Official NEW Alternate Costume Thread

I see a lot of folks asking about the alt costumes, so I decided it might be a good idea to make a thread where we can consolidate all the info. In this topic you’ll find a brief FAQ about the costumes and I’ll post information about the packs that are available. I’ll try to keep this first two posts updated with new information as it becomes available.

Also, if anyone has any questions they’d like me to add that are pertinent, please post them in this topic and I’ll update.


    • What are alt costumes?*

Alt costumes are a way for you to display your characters in completely different outfits rather than simple color swaps. Each character gets alt costumes that you can buy from the (Xbox Live / PSN) Marketplace in packs. Unlike the Original costumes of each character, alt costumes come with all 10 (or 12 for Vanilla owners) colors pre-unlocked.

    • Are they required? Do they boost my characters at all?*

These costumes are not necessary, nor do they provide any in-game advantages - they are simply cosmetic changes.

    • How much are they? Are they sold in packs?*

They always come in packs of 5 (they cannot be purchased individually per character) and they will cost $3.99 per pack in the PSN Store and 320 MS Points ($4.00) per pack in Xbox Live Marketplace. No word on the cost of the Super Complete Pack.

    • How many alt costumes are / will be available?*

At this time, there are plans for there to be one new alt costume for every character in Super Street Fighter IV. That is, every one of the 25 characters from Vanilla will get a new costume, bringing their total number of costumes possible to 3 (Original, Alternate 1 and Alternate 2), and the 10 Newcomers in Super will each receive an alt costume as well for a total of 2 (Original, Alternate).

    • There are alt costumes from the last game? Will those carry over?*

Yes. You can buy them in a bulk pack with costumes for all 25 characters from the original game for $12.50 (this sometimes goes on sale). These costumes will carry over to Super. You do not need to have owned Vanilla to purchase these costumes and use them in Super. (Thanks TBirdSF4!)

    • When will the costumes be released? Why aren’t they all out yet?*

Check my second post to see the full release schedule, courtesy of EventHubs.

    • I bought a costume pack. How do I select them?*

For the characters that have new costumes, when you first select them a new option will appear above the Color, Personal Action and Win Quote within the selection box. You can choose between your original and alternate(s) by switching left and right.

    • Do the alt costumes also get the Color 11 + 12 filters for people who owned Vanilla?*

Yes. They will apply the filter to Color 1 of the alt costume just like when you choose it for the original costume.

    • Is there any way to unlock the alternate costumes without paying for them?*

No. The alternate costumes are only available through purchase through the Marketplace or through special redeemable codes (such as the pre-order bonus offered by some retailers and websites). There is no way to unlock them in-game without purchase, though you can always see other players using them online who have purchased them.

Information about Alternate Costume Packs

In this section I’ll detail the new costume packs as they come out, including release date and content. Note: All currency in USD unless otherwise noted.

Here’s a link to some good quality pics of all 35 Super alt costumes! Thanks to Cestus for the find!

More link goodness! EventHubs has released the schedule and contents of the upcoming packs! Each pack will be $3.99 on PSNetwork or 320 MS Points ($4.00), except for the Super Complete Pack which will likely carry a discounted price in comparison to buying all costume packs individually.

1) Super Challengers Pack 1

Release Date: 4/26/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley and Dee Jay.

    • Hakan:* He wears a variation of a traditional Japanese parade outfit. (Anyone know what the “official” name for this garb is?)
    • Makoto:* She wears a farmer’s outfit, complete with straw hat, overall and big boots.
    • Guy:* He wears an altered ninja suit with a headband and a Ninjat? (short ninja sword) tied to the back of his waist.
    • Dudley:* He wears an open-front jacket and striped pants. A tribute to Freddie Mercury. Color 10 removes the jacket, revealing only the white Freddie jumpsuit.
    • Dee Jay:* He wears a different style of baggy pants and wears headphones over his dreads. His costume showcases the somewhat traditional Jamaican colors of red, yellow and green. Still has “MAXIMUM” on his pants, they’re just on the back now.

2) Super Shoryuken Pack

Release Date: 5/11/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken and Dan.

    • Ryu:* He wears a traditional Japanese outfit with an open-front tattered shirt and very loose baggy pants with a sash around his waist. While he isn’t wearing his trademark red headband around his forehead it appears he has it tied around his shoulders and across his back.
    • Ken:* The fabled “Cowboy Ken” outfit! He’s got everything from a cowboy hat to leather vest and chaps, and wears a red scarf around his neck. He also has a pistol belt with two revolvers at either side of his waist and cowboy boots with spurs.
    • Akuma:* He wears a long open-front robe and pants with designs on the sides. He has a sash, armbands and anklebands and a large set of beads around his neck. His hair is styled into a large ponytail.
    • Gouken:* He wears an outfit with many beads and ornaments hanging from it. He has large baggy pants and an open front shirt. He also has a large rope tied around his waist and an enormous round hat.
    • Dan:* He wears a rather revealing grass skirt. He also has small grass hoops around his arms and ankles and two intricate necklaces around his neck.

