemed RANDOM GUY! Erik, you rock!