Official NCAA College Football 2011/2012 Thread: Now with less Tressel

So last year’s thread started a bit early with the impending shakeup of a possible Pac-16 conference and the decimation of the Big 10. So much for that. All we have now is a Pac-12 with Utah and Colorado in the “South” division (lolwut?), a Big 12 with ten members and a Big 10 with twelve members. Shit’s crazy.

Oh, and as you may or may not have already heard, Buckeye nation is going through a rough patch right now:

Rivals is going through their top 100 players right now and probably will be starting their top 120 team list here pretty quick:

Should be a fun year, gents!

Saw this coming like 6 years ago.

True story…

Is it too late for Pryor and co. to jump on the supplemental draft? I don’t know much about NFL shit like this.

Yea, Nebraska will have that “I can’t watch this, but I cannot stop watching it” season.

I’ll be surprised if they even win more than 4 games this season.

Our secondary will get arped.

The shit just keeps hitting the fan over at tOSU:

Bye bye TPeezy.

lol sportscenter is looooovin this.

It is just getting worse and worse. When I first heard of people throwing around the idea that OSU would get something like the infamous SMU “death penalty” I lol’ed, but now… jesus I don’t know. If USC can get so hammered for the actions of one student athlete, then OSU has to be in huge shit.

Nah it isn’t as bad as SMU. What we are looking at is probably no Pryor next season.

Poor USC:

Private schools cheat? Who knew… :rolleyes:

They should take away Ohio St. win over Miami too. BS pass inference call to force another OT, or just take it away because of the VEST.

It was just the actions of one player and it didn’t affect anything on the field. I personally think the sanctions are way the hell over the top. Watch OSU skate in comparison…

Sucks that Auburn team never got a shot in 2004.

TP is getting the hell outta dodge:

Edit: Now with more salt -

Rivals is doing their top-120 right now:

My Ducks are apparently doing everything in their power to fuck up the start of the season:

I’d be more upset that he’s going to miss the Sept. 3rd date against LSU. That game will be big for the early season rankings.

Yeah, Oregon may be in trouble there. Should be interesting to see an all-offense VS an all-defense team though…

I don’t think that they’ll be in that much trouble. I think that they’ll lose to USC in the PAC 10(12) championship.

The final results of the Pac might be:


Kinda hard to win the Pac-12 South and advance to the championship game when you’re ineligible:

Plus, you know, USC plays Oregon at Autzen… hell, plays Oregon in OREGON (where the Trojans haven’t won for like 6 or 7 years).

You’re right. My bad. Either way, I don’t think that USC will suffer in the long run. SC as a brand will easily survive any type of sanctions the NCAA throws at them.

I guess Oregon and Stanford are going to be the odds on faves to win the Conference.

Kool thread. I love college football…im a Oregon Ducks fan. Uniforms are just amazing…I kinda miss watching jeremiah masoli at Oregon. Any of you guys play the game ? I know for sure im getting NCAA Football 12.