Official NCAA College Football 2011/2012 Thread: Now with less Tressel is going through a REAAAALY detailed list of their top 120. Great read imo.

Also the NCAA 12 demo is out. Seems… exactly the same, except with more dreadlocks and fancy lighting.

I know that it’s a little early for the 2012 draft. Anyone wanna take a run at the ranking some of the prospects??? Or maybe giving an idea of what teams will be ranked where in the top 25?

I’d say it’s between Wisconsin, Michigan State, and Nebraska to win the B10. If Nebraska doesn’t win it now, then they are going to be in for a HAAAAARD time in the future.

B10 seems wide open now and in the imminent future that Ohio State got wacked with probably scholarship limitations on the way. Curious to see what Michigan is going to do with D-Rob seeing how they are going away from the spread.

lol @ ohio “forfeiting” last season like it’s some kind of punishment. Let’s see those bowl bans and scholarship reductions, NCAA! Make it a long 10 years for ohio fans.

this non SEC banter amuses me

So I wonder how South Carolina will blow it this year? That flukey loss against kentucky made me almost break things.

Isn’t Garcia going to be suspended for a few games? Hard to see them winning non-gimmies without him.

sec should become a semipro league that way those of us that like our football players to also be educated can play against each other

So apparently the hammer may not come down on ohio $t. as badly as everyone was thinking. Which is some shady ass shit. I wonder how much money was involved in that decision.

They removed Tressel, which was pretty damaging itself.

wonder if michigan will be able to capitalize

Dear football season,

Please hurry the fuck up and get here.

Love always and forever,

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We were able to snipe some top recruits from osu. Hoke has brought a certain swagger back to Michigan and has been lighting a fire on the recruiting scene. Hoke claims that the defense might improve because they will be practicing against a pro style offense. Still, that’s all only talk. We will see if we can show improvement this fall and at least make it to a bowl game and win.


I’ll even watch those shitty thursday September 1st games!! Anything!!! Then, on Saturday, my ducks are going to put some footprints on LSU. BRING IT <3

Even our surprise jerseys can’t contain their excitement and leaked themselves onto the internets.

Notre Dame is my team but they are over hyped every year and they suck. Time for another crappy year.

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Usually I’d say the same thing, but Brian Kelly is serious business. They probably won’t beat Stanford or USC, but they could run it after that and probably slide into a BCS bowl due to their undeserved special BCS rules lol.

Dr Saturday just completed his Pac-12 week for the pac fans in the house:;_ylt=AsVtb5r8hOUY10y3nxmDamzxnYl4?keyword=Pac-12+Week

Surprising lack of discussion going on in here compared to previous years :confused:

So… week 1 favorites? I’m honestly surprised so many people think Georgia can handle Boise State.

I hate when college football is brought up casually lately, here is my typical conversation.

Random: who’s your team?
Me: OSU.
Random: omg wtf Ohio is evil, the news said so!
Me: uhm…try Oklahoma buddy.
Random: oh, you mean OU.
Me: …

Every single time.