Official NCAA Basketball 2010-2011 Season Thread - March Madness!

Alright, not a thread for this that i could find.

But since college football is over (:sad:) so now all the attention goes to the cagers.

March Madness will be here soon, but crazy conference battles are going on…

with that said, #1 Duke loses to Florida St tonight, 66-61. Certainly gonna see Duke in March.

But, barring an upset coming up to a hot Penn St team, #2 Ohio State holds off Michigan in Ann Arbor, on the same day new Meatchicken football coach Brady Hoke is introduced.

Anywho, discuss College basketball in this 2010-2011 here.

FSU was way too happy when they beat Duke. They were celebrating harder than Auburn who just happened to win the football national championship on Monday.

I made a college basketball thread 3 years ago… it was still on page 3 up until March Madness.

Chances are no one will post until March… where someone will make a March Madness thread.


Thread revival.

LOL Ohio State.

Good shit Badgers.

That is all.

Cavs finally win, Buckeyes finally lose?

Poor Ohio.

Can’t even have back to back good things happen to them. :rofl:

Been a while, hasn’t it? Conference tourneys taking place.

That’s not why I bump this thread though.

Penn St. at Wisconsin | Friday March 11, 2011 | NCAAB - Yahoo! Sports

This is why.

Also: Huskies in the Pac-10 Final. Arizona you goin’ DOWN!

Shit, I heard HBO did a documentary on the 90s UNLV team and debuted it tonight.
HBO Sports begins production on ‘Runnin’ Rebels of UNLV’ documentary - Las Vegas Sun

I missed it, got to find me a link later.
That was one of the G.O.A.T. teams, loved watching them, especially when they pushed Duke’s shit in, in 1990.

Fab 5 will be on espn tonight. gotta watch it. how legit is notre dame this year?

surprised ckrazy isn’t in here after that UW win.

They suck.

They have been really disappointing all season.

They are like the Seahawks. Have stretches where they look really good, then stretches where they look like ass.

Lol the guy who made the gamewinner is named Isaiah Thomas.

Dukies gonna grab that #1 seed after the ACC win.

are we going to have an SRK group again this year?

I was talking with somebody about that…

Me: “Is this nigga really named Isaiah Thomas, with a name like that you already know this dude is destined for greatness”

Also fuck Duke… although I already know that my team(UNC) is not final four material… but if people talk shit about my team I can’t say anything back…:sad:

I’ve played with Isiah a few times. He is really good, but I don’t see him being NBA level. At best he is the next Nate Robinson which is pretty good I guess. I hope he can make it to the NBA though, but if he does it will probably be through free agency or D-League. Don’t see him on the the mock draft boards.

I think UW is #7 seed which is rather surprising.

As for Seattle players are concerned the next three guys on the lookout for is Peyton Siva (Louisville), Abdul Gaddy taking over for Thomas, and then Tony Wrotten Jr.

I don’t have any high hopes for any of them besides Tony.

Florida #2 seed and Colorado & Va Tech getting shafted = epic fail.

way to go selection committee.

no bigs. if they can run and gun it, and get favorable match ups tho, sky is the limit. very easily could be F4 team.

revenge was great btw. total domination.


made an SRK bracket again… ESPN - Tournament Challenge - Group

i’m in

did mine. more to come. lol

I’ll be watching all the teams from my area where but the only one I care about is Georgetown. Not a HUGE college fan but I do enjoy rooting for schools that my friends go/went to. Funny thing is I went to George Mason and I still am pulling for Georgetown more. And Maryland but they didn’t get in.
So VA Tech (if they get in), Richmond, Mason, and Georgetown.

oh wtf

Last out, Last in. My Georgia teams barely squeezes in.