3) Super Beauty Pack

Release Date: 5/25/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose and Cammy.

4) Super Challengers Pack 2

Release Date: 6/8/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon and T. Hawk.

5) Super Brawlers Pack

Release Date: 6/15/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, Abel and El Fuerte.

6) Super Shadaloo Pack

Release Date: 6/22/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for Vega, Sagat, Balrog, M. Bison and Seth.

7) Super Classic Pack*

Release Date: 6/27/2010*
Contents: Alternate costumes for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long.

    • Guile:* He wears a bulletproof vest and various other combat gear. His sunglasses are a different, more stylized model.
    • Blanka:* He wears a pink Gi very similar to Dan’s (though a bit more tattered) and his hair is styled up into outrageously large Akuma-esque spikes.
    • Dhalsim:* He wears a loose robe-shirt and a turban. His shirt is slightly reminiscent of the ones Yun and Yang wore in the SFIII series.
    • Gen:* He wears baggy pants and has a sash on his waist. He has no shirt on.
    • Fei Long:* He wears a tight black leather vest and black pants. He also has gloves on and a mask covering his eyes. A reference to the Bruce Lee character Kato from The Green Hornet series.
  • This pack has been released only to people who got the pre-order code from Amazon, Best Buy or a similar vendor. It is unavailable on the Marketplace at this time.

Super Complete Pack

Release Date: 7/27/2010
Contents: Alternate costumes for all 35 characters!

I’ll update each section with details about the costumes as they are released. Being the big nerd that I am, I’ll be buying each costume pack as it comes out and I’d like to formulate my descriptions based on what I see, not just pictures.

Note: If anyone knows of what costumes are references to, please let me know in case I miss it or don’t know the reference, and I’ll update this post. If anyone else has anything further they think I should add, please let me know in this topic and I’ll keep the posts updated.

i just wait and buy them all at once

Where’s my casual clothes costume for Juri and alt. Viper costume already!

An excellent threat. Waiting for Juri’s new alt.


I’m pretty sure that the new Fei Long costume is a reference to Kato. For those that don’t know, Kato was Bruce Lee’s character in the Green Hornet television series. Makes sense with Fei Long being based on Bruce.

did anyone get their classic costume pack yet from amazon? do they send a code via email?? i haven’t gotten mine

“Chun-Li - Looks like she fought an easter egg coloring kit – and lost.” … lol. so fucking true. gotta admit though, some of these actually look nice and fitting. although not for the majority. i really like Dee Jay’s, claw’s, rufus’, and boxer’s new outfits. juri’s is simple but it looks good to me and rose’s costume looks cool and fitting of her personality. abel’s looks kinda cool from what i can see in that pic but makoto, honda, blanka, ryu, cammy, dan (shitty waste of a character slot), adon, guile, ken (muahahaha! you got fucked over son), etc… look like ass. oh well, guess i’ll wait till it comes out on pc where some of the fans make better costume edits.

looking forward to matches featuring cowboy ken and generic native indian looking t. hawk (who already has a very similar costume).

One quick question:

If I do not own SF4 for the PS3, how do I get the “Alternate 1” costumes for the original SF4 characters in SSF4 ?
Do I just buy the SF4 version costume package, even without owning SF4 ?

This is what I want to know too

I actually have the alternate 1 costume pack for SF4, and I do not have access to those costumes in SSF4. So not sure what is going on with that unless they have to be unlocked via arcade mode or something.

It should already see then once you start the game and it does the “checking for downloadable content”. If its not showing then you should just go re-download them through your PSN store (dunno how that works for X360).

You probably just need an SF4 save on your console then. I have all of the costumes from Vanilla and they work just find in Super.

yeah as long as you have your ethernet cable plugged in and it does the dl patch check, you should be straight.

think I’m gonna hold off on the new costumes til they release the discounted super all-in-one pack.

Yes. Amazon sent me an email with the code this morning before I woke up. Around 5am EST.

That Fei Long Alt is a reference to Bruce Lee’s character Kato from The Green Hornet.

Wake me up when Ibuki’s costume is out.

This is not exactly on topic, but are there any previews out for the XBL SSF4 themes? I was going to grab one but I don’t want to get stuck with an ugly theme.

Just bought the first pack (yes I am a sucker), all the costumes seem pretty decent.

One thing worth mentioning is Dudley’s alternate color 10, which dispenses with the jacket and is just the white Freddie jumpsuit on its own. No sign of any yellow jacket palette, though. :frowning: