Official NBA Thread 2k9-2k10 "Fantasy B-Ball & regular NBA talk"

Let’s the games/trades begin!:wgrin:

SRK members that are Fans of teams in the nba:

  1. Atlanta Hawks -> Shinblanka

  2. Boston Celtics- maxx, Smoothviper

  3. Charlotte Bobcats= only 1 on earth= shogunshow

  4. Chicago Bulls -> Terry_nb

  5. Cleveland Cavaliers -> ckrazy ???,

  6. Dallas Mavericks -> Terry_nb

  7. Denver Nuggets

  8. Detroit Pistons Kazamaster, Mashf3st

  9. Golden State Warriors = Hoonyo, seta, subt-l, night, morphiend

  10. Houston Rockets = KnuckIfYouBuckley

  11. Indiana Pacers

  12. Los Angeles Clippers= ROBUST

  13. Los Angeles Lakers -> kimterran, Boom, viscant, watts, happytang, fir, richter85, iron-maiden, dataika,

  14. Memphis Grizzlies=flymike

  15. Miami Heat -> GeoG2

  16. Milwaukee Bucks= Arsenal, Spideyman

  17. Minnesota Timberwolves

  18. New Jersey Nets

  19. New Orleans Hornets = GeoG2 Bandwagon jumping geo.

  20. New York Knicks -> Galactic

  21. Orlando Magic -> Satomiblood, doujinshi_2001, BshidoHEAT

  22. Philadelphia Sixers -> ViciousSLASH

  23. Phoenix Suns: sabre

  24. Portland Blazers= I_am_Lothar

  25. Sacramento Kings

  26. San Antonio Spurs

  27. Seattle Supersonics…errrr… Thunder=

  28. LOLToronto Raptors -> Carpet Lint

  29. Utah Jazz =The Invincible Swordsman

  30. Washington Wizards=

I’ll have both Live and 2k10.

Go Raptors.

2k10 and live are out? which is better?

Hey Shinblanka hit me up with some offers.

::Hits the subscribe button::

2k is depending on your provider lol. Official release date is Oct 6.

The Live demo isn’t bad, it surprised me because Live games are typically shit, 10 years and running. 2k has been consistent for years but I’ve yet to play 2k10.
2k does have the Draft Combine but that was still modeled after 2k9 and doesn’t have all the new k10 stuff.

I’m sure both will have problems.


I heard live 10 is worse than 09. (or maybe it looks worse I dunno, talk is talk :blah:)

I never liked 2k gameplay. It feels like your playing in glue or they move like the players are drunk imo. Maybe it’s just the ps3 version of 2k games. 2k9 was TRASH on ps3 imo.

I play live on ps3, so get at me if you want to geT whooped on by my HAWKS!!!

Yay no tilde.

:lol: @ the third attempt at a 09-10 thread.

Sadly, DC was indeed molded after 2K10. It has some of 2K10’s animations and new features (you can throw an alleyoop off the glass).

Not a fan of the controls, so I hope it isn’t too bad. It was kinda hard to do crossovers.

On the bright side, Kobe and Melo were playing against each other in a live event the other day, and both were doing crossovers with ease, so that’s reassuring.

I’ve sent out the appropriate invites for SRK H2H on Y!, a while ago actually

Please check your emails, a number of people still missing.

Also, if you dont want to say something on here, feel free to post on the group page

live demo was a piece of garbage

yea, but the people asked for it so I said i’ll do it this time. Send more trade offers everyone. I know we can work out a deal some how.

Don’t you play 08 still? I swear, whenever I get on PSN, you’re playing that lol.

I’m getting Live and 2k on 360 =\

Geo, ahh, I guess I misunderstood what they meant by not including _____ 2k10 feature in the Combine.

more deals/offers sent out.

GO KNICKS :woot:

I thinks it officially been a decade since I was actually proud of the knicks.

that’s the thing about the east that has me worried about my HAWKS this up coming year. It seems like every team has gotten better in the east while my HAWKS just stayed the same. Even the raptors upgraded with getting the Turkish Jordan!?!? This is going to be a crazy season in the east with rasheed going to the celtic’s. With shaq with the cavs. V.Carter with orlando. D.Wade without beasley hogging the ball! Agent 0 coming back to a team full of former allstars!

I didn’t know K-Mart was making that much. Of course he’s not gonna opt out. No way in hell some team is gonna offer him even half of 17 million.

Of course K Mart isn’t going to, he knows Denver was stupid for ever giving him that contract. There is no way he will receive a contract like that again. Nene has basically taken his spot as it is.